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February 24th 2019
Published: February 25th 2019
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Our last day in La Paz so we start with some culture; the Calle Jean museums; one ticket gives you access to 3 museums on an old colonial street. Google Maps says it’s an 11 minute ‘mostly flat’ walk from the hotel. Google maps doesn’t mention the flights of stairs. I’d challenge anyone from Google Maps to walk 0.6 miles, including 100 stairs at 4000m altitude in 11 minutes.

We reach our first museum and they ask for ID. Someone is going to have to walk back to the hotel and get our passports. I’m not sure who. Neither of us can breath. We convince them to accept a photo from my phone, which is a relief.

We visit the Museo Costumbrista which tells the history of La Paz in costumes and dioramas. It’s actually really interesting although only in Spanish, so even getting a basic understanding involves plenty of referring to my handy dictionary App.

Next comes the Museo de Metales Preciosos. This contains many gold and other items from Bolivia’s past. Inside it’s dark, black from floor to ceiling and has plenty of steps. That we both make it round without incident is an achievement.

Lastly, Casa de Murillo (Pedro Murillo is a local hero who led an uprising against Spanish rule). His former home is filled with interesting artefacts about his life. We accidentally stray into a room that isn’t open to the public and are thrown out of the museum by a guard. It’s a long time since I got removed by security from anywhere.

We decide that’s enough culture and make for the cable cars again. It’s a great system; 9 lines covering a total of 28 km criss crossing the city. Very clean, modern and efficient and 30p a ride.

We start on the Orange line which heads west from the centre of town, then on to White which dangles above the high street. Next Celeste (which meets Yellow and Green in a triangle).

Then Yellow, to its end high up in the hills at a station called Parque Mirador. It’s a disappointment as there’s neither a park nor a viewpoint, just slums. But it’s an interesting journey hovering first above a military academy with recruits doing drills, then a football stadium mid match.

Back along Yellow, and up Green which passes over very fancy houses to the suburb of Irpavi. We had hoped to visit the military museum, but it’s shut for 2 ½ hours for lunch.

Back along Green, Celeste, White to visit the Botanical Garden. It costs 10p each to get in. It was overpriced. So it’s White and Orange back to the hotel. I’m hoping 11 journeys has satisfied the old man’s need to aimlessly wander the urban transport system.

We have a quiet evening with dinner at the hotel (the old man chooses the llama!?) then an early night as we are going to Copacabana in the morning.

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