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The day started before dawn, at 7 am with the coach picking us up to go to Puerto Bandera, where our catamaran awaited us for a tour of the glaciers. It was a cold and blustery day, requiring us to wear thermals and several layers to feel warm. But at the end of the day, it was well worth it! As the boat headed into Lago Argentino, we were lucky enough to catch the sunrise, albeit timid, behind the clouds. Then to tease us, we spotted a few small icebergs, many of them beached on the rocks. Having never seen an iceberg before, I was quite impressed already. Then as the lake slowly yielded some more of its secrets, we spotted some bigger ones, light blue in colour, floating peacefully in this huge lake surrounded by ... read more
Sunrise on Lago Argentino 2
Blue ice

Leaving BA All packed and a little sad to be leaving our little flat, our trip to Patagonia didn´t get off to the most auspicious start. Stavi was unwell, though whether it was the quantity of red wine consumed over the week or something she ate, I don´t think we´ll ever know! Stavi slept through the flight down and for me the boredom of the three hour flight, having finished all my books, was broken only by the delight of a double helping of lunch! El Calafate Recommended by Dave and Carolyn we´d booked the America del Sur hostel (thank you!). It´s the first time I´ve ever had to introduce myself to every member of staff in a hostel! Albeit a little full on, in the absence of my interpreter, I quickly found them incredibly friendly, ... read more
it is like watching clouds....
glacier Spegazzini
Kevin in front of glacier Spegazzini

So after spending another two days in Buenos Aires it was time to head down to Patagonia. We had booked a flight down there because it literally cost just as much as a bus and would take only four hours instead of 40. Chris decided to stay behind last minute because when we returned to BA we discovered that the Argentinean National Team (soccer) was going to be playing so he decided to stick around and see that. So Krista and I boarded a plane and headed down to El Calafate. As we flew in the first thing you notice is that there isn´t a lot around initially. It´s really arid and desolate but in the distance there are towering snow capped peaks. We landed right next to this gigantic lake (Lago Argentina) that went on ... read more
That´s a big piece of lamb grilling up there
This dog followed us for a couple of miles
Me with a very small part of Lake Argentina in the background

OK so watching glaciers might not sound like the most thrilling thing ever and when we first checked out the bus times I'll admit that I was slightly concerned that 5 hours out at the Perito Mereno glacier might drive me mad. But actually it was great fun. Located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina this is one of only three Patagonian glaciers that are not retreating. And its huge - the terminus is 5 kilometres wide, it has an average height of 74 m above the water and a total ice depth of 170 metres. With colours from white, baby blue to deep indigo its soft peaks at the front looked like Mr Whippy ice cream, and from the viewing platform was absolutely stunning. We'd been sitting there for a few hours waiting ... read more
Perito Moreno glacier
Perito Moreno glacier
Perito Moreno glacier

El Chalten is Argentina's newest town - est 1985! Built exclusively as a gateway for Argentina's hiking center, the Fitz Roy Massif. Situated in Nacional Park Los Glaciers. Trekking here was an easy change to trails of Chile's Torres Del Paine. The trails were well marked and maintained. All streams and rivers had sterdy bridge cover and there were even steps formed into some of the mud slopes. Our first trek was to hike to Laguna Los Tres - base camp Fitz Roy. With the weather being perfect it was the ideal time to see the range in all its glory. Only one hour into the trek came the first lookout. We were greeted with a dramatic consortium of rugged spires sitting calmly in the morning sun, with a back drop of blue skies and a ... read more

The worlds most perfect icebergs... Antarctica? I vote for Lago Argentino. I did a day long boat trip billed as 'All Glaciers'. Well we didn´t go to all glaciers but it didn´t matter. We saw a good selection of glaciers and the icebergs were spectacular. It was a day of contrasts. Rain, sun, huge lake, stunning blue icebergs with just me and a couple hundred tourists on a small, packed boat. Standing room only on the small deck out-back and on the bow when you could get there. You´ve got to like or at least be able to tolerant being in a crowd all day for this one... When it got really bad I retreated to the handicapped restroom for a long pee and a few deep breaths... then back into the mosh pit... It was ... read more
The Mosh Pit on the Bow
Berg in blue 1
Berg in blue 6

I like to walk on ice. Buried down in my list of blogs there are... 3 other blogs with glacier walks, all in Alaska. So when I saw excursions onto the ice offered at El Chalten and El Calafate, I just had to go... There are at least four glacier walk/treks available at El Chalten and El Calefate. I went on the mini ice trek in El Calafate and the Viedma glacier ice trek out of El Chalten. Both required boat rides to get to the glacier walk site. The El Chalten boat ride is a lot longer so the entire day is taken up by the boat ride and ice walk. Only about 2/3rds the day is taken up by the boat ride and ice walk at Perito Moreno glacier which leaves an hour to ... read more
On the Perito Moreno Glacier
On the Viedma Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier

Yesterday I ventured off on a 8 hour hike to see Cerro Fitz Roy.. Something that was not even on my list till i had met the mexican guys from Buenos Aires. It was supposedly a 4 hour hike each way.. but i only had my day pack so it took a little under 3.5hours... The sight was AMAZING... I met a brit and a guy from LA on the top and by the time we got there there were only 5 other people up there. By the time i took a nap there were about 70 people up top.. good timing... wish i could upload the pictures but it takes forever and i dont want to sit in front of a computer that long.. We ended up trekking a little further along and saw the ... read more

Unfortunately I´ve only really had a very quick taste of Argentina. After Tores Del Paine we crossed over from Chile to explore Argentina´s Los Glaciares National Park from a small town called El Chaltan. I had never seen a glacier before in my life so to visit the world famous and giant Porito Morino Glacier was brilliant. These massive rivers of frozen ice really are beautiful but it was seriously cold there too. On one of the days I was able to do an ice trek which was one of the best things I have done. It was a full on 12 hour adrenalin packed day which started at 7am and involved a 2 hour hike to the bottom of the glacier where we then had to strap ourselves into a harness and pull ourselves over ... read more

Another day, another trip. This time across the boarder to Argentina to see the massive Perito Moreno glaciar. The tour takes the whole day, mostly because you spend 2 hours at the border crossing. They only have one person working at each side, quite useless. My passport is now full of stamps of entering and leaving these two countries. I think they need a better system. The road is long and tiring, around 5 hours driving through nothing. It was so windy we thought our car would get blown on its side. The landscape is a big fat nothing. It is quite interesting as I had imagined Patagonia slightly differently but I guess it more lush in the north. When we got to El Calafate, the main touristy town that serves as a base for Perito ... read more
Doesnçt look sunny but it is very bright
the eastern part of the glaciar
From the boat

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