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Day 40 - Saturday 19th November Up at 5.30am for our first tour in, well near El Calafarte a boat trip to the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. This is a collection of glaciers including Perito Moreno which is one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. The bus collected us at 7.45am for the drive to the catamaran on the edge of the national park. These tours are expensive but most definitely worth doing, even though it is with large tour groups who push and shove. We arrived at the boat and it took nearly 30 minutes from boarding till departure. The first stop on the cruise were the most amazing icebergs which the photos do not fully capture the beautiful colours and shapes. The good thing about the boat is it stopped for a ... read more
Clouds over Lago Argentino

Aujourd’hui, mercredi 12 octobre, nous prenons enfin un moment pour se replonger dans l’écriture de notre blog. Cela fait déjà 11 jours qu’aucun nouveau post n’a été écrit et pour cause, nous étions très occupés. Demain nous retournons déjà à Buenos Aires, pour la dernière ligne droite. Mais revenons d’abord sur les deux dernières semaines, si vous le voulez bien. Après être revenus dans la capitale, suite à notre semaine tropicale dans le nord, nous nous sommes lancés dans la découverte de la dernière zone d’Argentine où nous n’avions pas encore mis les pieds : la Patagonie ! Nous l’avons évidemment gardée pour la fin, pour une histoire de climat et de température. En effet, visiter la Patagonie en plein hiver, c’est pas une très bonne idée ! Les températures peuvent être très basses, les conditions ... read more
El Calafate City !
Patagonia !
Paysage de steppes au bord du lac Argentino

Prekvapivo sme sa zobudili do pekneho, skoro slnecneho dna. Dnes sme sa rozhodli vratit sa k ladovcu Piedras Blancas a jeho rovnomennej lagune, a ist k nemu co najblizsie. Na mape ktoru sme dostali bola nakreslena cesta, v skutocnosti sme sa cely cas skriabali cez popadane balvany a cestu si hladali sami. Vzdy sme si predstavovali ze ladovce su biele a trochu modre, ale tento bol cely modry, nasa namaha dostat sa k nemu stala za to. Dalsou zastavkou bola asi najznamejsia dominanta parku - Monte Fitz Roy. Je to vlastne vysoky kus skaly, co vyzera ako veza. Z vyhliadky na Fitz Roy sme sa museli vracat rovnakou cestou a tak sme si batohy schovali do krovia pri ceste, celkom nam to usetrilo namahu. Na to aby sme sa priblizili k Fitz Royu sme sa museli ... read more
PN Los Glaciares
PN Los Glaciares
PN Los Glaciares

Nechceli sme stracat dalsi den a tak sme sa rozhodli ist do parku - Parque Nacional Los Glaciares /park ladovcov/ uz v tento den, napriek tomu ze sme dorazili v skorych rannych hodinach a velmi sme sa nevyspali. Este v hoteli sme si pobalili veci na vylet, pockali kym sa rozvidnie, odniesli si velke batohy do uschovne, nakupili jedlo a vyrazili. Mestecko El Chalten lezi uz v parku a tak nam stacili vyst za mestecko a uz sme boli na ceste. Pocasie uz od rana nevyzeralo velmi slubne, postupne sa zhorsovalo a nakoniec sme kracali v prudkom vetri a dazdi. Po asi dvoch hodinach, uplne mokry sme zacali uvazovat o skorom kempovani. Miestny sprievodcovia nam ukazali na maly domcek pre horolezcov, kde sme sa mohli schovat. Radi sme sa tam uchylili, uvarili caj a zacali susit ... read more
El Chalten
El Chalten
PN Los Glaciares

We are back in Argentina which means more steak, more red wine and more dulce de leche! First stop was El Calafate which was a very touristy town geared solely, it seemed, to get people to the Perito Moreno glacier – one of the few stable, large glaciers in the world which advances 1.7 metres a day. This results in many carvings (ice falling off the front) which is spectacular to see. We had a truly amazing day exploring the glacier from different view points and angles. It's one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen and although there were lots of other people looking at it too it was well worth the visit. Then it was back to El Calafate for another night before an early morning bus, 4 hours further north but still ... read more
2 Eagle en route to glacier
3 View en route to glacier
4 View en route to glacier

