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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 13th 2012

Wow... Sucre feels like ages ago. How the hell do people keep upto date with blogs and that - its too hard! I´m in bloomin Chile now and I still have loads of Bolivia to do. Well, I remember Sucre being lovely and warm. Which was exactly what i wanted! It makes such a difference being out of altitude - transported from winter to summer, and I don´t know if its the altitude (easier to breathe?!) but it just feels more relaxed down there - mind you, its stil over 2000m above i think. Ha, I was wondering how different the altitude was from what I was used to, given going down to 2000m is such a big deal here. Wondered if it was more on a par with home... so I googled London altitude. Guess ... read more
Table football en masses

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 17th 2012

Hola Amigos, nach dem wehmuehtigen Abschied aus Samaipata und meiner suppertollen Gruppe ging ich ins Callcenter um in der Heimat mal anzurufen. Trotz eines 30-minuetigen ehrgeizigen Versuchs ein internationales Telefongespraech auf ein oesterreichisches Mobilfunkttelefon anzuwahelen, hoerte ich staendig nur, dass dieser Anruf (mal wieder) nicht moeglich sei. Nicht weil ich mich vertippt habe, sondern eher wegen des internationalen Zahlendschungels, bei dem mir auch die spanischsprechende Assistentin nicht weiterhelfen konnte. Anyway, ich ging zurueck zu meiner Herberge und schnappte mir mein Backpack. Mein Busticket nach Sucre hatte ich mir schon am Vorabend bei einem Touroperator besorgt. Die Verkauferin meines Bustickets hat mir am Vortag mitgeteilt, dass der Bus an "dieser Stelle" - und sie markierte die Haltestelle auf der Karte - stoppt, und ich um 7:00 aberds dort sein soll.... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 17th 2012

Hola mis amigos, vor etwa einer Woche bin ich in Sucre nach einer holprigen Nachtfahrt angekommen. Zu Fuss machte ich mich samt meinem gesamten Equipment auf die Suche nach einem passenden Hostel. Nach Umwegen zum Tourist Informationcenter entschied ich mich fuer das WASI MASI. Warum ich mich fuer das WASI MASI entschieden habe? Erstens auf die Empfehlung einer Reisegefahertin hin und zweitens, da sie mir Fruehstueck angeboten haben, bevor ich eingecheckt habe. Ich koennte es mir ja beim Fruehstueck ueberlegen. WASI MASI klingt lustig, bedeutet aber auf Qechua (Inkasprache) "Haus der Freundschaft". Nach einer wichtigen lauwarmen Dusche informierte ich mich zunaechst mal im Hostel ueber Sucre und ueber Spanischkurse. Im Hostel selbst verwickelt man sich staendig in banale Gespraeche mit anderen Hostelbewohnern bzw. Reisenden, was einen Tagesplan durchkreuzen kann. Am spaeten Nachmit... read more
Surprising Music Band

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 30th 2012

In true Bolivian fashion, the flight to Rurrenabaque boards 20 minutes late, without explanation. A mostly gringo crowd anxiously walks across the tarmac to our miniscule 2 propeller plane, and though there is no overhead compartment and no room to stand up straight, on the plus side, every seat has both a window and an aisle. There are no flight attendants, no safety talk, just two illuminated signs, one saying 'no smoking,' and the other, 'fasten seatbelts.' So much for the complimentary peanuts. I am seated in 1A at the very front, and can see directly into the door-less cockpit. I can hear every beep, see every flashing light (all of which seem to signal imminent death) from take-off to landing. The pilots fire up the propellers within seconds of closing the hatch, and we are ... read more
Caiman spotting in the Pampas
Crazy butterflies

