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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 13th 2018

After taking a very crappy night bus (completely different standards to Peru), we arrived in to Sucre, known as the 'White City'. The further south you go in Bolivia, the more Country Western the landscape becomes. Again, like Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, Bolivia is a country with an amazing range of diverse climates... except an ocean climate, and that's a sore point in the countries history! It was nice to be back out of the big cities and we spent the first day (after catching up on some lost sleep) effectively people watching in the main square, watching photographers trying to drum up business when everyone has camera phones and wondering why the old lady next to us on the bench was yelling out 'Edgar!!' When no one was around. Sucre is a university city so ... read more
Convento de San Felipe Neri
Rev Heads

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 3rd 2017

I will always remember my times in Sucre. I got off the overnight bus and looked around. Omar caught my attention. He seemed trust worthy. He called a cab for me and sent it to his hostel for a reasonable price. I arrived at the Hostel and knocked. It was still early morning. After checking in I found my bed in the full hostel room. I looked around and noticed a girl in the right corner of the room. She was on her phone. I didn't think much of it. I was too tired to even rate my attraction to her. I simply laid down on my bed and fell asleep. Plaza 25 de Mayo. Panorama view of Sucre. I woke up after a sh... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 24th 2017

Suzanne here... I was not looking forward to the flight to Sucre as I was still feeling really ill. I suspect food poisoning, but am not sure enough to point the finger of blame. In any case, before the flight I made sure I was dosed up with loperamide (Imodium) and in possession of sick bags, and luckily managed the short flight without shaming myself. As per usual, we tried to avoid getting a taxi at the airport. Luckily there were minibuses (some were Amazonas branded, but available to everyone) outside arrivals for 8Bs each. After a short journey, and a little bit of a walk, we arrived at Hostal CasaArte Takubamba. Quite backpackerish, but our room was quite nice, the bed was comfortable, and there was hot water. Much as I could have just gone ... read more
The main plaza
Around the main plaza
Around the main plaza

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 25th 2016

Although not the largest city in Bolivia, Sucre is one of the most important cities. It is traditionally their capital and was where the declaration of independence was signed. Today it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. We had booked into a lovely traditional hotel, as Sarah was still feeling ill from altitiude sickness. We decided because of this to head to the local hospital to check she was alright. This was quite a surreal experience when they hooked her up to oxygen and started giving her injections, of god knows what. I had to get supplies from the pharmacy, but the great thing was it cleared Sarah up. The whole experience costed the equivalent of £5 (£3.50 pharmacy fees and £1.50 for being in hospital). The second day ... read more
Sucre Park- Eiffel Tower
Court House

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 13th 2016

FACES OF BOLIVIA. La Paz. Entering La Paz was like an earthquake zone. T'was tough enough crossing a river in the morning in a bouncing boat like a seed pod in a violent swell...faces of the other passengers grimacing as we were tossed about...our bus on a tin barge lurching nearby...hoping it does not our gear will sink with it. Then Denise's camera stopped working. My camera gave out in Peru. Ain't no way I'll succumb to hari kari...I'll get Den's to work somehow...gotta be condensation I reckon. As we approached La Paz in the late afternoon, so did all the traffic in Bolivia...peak hour into an earthquake zone. Miles and miles and miles of buildings in the course of construction...boxes of bricks in all stages of unfinish or disrepair...traffic choking. What a grotty city! ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 28th 2015

"Oh no, not another bigger shithole." Those were the words of Theo as we pulled into well, another bigger shithole. Luckily it wasn't our final destination, Potosi. Well, actually it was. Shit. But it was just the outskirts of one of the highest city in the world, thankfully. I had expected Bolivia to be poor, but not this poor. I hadn't seen this amount of crumbling, incomplete buildings since Egypt. Poverty is always sad to see though and it constantly serves as a reminder of how lucky we in the developed world are. I think my Spanish has improved - and it also helps that Bolivians speak more slowly and clearly. I can actually understand the people here. This became apparent at the bus station we arrived at in Potosi, as I got the lady collecting ... read more
Colourful Streets Of Potosi
Mirador, Sucre

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 17th 2015

We were looking forward to our arrival in Sucre because it meant we'd have a home for more than a couple of days at a time. We rented a small apartment with our own bathroom and kitchen and you'd think we hit the lottery with the amount of excitement between us upon seeing our new home. It's the small things that we've begun to appreciate more and more as we travel along. The first few days were pretty laid back as Kristine settled into her new school and we explored the city streets for cafes and parks to hangout at. On our first weekend we decided to take a trek for two days to Maragua crater, just outside the city limits of Sucre. We met up with our guide and another couple from Australia early Satuday ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 26th 2015

Bolivia takes your breath away, whether you are admiring the wonderful and spectacular scenery of the Altiplano, are walking the heavily polluted streets of the once famous silver mining city of Potosi or are simply hurtling down the most dangerous road in the world on your pushbike. Bolivia has far surpassed my expectations. It really is a country of contrasts, with dry desert conditions in the south and the rainforests of the Amazon to the north. The population is equally interesting, with indigenous ethnic groups and particularly the women dressed in bowler hats and apron style traditional dresses, mixing alongside others dressed in modern European style clothes in the larger cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Sucre. From San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile we hired a car to take us and our bikes, the 45 ... read more
Heading to Bolivia
At the Bolivian border
Saying goodbye to our Swiss friend

Not bad. I went 17 days without a rainy day. In fact for the most part it has been bright sunshine nonstop. I have the sunburn to attest to that fact. Of course, I write this now because it is rainy and cold today. It changes the mood and mellows things out. That it is my first weekend day in Sucre probably also has something to do with this. This has been the portion of my trip where I pick a city, settle in, unpack my bags, and try to get a feel for how life would be if I lived here. I have enjoyed passing the time here in Sucre. After my no means a hostile breakfast I take a brief nap. Then at around 11 AM or take a long walk through this white ... read more
View from a Grey Day
Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Gardens Outside my Room

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 30th 2015

A gem. That is what Sucre is for me. I absolutely love it here. What a difference from La Paz. The sun is out. It is warm and feels of summer. There are no serious hills. I can walk. I can breathe. The city is so relaxed and moves around at a languid pace. Its city center is a world heritage site so it is all wonderfully preserved. There is also a top university located here so there are many bright looking happy students giving the air a buzz. The buildings here are all a brilliant white and the narrow streets press its mellow occupants together. Today I awoke in my wonderful private room here at KultureBerilin Hostel. I am so glad I sprung for this room, it's only $30 a night, instead of the dorm. ... read more
Sucre Historic City Center
Laid Back Park Lion

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