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No Salar de Uyuni e depois pegamos um onibus que demorou onze horas para chegar em La Paz... read more
Eu e minha locomotiva de ferrugem
Pessoal trabalhando no Salar
Paisagem absurda do Salar

you read about it in all the guide books. its an adrenaline fueled, bare bones, somewhat sketchy, not so encouraged or highly recommended, but still widley popular 3 day adventure, and pandora's box-like, mode of transport from san pedro de atacama (small town in northern chile) across the bolvian border and through the salt flats and surrounding desert and landscapes, ending in the small town of uyuni, bolivia. on the last leg of my bus "tour", i met two fabulous irish ladies who had somewhat of the same travel plans in mind. we made the final trek to san pedro de atacama, had a fun night exploring the town, (which really has a lot of character, great excursions and activities, and cute restaurants with really good food) and also picked our "tour company" to make the ... read more
volcanic rock
laguna verde

We arrived last night to Uyuni, a cute little one horse town, basically there to offer gringos pringles, bottled water, cuban rum and the like. We are taking the most common tour down here, a 4 day jeep trek into the altiplano, hitting the regions highlights. Its a lot of driving, but if you are one for roadtrips, and aren´t that worried about really roughing it, than this is for you. It is not for everyone. The Uyuni Salt Pans are located just a few miles outside of town, and its actually pretty hard to describe the look of it. Blinding, blinding, vast whiteness. Words and pictures can´t do it justice, which is why its worth visiting with your own peepers, despite the lack of any comforts of home. The salt flats are located about 12k ... read more
Salar Reflections

Today we went to the salt flats they were so.. white. Its a lake with alternate layers of salt and water. As it had been raining too there was some water on top. It was so surreal that places exist like this, just loads and loads of salt. It was so bright and the sky was so blue it was really fantastic. The world looks great in white and blue. We went to a hotel made only of salt, it was really strange. never imagined being in a building made of salt! What an amazing day... ... read more
salt and water

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 25th 2006

Day 1 Highlights: Left Uyuni, the nearest town to the Salar, in our fleet of jeeps, and made our way to the salt factory, and met the owner and his 8-year-old daughter who worked all day filling up salt bags. For this she would earn the equivalent of a pound. Next we headed to the Salt Flats. They are dazzling! Pure white ground as far as the eye can see, it's hard to open your eyes without sunglasses. I didn't have any so I bought a pair at the Salt Hotel, and they lasted a whole day before the lens fell out! We took the mandatory cheesy photos (holding someone in your hand that's actually very far away) but they didn't really come out. The Salt Hotel was amazing though, built entirely of the salty stuff, ... read more
The first salt hotel
Dinner time!
A bit of fun!

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 23rd 2006

Yes, it´s taken a while, but I have some photos of the salt flats of southern Bolivia. It had rained shortly before we went there, so it was impossible to take the usual white glare/blue sky photos that seem to abound. However, I think I got the better of the deal, as the salar was then turned into an enormous mirror. The water was only a few inches deep above the white salt, so the reflections were perfect; so much so that my eyes had trouble discerning where the sky ended and the horizon began.... read more
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 16th 2006

This place is truly extraordinary. It´s just one massive salt lake, the biggest in the world and it can withstand the weight of a jeep, laden down with 8 people and their stuff for a 6 day tour. Crazy! Driving along the miles and miles of perfectly flat, white, expanse of lake you have to remember to close your jaw in order to swallow the huge gulps of amazement your senses are taking in. The otherworldly beauty of this place continues into the glacial lakes whose waters are stained bright red or emerald green by micro organisms or mineral deposits. Just go and experience it yourself. My words cannot do it justice. Check out the pics.... read more
Salar de Uyuni

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 16th 2006

Any jeep tour will take you through this remote and stunning landscape. We drove through mountains with huge snow capped volcanic peaks, as well as strange high altitude deserts and we encountered no problems until the tyre blew out on the long road home.... read more
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni

Well, the arduous journey to get to Uyuni, and more importantly, the salt flats of southern Bolivia, has come to an end. Fortunately, the drawn out process was worth the wait. Once again, we succombed to the ease of the "tourist package", and signed ourselves up for a three day trip with one of the many companies that seem to dominate the small town of Uyuni. We ended up being paired up with four other fellas for our journey. When you also added a driver and a cook, the old Landcruiser didn´t have much leg room to spare. Our first destination was Salar de Uyuni. Being the rainy season, the salt flats were flooded, creating a surreal mirror that stretches as far as the eye can see. As beautiful as the salt lake was, it also ... read more
Guess Who!
Behind the Wheel...

Salar de Uyuni, the world´s largest salt flat has an area of about 12000 square km. That's a whole lot of salt! In January, February and March the salt flat is covered with water which reflects the sky and creates an impression of walking on an endless mirror. Absolutely surreal! Bolivia has some really weird stuff! It's a big country with over 1 million square km, three times the area of Finland, and only 8.3 million people living there. It's a scarcely populated country with everything from high mountains to rain forests. And some of the most unbelievable scenery we've ever seen, I must say. In the past Bolivia has been in war with all of it's neighbours and lost a lot of land to them. For a long time it's been looked down upon by ... read more
This is where it begins
The group
Superman stomping the salt

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