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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 5th 2011

A month ago we arrived in Sucre knowing that we were going to be working in an orphanage, but we did not know what to expect. Both of us had slight reservations of what we might be getting ourselves into – although there was an anticipation of excitement. After registering at the school that organises volunteers, we were taken to the orphanage by means of a bus. Buses in Sucre defy all laws of physics in as much that they are built to take 30 people at the absolute maximum (including those lying on top of each other ) but somehow manage to cram about 125 in). On the way it was explained to us that W was going to be working with the new born to 2 year olds, while I was given the 2-5 ... read more
Upstairs room
The orphanage
G "working" with a feather duster!

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 28th 2011

car drivers are much more advanced than their counterparts in Europe. Here they have evolved to such a level, that they do not use indicators, only the car horn. The following is a helpful guide should you ever travel here: one beep of the horn means I am turning right. one beep of the horn means I am turning left. one beep of the horn means I am going straight on. one beep of the horn means I might stop to talk to a friend I have just seen on the pavement. one beep of the horn means I have no idea where I am. ONE BEEP OF THE HORN MEANS RUN !!!!... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 22nd 2011

So, where were we…ah yes, we had just finished the tour of the salt flats and the train graveyard, and had entered the town of Uyuni, then quickly left it. It has the same atmosphere as Portsmouth on a wet Friday night – can’t say much more than that. To escape, your correspondent took on the role of official bus booker and so, booked a bus to Sucre. Rather than having to stay overnight, I immediately booked an overnight bus and rushed to tell Wendy. Did she congratulate me on my booking skills, nay dear readers she did not. I was berarted for not checking if it was a direct bus, or if it stopped elsewhere – more on that later. Later. No, it was not a direct bus, there was a two hour stopover in ... read more
the olympic pool
Bolivian luxury
top class !!!!!

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 14th 2011

Luckily for my readers, this entry will be brief; I have little to write about this lovely city, the first I have encountered in Bolivia that has genuine charm and appeal. I did not do much during my time, except enjoy the warmth, the oxygen and living a slow relaxed life for a few days. Lying at a breathable altitude of 2750m is the beautiful white city of Sucre, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and constitutional capital of Bolivia. The Unesco protected city centre of Sucre contains a large number of buildings which have been painted white, giving rise to it's obvious nickname - La Ciudad Blanca. The history of the city became significant alongside the discovery of silver in the mines of Potosi. The people the mine made wealthy generally want to live ... read more
Smoothie Stall
Sucre Mercado
Arce de Triumphe

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 13th 2011

On a sunny Tuesday morning the adventure began. The 4x4 comprised of Wendy, myself, Nilla (Australian) and Neil (anglo-australian). Joining us were Eduardo, the driver, and Agustina, our cook. Off we zoomed on a 4 day trip which promised volcanoes, flamingos, hot springs and a multitude of llamas. Our trip started promisingly – the car started – and off we went out of Tupiza, following the by now recognisable river bed and dirt track. The scenery as we went into the mountains was spectacular. Red sandstone reaching up nearly 4000 metres. To the joy of everyone, I was pointing out areas that appeared to be where Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid was filmed. You can imagine their happiness being tuck in the car while I quoted every line I know from the film – which ... read more
the trail to follow
had to blow up a passage through
Butch and Sundance land

what have the Romans ever done for Bolivia ? let me tell you dear readers - absolutely nothing ! ! if they could have been bothered to invade and conquer a couple of thousand years ago, we would now have not just straight roads, but ones that are not merely dried up river beds. in fact these ones are almost motorways compared to those that are just tracks across fields. There are times however, that one would wish for even a track rather than just having your bus drive across fields !! to be fair, there is a new road being built which will help dramatically. the only slight drawback that I noticed, is that rather than built one part of the road and then move on to the next stretch, the Bolivians came up ... read more

We left Potosi by taxi - sharing it with an elderly couple who were going to Sucre to catch a flight to Cocabamba so the man could have more cancer treatment. They were a lovely couple, really cheery and fun. The driver was playing Western music on the CD and our fellow passenger knew every song - he sang along and we had a competition to see who could name the song first. He won! A great drive - as with most of our high altitude travel - very scenic, though desolate in some places. I should imagine that it would normally be very dusty as well though the rain over the previous few days had dampened the earth. Unfortunately though there were too many plastic bags blowing in the wind. We arrived in Sucre three ... read more
Typical street scape in Sucre - with the bare hills behind the city
Museo de la Recoletta
Fountain and arches at the city lookout

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 28th 2011

Day 143 – 146 The group are persuaded to take a private transfer to Potosi, which proves much cleaner and more comfortable than the previous bus. We arrive in the hotel and I promptly break a bottle of wine in my bag – luckily nothing is damaged and I finally get my way to have my small bag washed! Despite being sick Sebastian takes us on a quick tour of the city to get our bearings, and after a quick argument with Si (I attempt to stomp back to the hotel, get lost and have to return with my tail between my legs to find him) we decide to take a tour of the money museum. (Si here I actually spend 1 hour running around trying to find Em after discovering she was not at the ... read more
Dred Dog
Senor Bolivar
Gearing Up

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 15th 2011

The constitutional capital of Bolivia. Sucre. Another night bus from La Paz. Not the worst, though it could have been better. It was full of miners, all of whom had picked the aisle seats, meaning everyone else had to make do with sitting by themselves. The bloke next to me went to sleep almost immediately – he'd done this before. The bloke next to Klaire fiddled with his phone for a bit, then crashed. The older travellers had managed to score seats together – mum just played the Nintendo while dad slept. The kid behind Klaire, however, didn't sleep. He just kicked her chair. A lot. Only a short walk to the hostel, where, strangely, it was cheaper to pay up front than the customary next morning. Checked in, we wandered out to see what we ... read more
View from the hotel
Men in Yellow
With guns and bayonets

Since I arrived in bolivia, it´s only got better and better. Being fortunate enough to come from the developed world, I really appreciate the simplicity of it all. It´s a huge contrast to our world, but for that reason it´s far more humbling and makes you appreciate how lucky we are. Potosi After the salt flats, potosi, the world´s highest city was my first stop. I caught my first bolivian bus there and it was quite a contrast to those I´ve experienced elsewhere in south america. Most buses I´ve been on so far make the ones at home look bad. Bolivian buses are in a different league, pleasant smells, reclining seats and toilets are already a distant memory. Thankfully I´d decided to break my route to la paz up with a couple of stops, so I ... read more

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