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Greeting folks! Long time no talk... so much has happened in the last few weeks... but even more so, so much has changed geographically! I knew south america was diverse geographically, but holy catnip batman! Three countreis in an hour, crazy aussie gals, my first steak, hours and hours of salt flats which look like frozen ponds... all in this issue of deep thoughts with jeff peters... so i get to pick up from where amanda left off in la paz... yes it was the world{s hghest capital ( though we all know smiths falls is the "highest" town!),,, its quite a a view looking down into the city from above.. white capped mountains in the distance... homes built into the hillside... the city itself... well dirt cheap for sure... but also dirty dirty... amanda and ... read more
La paz from above
sunset over the desert
I didnt sleep for a month after this!

Do das mit dr Besichtigung vomene Observatorium jo leider nid klappt hett, han ich mich entschiede, zämme mit minere momentane Reisegruppe witerzgo uf e dreitägigi Jeep Tour nach Bolivie durch d Atacama Wüeschti und dr Salar de Uyuni - dr bekannti Salzsee uf 3700m im Südweschte vo Bolivie. Am Donnschtig am 13. April am Morge am 8i sind mir miteme Micro (Kleibus) vo San Pedro abgfahre und in rund einehalb Stunde vo 2500m uf 4800m ufs Altiplano gfahre, wos an dr bolivische Gränze nach ere für Südamerika sehr legere Passkontrolle es letschts chilenischs Zmoorge gäh het - was uns ab sofort in Bolivie an Aesse erwarte duet, dass hett niemer vo uns gwüsst; mir händ alli 7 zum erschte Mol e Fuess in das Land gsetzt. Noch em Ässe sind 2 Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps mit unserem ... read more
Die Geysire
Das Lama

GETTING THERE: Uneventful overnight bus ride to Uyuni in a tour bus, where they showed The Unbreakable. Brian won´t stop talking about Street Fighters. He just won´t stop... DAY 1: We arrived early in the morning, and had breakfast at a local hostel. Talked with other backpackers who just completed the tour. They were french, and had quit their jobs to go on a year long backpacking trip through Central and South America. Pleasant guys who warned us about diarrhea. Around 10AM, we assembled our group, and started out for the Salt Flats. First, a group profile: DRIVER: Octavio the Mechanic, yes, his name is Octavio, how awesome is that? MEMBERS: Phil the Ronin: Traveling photographer from the UK Alfonso the Wizard: A Bolivian geologist trained in the US Carol: The Wizard´s wife Dave and Naomi ... read more
Salt Flats
Jumping Cowboy

Hola de Uyuni, Bolivia! (Note, Blog 2 of 2 today, since found a good Internet cafe.) We just returned from a 3-day tour of the Salar de Uyuni, which included stops at famous dry salt lake of Uyuni and other nature reserves in southern Bolivia. In short, the trip was absolutely fantastic—definitely a highlight on our South American adventure! Goodbye La Paz: We said goodbye to world´s highest capital city, La Paz, after three nice days there. After hearing so many scary things about the city as far as attacks on tourists, we were a bit wary of going there. We are happy to say, though, that our time there was very nice, the locals were gracious and the vigilant ¨tourist police¨ were reassuring and helpful. We arrived in Uyuni after a 10 hour bus & ... read more
Our Train to Uyuni
Mosquito Lake!
Sunset in the Altiplano

29th March to 17th April Travel in Bolivia is a story of opposites. After a private taxi ride from Sucre to Potosi, which was pleasant, comfortable and cheap, we arrived to find there were no tickets avilable for a bus to Uyuni that night. A night in Potosi, at an elevation of 4070 metres was not what was needed as I was starting to struggle slightly with altitude sickness. The following morning was chaos. There was a transport strike and every major road had a blockade of trucks preventing all traffic from entering or leaving the city. It looked like I wouldn't be getting to Uyuni for a while. Then, a saviour arrived in the form of a woman that had to get to Uyuni too as she worked for a tour agency there. After a ... read more
Cycling the Salt Flats
Chilled Uyuni

Have just completed my first week in Bolivia and to say that getting around this country has been eventful would be an understatement!! After crossing the border without the slightest hitch, I boarded a bus to head north to the town of Tupiza. After hearing horror stories about the state of Bolivian buses I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the vehicle - an assigned seat and a reasonable amount of legroom - although there was a definate whiff of piss coming from the aisles!!!. However, this was all to change as, after narrowly missing a fish-tailing truck heading the other way, we proceeded to have a blow-out at top speed. Luckily we ground to an unceremonious halt on the road, rather than in the scary looking ditch!! Anyhow, the conductor hitched a ride back ... read more
Our high quality jeep!!
Sunrise (apologies of you're getting bored of them!!)
Arbol de Piedra

So after the inca trail we decided to have one more day in Cuzco to chill out before heading to Uyuni to do a tour of the salt plains of Bolivia. As usual our journey started off in style as we jammed our backpacks into a tiny fiat uno and headed off down the road, about 30 seconds later the boot popped and Jems backpack went rolling out into an oncoming car! Luckily the car managed to break in time otherwise the backpack could´ve caused some serious damage! Not detered we got the backpack back in and headed off to Uyuni on another long bus journey. We managed to finally book a tour once we managed to change some money - note to travellers, there are no ATMs in Uyuni so get money beforehand. Anyway we ... read more
Stand by me
Barrow Girl!
Sinking Salt

After nearly 6 weeks in Bolivia we were in our final destination before heading to Chile. Bolivia is right up there with Peru in the great experiences department as far as we are concerned, but it had one more up it's sleeve: the huge salt flats of Uyuni. We arrived from Potosi on what could only be described as a cosy bus, no insignificant thing as the journey takes pretty much all day. After hastily checking into our hostel of choice, the vastly overpriced Magia de Uyuni, Em and I literally dumped our bags and headed out of town. The sun was setting on the local train graveyard, and with it was fleeting an opportunity to take some interesting photos.... We made it, although you can be the judge of whether we succeeded! A wander around ... read more
Train graveyard at sundown
Salt collected and on it's way to be processed
The group on the last day, before leaving us at the Chilean border

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile We caught a Pullman del Sur bus from Santiago to Calama (20hrs overnight) for $30000p each for Salon Cama, downstairs on the bus, very comfortable. In Calama, we caught a TurBus bus to San Pedro de Atacama (fairly regular, about 1 hr trip, $1300p). The Atacama desert was extremely barren in places along the bus trip, sometimes absolutely nothing resembling life at all. San Pedro (2400m) is a nice little village in an oasis with adobe buildings everywhere. It has all the amenities a tourist could want but that also means the place is crawling with tourist. Still a very nice place to hang out for a few days, particularly if you are acclimitizing before heading up even higher. We did a good tour of the Valley of the Moon and ... read more
Bolivian customs office
Hot springs
Hotel Colorada (4300m)

Friends and family, I´ve included some past photos from the Itaipu Dam in Paraquay, Zip lining in Salta, Argentina and continued with Chile and Bolivia. I spent most of my time on the photos so I can´t type too much. I arrived in Salta on March 12 and went on a canopy tour as well as exploring the City. I only made in to San Pedro, Chile for a day to catch a salt flats tour up into Bolivia. I´m in Uyuni now and travel to La Paz tonight. Fiona gave some good destination trips but I´ll have to see what I can fit in. I´ve booked a flight from Cuzco to Lima to help me save time. I hope everyone is well. I hope no problems have come up for Jason at work. I´m sure ... read more
Richard in San Sebastian Park, Salta
Canopy Tour near Salta
Lagoona Verde in Bolivia

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