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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata October 20th 2007

Between the dates of October 12th and 14th, we stayed at Tracey´s former host family´s house. The visit was great! Her former host mom Coty treated us to home cooked meals (with vegetables!), a comfortable bed, and best of all, a loving house. We had a dinner party with some of Tracey´s old friends and Coty´s family and were able to learn more about the last 9 years in Argentina since Tracey left. While some things are a bargain here (unbelievable steak, wine, public transportation, etc), some things are nearly as expensive as they are in the United States (clothing, eating out, entertainment, fuel and cars). We were very interested to understand what happened when their peso crashed and how exactly the Argentina people are making ends meet when salaries don´t keep pace with the cost ... read more
La Plata Cathedral
Beautiful Artwork on the Cathedral
Dinner with Friends

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata September 17th 2007

hullo again faithful readers!! i do realize there has been quite a gap between my last entry, my days have been somewhat filled with bus trips and beurocratic bullshite that brings a happy go lucky traveller like me down. Anyway.. so i cant quite recall where i left off, i reckon i was just at the end of B.A. After that we did 26 hours of bus and got ourselves to Iguazu Falls (google it or somethin.. its too much to bear honestly). One of the most breathtaking things i have seen sofar.. the raised platform thing they have walks you out about a thousand meters across a huge delta (two rivers joining) and finally curve around literally a metre from the edge.. i was the most terrified and awe struck ive been for a long ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 3rd 2007

I went out to La Plata with Joseph, an American friend of mine, to watch Argentina champions Estudiantes play football (that's soccer to some of you!) against Rosario Central. Almost a year ago Joseph and I had been to watch Independiente lose 3-0 to Estudiantes and Joseph decided then to support la pinchas. Their nickname, according to wiki, is short for pincharratas meaning rat stabbers in English! Anyway, after a few hours looking around the city, we walked out to the new Estadio Ciudad de La Plata. It is on the very outskirts of town and we had to walk through those sorts of areas the guidebooks would probably always tell you to avoid walking through! The stadium looks like a UFO has landed on the edge of town and manifested itself into a football ground! ... read more
Great Atmosphere
Estudiantes Fans
Rosario Central Fans

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata January 18th 2007

The little town of Veronica has had some excitement recently, and the entire town is jabbering about it. Anthony Hopkins has made an appearance in a nearby ranch to shoot a film that I don´t know the name of, and oh man, it´s a huge deal to these people. Black vans with film actors and directors and peons are rushing around the dirt roads filming this movie on one of the beaches. Surprises me, because Rio de La Plata is really nasty looking. Brown and littered, wouldn´t want to drop a toe in. Not exactly your pristine setting for Hollywood. But you can tell it´s huge because they have security guys in orange vests who don´t smile and look pretty bad-ass. I think the whole thing is comical. They´ve hired local people to work menial jobs ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata January 18th 2007

The unseen battle between man and flea is maddening. A nightly struggle between the real foe who can be anywhere, and the mere dilusion from a twitchy hair can be an exhausting occasion. To rise above and conquer the flea, one must wash all belongings, spray your tent, and avoid all animal contact. This is difficult when the over-zealous animal obsessor is constantly coaxing dogs and horses into our camp, bribing them with cookies. This would be Marie. Every chance she gets, she has to pet the cow or goat or dog or sheep or horse or any other four legged flea-factory on the ranch. Even if they don´t want to be touched (like a particular goat who consistantly rams it´s horns into her hand) they apparently need to be ¨trained.¨I guess talking to them in ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata January 11th 2007

So I made it to camp on Sunday, back to the old stomping grounds. Things have changed from last year. The largest change is there used to be two families that lived in the farm house together. Emeliano and Javier are brothers, but I guess Javier and his wife split up. She took the kids with her, and Javier left, so that was a shock. I got this information from Roberto, the taxi driver. Roberto has two young sons, so I gave him the modeling clay I lugged down that was originally intended for Javier´s kids. Bummer. The good news is that the crew this year is bigger and everyone seems super cool. The Diegos are Argentinian (they both have the same name), Tobias is German, Marie is Canadian, and Ross is from Wisconsin. I´m glad ... read more

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