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It was another long 8 hour drive to Uyuni from Potosi. As we approached the town coming down from the mountains, we were treated to a spectacular sunset, surrounded by huge bolts of fork lightning, nature in its true glory, and a spectacular photo moment, although I couldn't catch some lightning! We got the hotel, which was very pleasant compared to the hotel in Potosi, and were delighted to find it had a really cool Pizza restaurant joined to it. The establishment was owned and run by an American, who was also Chef, so we had an amazing Pizza for dinner, some wine and then bed. Another 8am start on the Sunday morning, our group was picked up by Land Rovers, and driven out through the desert towards the Salt Lake. We stopped on the way ... read more
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
Sunset over Uyuni

I am now in Bolivia. It´s surprising how quickly it turns from a modern country like Chile into the mud roads and villages that is Bolivia. We crossed the border several days ago passing the highest point of the journey at some 5020m. There´s not much oxygen up there and we all felt weird in different ways. Luckily we dropped down to 4000 and something meters, still high but not as bad! After the ´high point´of the trip we drove through the atiplano lakes on mud tracks. Apparently we were lucky to get the truck through at this time of year as it´s the rainy season. The lakes are spectacular. There are lakes of greens, blues, and reds with snow capped volcanoes in the background. The red lakes were full of flamingos and no other people ... read more

Our tour across what felt like the entire country of Boliva was heartwarming and to be cherished forever. The salt flats were stunning, and our time in a multitude of Mos Eisley style towns were wonderful. Expecting to see two moons and moisture farms, we instead found llamas, llamas, and more llamas. Oh yes, and flamingos! The reality is that this trip is hard to describe, frankly Bolivia seems to be the most diverse country in terms of opposing landscapes (at least for its size) that only pictures can do it justice. Salt flats, deserts, jungle (although that was when we were north last week) and everything in between makes it simply amazing to traverse (especially in a 4X4 in the back country, during the daytime). Im going to keep this short for now in an ... read more
Wimpy Jeep

Our departure from Sucre was delayed due to a local bus driver's strike. They were protesting against the mayor's refusal to close a bridge which was in danger of collapsing. The next day we boarded our bus safe in the knowledge that our bus was to take a different route. We insisted on our packs being stored in the hold as heavy rain was inevitable during our 10 hour (ish) journey. This proved not to be the most sensible idea, as heavy rain had caused flood rivers to wash away the roads and much of our route was covered in water. However, this did not perturb our driver who confidently plowed straight through causing the water to enter the hold and consequently our backpacks. What joy! We decided not to get too stressed about this, it ... read more
Salar De Uyuni
Octavio starts stuffing

Salar trip with Josie the Kiwi. Left from Tupiza with Tupiza tours for four days. Also with Jack and Carolien, Denmark. Also with Liz and Ed from England. Hugo drove, Vicky cooked. ? guided. ... read more
Uyuni-salar- me n josie

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni December 18th 2005

Getting to Uyuni Its Saturday the day before the Bolivian National Election and a massive exodus takes place from my hostel in La Paz. Mid morning and chatting with the in-house tourist guy I find the last buses south to Uyuni are at midday not the evening as I thought. shit. Luckily the guy manages to book me onto one of the last buses leaving. I throw everything into my bag and dash to the bus station. For the election the entire country is being shutdown, nobody is allowed to travel or sell alcohol during the 24 hours of the election day. On the bus I get chatting to a couple of wacky Canadians who are upping sticks planning to buy land in Argentina build a shack and grow vegetables. They´ve arranged a tour of the ... read more
Salar de Uyuni - Getting There
Salar de Uyuni - Getting There
Salar de Uyuni - Day 1

Days 26 & 27 We headed off in 4x4 s to Solar de Uyuni - 12000 square kms of pure salt! It was amazing. Pure white salt against bright blue skies for as far as you could see. It used to be a lagoon but the water dried up so it's just salt that's left. It looked like ice. We stopped at a salt hotel where everything is made of salt - including the furniture and then stopped at a random island for lunch. We had an explore of the island (which is called Fish Island) which had plenty of cactus and lots of rocks. We headed to our 'hotel'which was in the middle of nowhere. Stuart played football with a couple of the guys and a couple of local lads then we chilled out. ... read more
Nothing but Salt
Us on Fish Island

Plaene sind dafuer da, sie zu aendern. Die Tour von San Pedro zum Salar de Uyuni in Bolivien wurde mir von einigen Leuten so empfohlen, dass ich sie unbedingt machen musste. Und ich hab es nicht bereut. Tag 1 Wir haben uns um 8 Uhr morgens bei Pamela Tours in San Pedro getroffen. Es stellte sich schnell heraus, dass ich eine sehr nette Gruppe erwischt habe. Lawrence und Amy aus England, Frans aus Holland, Katia aus der Schweiz und ich. Alle mehr oder weniger im gleichen Alter. Zunaechst bot uns der Veranstalter an, Geld zu wechseln. Das nette Angebot nahmen natuerlich alle gerne an un tauschten Bolivianos zum Kurs von 10 zu 1000. Leider sollten wir bereits beim ersten Stop feststellen, dass das der Obernepp war, denn der eigentliche Kurs ist ungefaehr 10 zu 500. Naja, ... read more
Die Bolivianische Grenze
Laguna Verde
Der Schlund zur Hoelle

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni November 21st 2005

We caught the 10am bus on 20th November from Uyuni to Potosi which as the norm with Bolivian buses was over subscribed. We had reserved seats which were unfortunately on the second row from the front of the bus. I had someone sat on the arm rest of my seat for three hours of the journey and a womans big ass wedged in the aisle near to my leg and whenever someone needed to pass she just sat on my knee without prior warning. At least we had seats unlike many who were crammed into the aisle, swaying from side to side and up and down as the bus negotiated the twist,turns and bumps in the road. I am not a good bus passanger at the best of times but on a bus with an erratic ... read more
It's a long ride home
At the Salt Hotel
Team Salt Flats

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni November 11th 2005

Leaving La Paz by early (again) morning bus, we changed at Oruro on to a Train. Despite facing backwards, there was amazing views of the barren landscape as we headed south to the town of Uyuni. The train stopped breifly and the lights went out for an unexplained rason, but after 7hours of trundling along, we arrived in Uyuni late at night and were relieved to see our bags had been checked on correctly and arrived there with us. Met off the train by our lady host, we checked into the hostel for our last decent nights sleep before the tour, as we'd been warned the accommodation would be 'basic' at best. In the morning, we met our fellow travellers, Alex, Dimitri & his wife, and Leo. Our driver/basic guide was called Primo and we also ... read more
Fish Island
Rock pics

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