Happiness in Sucre

Published: July 14th 2015
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A gem. That is what Sucre is for me. I absolutely love it here. What a difference from La Paz. The sun is out. It is warm and feels of summer. There are no serious hills. I can walk. I can breathe. The city is so relaxed and moves around at a languid pace. Its city center is a world heritage site so it is all wonderfully preserved. There is also a top university located here so there are many bright looking happy students giving the air a buzz. The buildings here are all a brilliant white and the narrow streets press its mellow occupants together.

Today I awoke in my wonderful private room here at KultureBerilin Hostel. I am so glad I sprung for this room, it's only $30 a night, instead of the dorm. My one night back at Wild Rover was definitely not a fun sleeping experience. But my room here is on a lush quiet back garden. The whole place is in a converted colonial mansion so there is this whole atmosphere of faded decadence.

After my fantastic, albeit meatless, breakfast, I went for a mid-morning stroll through the white washed streets. I dropped into a salteneria and picked up two saltenias, one carne and one chicken. I took them straight to a park bench in the tropical feeling Plaza de Mayo. The chicken was good, but when I bit into the carne saltenia...hot damn was it good. It was so juicy that it was positively dripping. Even getting on the only pair of pants that I have worn thus for on this trip, but this place has a way of allowing you to adopt a carefree attitude about such things.

I then continued to walk through out Sucre taking pictures of anything that caught my fancy. I eventually circled back and settled back down at Plaza de Mayo. I put some mellow sounds into my earbuds and kicked back to enjoy the show. Sunshine. Birds. Children. Swaying motion and a blissful tinged morning turning into noon.

Eventually a curious juice vendor came over and sat down next to me on the bench and we got to talking in Spanish. I know I was surprised myself. Although maybe I was misunderstanding his questions and was providing him with hilarious answers. Who knows, but what I liked was that I was now part of the scene. No longer just an observer I was now a participant in the show, I had lines! Yes, a week here is just the thing.


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