Lago Argentino Icebergs

Published: January 31st 2009
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The worlds most perfect icebergs... Antarctica? I vote for Lago Argentino. I did a day long boat trip billed as 'All Glaciers'. Well we didn´t go to all glaciers but it didn´t matter. We saw a good selection of glaciers and the icebergs were spectacular.

It was a day of contrasts. Rain, sun, huge lake, stunning blue icebergs with just me and a couple hundred tourists on a small, packed boat. Standing room only on the small deck out-back and on the bow when you could get there. You´ve got to like or at least be able to tolerant being in a crowd all day for this one... When it got really bad I retreated to the handicapped restroom for a long pee and a few deep breaths... then back into the mosh pit... It was worth it but I talked to other travelers who did the same trip and were bored and overwhelmed by the masses. So maybe it´s not for everyone. When we left the dock the guides said that the Upsala glacier had been calving a lot and we might not even be able to get very far up the fjord. So the good conditions I had might not always exist. Ice is after all, ice, it melts and blows around with the wind. Conditions change every day I suppose.

We had all kinds of weather... very cold strong wind, warm sunshine. Driving rain and blue skies. All in one day.

The icebergs are big, the size of houses. And some of the the ice is perfect baby blue. There´s the Grand Canyon, and then there´s Lago Argentino last week... glad I´ve seen them both...

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31st January 2009

Hey Bill--why aren't your feet in the foreground?
1st February 2009

no toots
There were so many people on the boat I didn´t see my feet all day...
6th February 2009

Where's the beard
Hey Bill - Love your travelogues. Keep 'em coming. Nice photo of you, but where's the beard?
7th February 2009

too hot... i am now back in alaska. lots of snow... beards on the way back...
11th September 2010
Berg in blue 2

that's cool i was born in tacloban and wish i could see it again
7th January 2011
Berg in blue 5

Wow, this is an awesome picture!

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