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Well we left Maryke & Pascal behind and headed down to Uyuni and the salt plains. The trip down was by bus and train. The train wasn´t too bad as the scenery was quite cool, with huge salt lakes and barren desert with mountians in the distance. We did get into Uyuni quite late, so needed to find a bed then get up early in the morning and hoped to find a tour leaving then. Well within 15 minutes of getting into uyuni at 10.30pm we had found both so were very happy! We even had a choice of groups, a mix of europeans or a bunch of irish and a token english girl. We went with the irish. The next day we soon realise we picked well. The irish were a bunch of 4 boys ... read more
Fish Island
Flamingo or 2

I´m starting to be concerned about my impact on the road and rail infrastructure of Bolivia. Much as when I´m at work, I only need touch a computer and it will immediately freeze up, Bolivian Infrastructure seems to be doing an alarmingly similar thing as I use it. On the way to the world´s most dangerous road, I remember driving through a large crowd and not thinking much of it. We were told by the vehicle directly behind us (when they caught up later) that the crowd had closed the road off immediately behind us and they´d had to detour to find another way out of the city. We caught the 8:00am bus from La Paz to Oruru the next day, and found out afterwards that all buses after ours took hours to get out of ... read more
The Road
UYuni Train
Train Sunset

In the south of Bolivia there is a well known tour called the The Solar Tour. It consists of 4 days in a very old Toyota Land Cruiser touring around the south west corner of Bolivia. Day 1 Consist of a 7 hour drive across the worlds highest and biggest salt lake. It is huge and very weird old inland sea. You get to stop of at a small island in the middle, which was previously a coral reef. And you can see a full 360 panoramic, at about 50 meters height, of most of the northern end of the lake, but it is so big you cannot see the southern end. As you drive along the edge of the lake you begin to notice that the edge is very much like many seascapes you get ... read more
Rude Pic
The long white road
Crusty Surface

I've been on the bounce, dear reader, since the last time I shared travel adventures and the journal now continues... Towards the end of my stay in Rosario I met an English lad in our dorm room and we became travelling companions for several days. He is also heading north so we organized an overnight bus to Salta in the far north of Argentina. We booked into a recommended hostel, and it was soon time to let our hair down at the local pubs and clubs for the weekend. We had a very enjoyable time and the nightlife was heaving in this beautiful northern Argentinian city. Salta is terrific, and proved to be quite the surprise packet with the amount of energy and nightlife on offer. I farewelled my English friend, as it was soon time ... read more
Salar de Uyuni lake
Salt plains team, Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni

Ahojky vsichni.... je krasne chladne rano, 31.8.2005, streda. Sbalili jsme batohy a pred cestou jsme jeste vlezli do sprchy (15C). Nakonec jsme se zahrali cajem u snidane. V 10:15 jsme byli v Colque Tours, odkud jsme vyjizdeli na Salar de Uyuni (Solnych pousti). Jeli jsme jeepem ve skupine se trema holkama (Katie25 a Lucy19 z Anglie, Bridie19 z Australie), takze super. Prvni zastavka byla v male vesnicce Colchani, kde se rucne vyrabi drobne predmety ze soli. Podivali jsme se i do solneho muzea. Druha zastavka byla na solne pousti (3653m.n.m., 12 000 m2), odkud se sul odvazi po tunach k dalsimu zpracovani. Je tu i nekolik solnych hotelu. Jedeme dal, po ceste vidime lamy a vikune. Zastavujeme u ostrova kaktusu (Isla de los Pescadores), kde kaktusy dorustaji do vysky az osmi metru. Zaplatili jsme vstup a ... read more
Na ostrove kaktusu
Gejziry....4950 m.n.m.

- FOOD: An abundance of salt, fantastic and varied cooking by the wonderful cook Braulia. Such a variety of dishes using eggs! And every type of corn going (including quinoa). - AREA: Depressing cold Uyuni; train cemetry; salt processing village; the huge, white, flat expanse of Salar de Uyuni, including a hotel made from salt and a cactus island; stone trees; 5 lakes including the bright red Laguna Colorada and the not so bright green Laguna Verde; active volcano, plenty of llama and vicuña, flamingoes; geyser and hot springs; tiny villages. - PEOPLE: The excellent driver Jubenal and cook Braulia from Tupiza tours (well recommended); my new friends; very shy children who live in the tiny villages; all the people on the other tours! - WEATHER: SOOOOOOOO cold (never will I moan about Britain's winter temperatures). ... read more

From San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, we hired a guide with a 4x4 who drove us into Bolivia. This trip went through high Andean passes at 5300m and then across the Largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni 12,000km sq. ... read more
Into Bolivia
Our ride

Hola amigos, Well, the last week has been one of the most exciting ever. I'm writing you from Arica, in the far north of Chile, on the border with Peru. (i just realized that this is a little long, oops) Last Saturday we left early morning to catch a flight to Calama, in the Chilean Altiplano (means high plains). Unfortunately our plane had some technical problems so we had to stop in Antofagasta, and take a bus to Calama - pain in the arse. Luckily it was only a 3 hour trip, thru nothing but desert. Spent the night in the little desert town of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - very cool little place. We found a room in someones home and paid almost nothing for it. They promised us hot water for the shower ... read more
Laguna Colorado
"Rock Tree"
A Bolivian village we passed through

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni September 4th 2003

After staying a week in groovy backpackers gathering spot San Pedro de Atacama we decided to do a tour to Bolivia. We chose Turismo Colque as they promised us that we could get a ride to Potosi. I wanted to do more than just a usual trip to lagoons and Salar de Uyuni. Early in the morning we said goodbye to Chano and squeezed into a van full of Japanese, Englishmen, Germans and even a couple from Poland. Hearing all those stories about beautiful landscape, a very severe frost and altitude sickness, we couldn’t wait to get on a 4WD at the Bolivian border... And we could wait to get back to San Pedro too!!!! it's true what they say about Bolivia, everything it's true. And Boliva is a dream, a perfect dream, but it could ... read more
Bolivian border
Laguna Verde &Licancabur
Laguna Verde

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