El Calafate ist ein recht überlaufener Touristenhauptort von Patagonien. Ausgangspunkt zum berühmten Perito Moreno Gletscher. Wir quartierten uns im familiären La Loma Hotel ein. Am nächsten Tag fuhren wir die knapp 80 km zum Nationalpark los Glaciares. Stolze 100 Peso kostet der Eintritt. Die Argentinier zahlen weniger als die Hälfte, und auch alle Mercosur-Länder (entspricht rund dem Rest Südamerikas). Das Spektakel selbst ist hingegen sehr eindrücklich. Zwanzig oder so Meter von den mächtigen Gletscherwänden entfernt knackt der Gletscher vor sich hin. Ab und zu löst sich ein Stück und fällt klatschend in den See.... read more
Panoramaansicht des Perito Moreno Gletschers
Beeindruckend... der Perito Moreno Gletscher
Blick in die Gletscherspalten

Leaving the southern climes of Ushuaia on a typical delayed AA flight, being back on Terra Firma proper, and in need of a good nights rest without the hammock effect was a great follow on from West Antarctica, forever engrained in my head as a white icy kingdom which was largely barren of flora (except mosses at Deception Island) and immensely rich in birds and sea life. Southern Patagonia is similar, in that the vast steppes east of the Andes are protected by rainshadows and near El Calafate where I flew into there is only 300mm rain/ year at best. Only 10km seperates this with Chilean territory above the only glaciers outside the polar regions of the world, Los Glaciers Park. Nothing is harvested here, only just enough grass to feed cattle, sheep and odd much ... read more
aerial view Ushuaia
Blowing some cirrus clouds at Perito Moreno glacier
50 pesos please for 1hr cruise

Thursday 28th October 2010 Woken up by the doorbell at 7am, we both looked at each other in horror and jumped out of bed. Thankfully we were organised for once and had packed the previous night. Joanne ran downstairs and pleaded for ‘dos minutos’ in her best Spanish and luckily the driver waited! Paulina, bless her, wrapped up some goodies in a doggy bag for breakfast and saw us on our way. We were shuttled to a large coach so we didn’t feel bad about making everyone wait as they were still shuttling others. It took 5 hours to get to El Calefate, stopping briefly at the boarder which was tarmac on the Chilean side and dirt track on the Argentinean – It seems they don’t want to advertise that another country is close, or at ... read more
Our first view of the Glacier
Terminal Face
Terminal face from the boat

Nationaal park "Los Glaciares" is niet alleen de Perito Moreno-gletsjer. maar bijv. ook Upsala, Seco en Spegazzini.. deze zijn we per boot gaan bezoeken.. very nice, maar 190 km varen met n boot vol gringo's was er te veel aan... *Aaaargh* leek erop dat de boot vol zat met Israëlis die n Bar Mitswa waren aan t vieren met whisky erbij.. fijn voor hun.. Anyway de avond afgesloten met another meat-fest, Argentijnse wijn, El Calafate-ijs en ten slotte nog ne pisco sour.. Men verteld dat als ge eenmaal de El Calafate-bes hebt geproefd, ge naar het schijnt terug komt naar Patagonië.. we shall see.. Al conocer la historica e identidad de un lugar, se enriquece su viaje... read more

The Perito Moreno Glacier was not actually discovered by the man it was named after but by an Englishman named Thomas Rocher in 1879. The English settled in this area during the Industrial revolution when they had run out of land for sheep farming (for wool) in Europe. The farms (estancias) are huge due to the poor quality of land - 2 to 4 acres is needed per sheep. Farms can reach over 600,000 acres. The glacier is one of the only 2 advancing glaciers in South America, it has grown 700m since its discovery. It extends 60m above the lake and 180m below, reaching 5km in width and 30km in length, but we are looking forward to seeing even bigger ones in a few days. On the way to the glacier we spotted lots of ... read more
Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier

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