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 18th 2012

We continued to move north to another of Bolivia’s cities named Sucre. Sucre is known as the Ciudad Blanca (The White City) as the main centre is amassed with whitewashed buildings. This makes for a very attractive place indeed. The main square was definitely one of my favourite squares so far because the surrounding structures were kept immaculately. Sucre turned into a place for a bit of relaxation too. By the time we arrived here, we were both recovering from sickness due to the extremes on the Salt Flats coupled with the dusty mines in Potosi, if I was being honest we were pretty shattered. A welcome distraction was the Euro 2012 so after doing exploring of the city in the mornings (or after a sleep in) our afternoons were spent sipping on beers watching the ... read more
Sucre Mirador

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 21st 2012

Having been here in Sucre for 3 weeks now, we have decided to move on elsewhere. We realised that the 10 days we gave ourselves to see the Amazon, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu wasn´t enough so we cut the stay short by a week so we could fit it all in. The next stop will be Potosi before taking a bus up to La Paz. My last post had details (sort of) of all the various things we´ve been doing here in Sucre so this is just going to be a poorly organised rambling of observations that we´ve gathered up over the past 3 weeks. So here goes: First things first: there are tumbleweeds in the telephone wires. I don´t know how or why they´re there but they are. Maybe telephone wires are always making ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 17th 2012

The title of this post is tenuous. It´s vaguely linked to a dog we´ve come to befriend but is largely an attempt at a pretentiously symbolic title to try and rack up a few blog-views. A more accurate title would be: "The boy (manly man man (me)) who saw a dog that scared the crap out of him because it looked like a wolf, which then followed him around everywhere and acquired the nickname wolf, and actually turned out to be a very pleasant canine", but this title would be terrible, and I doubt there´d even be space for it on the screen. Thus, I´ve got your hopes up with the above title that suggests some funny I-told-you-so incident happening, such as me repeatedly feining travellers diarrhoea before actually getting the illness for real whilst sitting ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 6th 2012

3 mars 2012 Ça s´est décidé très rapidement hier soir alors que j´errais dans les environs du "Mercado" de Sucre. Je suis entré dans l´agence touristique "Condor Trekkers" par un hasard total. Courte introduction d´un trek proposé par l´agence, et me voilà qui acquiessais à l´aventure. Quatre jours de trek dans les environs de Sucre, à la découverte de la campagne bolivienne. Mon cadran m´alarme. Il est 4h09 du matin. Je dois me rendre à l´agence "Condor Trekkers" pour 5h00AM. Je me prend une douche plutôt tiède alors que l´hôtel, le corridor, le ciel, tout est noir autour de moi. Je me rend à la sortie à pas feutrés et je disparais dans la nuit. On est cinq à participer au trek: Thomas et Marion les français, Isabelle l´allemande, Renée l´américaine et moi-même. 1h30 de route ... read more
Goat view
Vers Chatakila

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre January 30th 2012

After Potosi we were due for a full reunion of the nut Ring crew. Donna, Troy and I were on a bus bound for Sucre, and Helen was waiting for us there having booked us a room in the hostel she was staying in. The bus on the way to Sucre was about on par with the rest of the buses in Bolivia in that the seats were like a Grandma’s flowery couch, it stank and had several kids lying down in the walkway where they would be sleeping for the night. This one was particularly bad though as even Donna was squashed when sitting down. This meant that for me, sitting in a normal position being 6ft 2 was practically impossible. One amusing thing that did come out of the journey though was when a ... read more
White City
Dave taking full advantage of the arm that fell off the manaquin!
Dont worry...its not real!

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 3rd 2011

After we left the skyhigh Potosí behind us, we headed for the slightly lower Sucre (2750m) which was a relief both physically and citywise. We could breathe easy again and the uphill roads became less of an obstacle. The nation of Bolivia was founded in Sucre and the "Declaration of Independance" was signed here. Eventhough Sucre is not the Bolivian capital anymore, it is still considered the constitutional capital and the Supreme Court is located here. It is no wonder that you can feel the big city vibe around town. The city center is aligned with whitewashed houses that sport very pretty wooden doors and iron balconies. The various small parks were planted with palmtrees and super pretty flowerbeds, this seems to be common in Bolivia for we have seen those in every city here. We ... read more
The park across from the Supreme Court
Casa de la Libertad

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