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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata September 6th 2009

This Sunday I decided to go to La Plata, the capital of the province of Buenos Aires to visit my friend Santiago, who was the one that taught me the basics in Argentine Spanish about 3 years ago. La Plata is 45 minutes away from Capital Federal- the city of Buenos Aires and has a somewhat different feel from the megacity (Capital Federal). The people there seem nicer and less hurried, and many young people from the province of Buenos Aires and other places go to La Plata to study. (there are several universities and colleges in La Plata) I first returned to La Plata cathedral whose simple grandeur I like. It is a largest Gothic style cathedral built in Argentina in the 20th century. Because it was Sunday, the city was somewhat quiet. All the ... read more
La Plata Catedral
Holy Spirit descending

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata March 12th 2009

I took my first surfing lesson today!! it was realllly fun but very tiring!!! You have to fight your way through about 7 huge waves just to ride one!!! I think i swallowed a gallon of water and a half gallon ended up in my ears. lol Nonetheless it was really fun!! I didnt do that bad either!! For my first time that is. I almost stood up!! Our teacher couldnt speak english and the german guy that took the class with me couldnt seak spanish. it was the first time i was the translator and i did pretty well. I told him if he spoke slowly i would get it and i did!!! I was pumped!!! Oh and i also hate wetsuits. They keep you warm and all but they are a huge pain in ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 31st 2008

Today waking up and trying to convince myself I needed to get up before dawn to get on a megabus…boy was it hard to do here in Buenos Aires, this place has a night life that literally starts when Sydney Sleeps hard into the night…so waking up early is near zero…But anyways, after making the mountainous effort I finally woke up and decided to walk to Retiro bus terminal and got me a megabus to La Plata!!! La Plata, is kind of like the Canberra of Argentina, even tho Buenos Aires is the Capital…but nevertheless La Plata is where all the jurisdictional buildings and legal places are…So finally getting there…I was kind of shocked to discover I didn’t have that good of a map to begin with and to make things worse…the tour guide and info ... read more
On the megabus
1st set of jerseys
Government Building

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata May 29th 2008

My Legacy in Argentina I am so happy and excited that I had to write this blog entry. Today I finished my project and truly left a legacy in Argentina! The last 6 months I have networked, sympathized and analyzed a mountain of information with a large number of people all over the city for social movements, cooperatives, and entrepreneurial resources. I was able to write and win a grant proposal for a consulting project to work with a few of the local comedors in Buenos Aires province leading workshops in social entrepreneurship for cooperatives. After the research part of this project was over the following two months have been grueling travelling all over the city, designing, researching and presenting multiple workshops in Team Management, Accounting, Marketing, Cost Management and Operations Management. Today was the ... read more
Listen up!
Gustavo takes over for a min
Posing for the Camera

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata May 11th 2008

Things are winding down but not without a ton of work and play and of course another Argentine Crisis. My 25th Birthday I turned 25 about a mth ago but I have been slacking on my blog entries so I thought I would start with that. I had a fantastic Birthday thanks to all of my friends especially Jennifer! We had a huge American Southern food fest in her house, which the Argentines seemed to like. From there we made it out to one bar where a bunch of people met up with us and the bar gave us a few free bottles of sparkling wine to celebrate. From there we went to La Mulata, a really cool night club, whose owner happens to be dating our program coordinator, so we got first class service. We ... read more
Volcano Ashes have arrived in La Plata
Arvil, Wendy & I
Let the games begin!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 11th 2008

Unfortunately this entry isn't about cars but about how I became VERY if not overly proactive this past week!!! When the myriad of travelling stopped about two weeks ago, I started brainstorming........ CEP My internship at CEP has been extraordinarily slow; such is the life of an intern. I was able to accompany Virginia and Luis to a bunch of PYMES the last few weeks to discuss this years plan for capacity training. Next week I will sit in on a marketing workshop and when they start, I will attend a few of the excel workshops. The SAER suspension system project, as mentioned in a prior blog, is at an impasse. Having received all patents, we are in the process of trying to coordinate commercialization with major companies. Comedor Consulting Project! This project has become my ... read more
Arco Iris Cooperative
Children's Art Project

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata March 6th 2008

It’s not all about traveling Just wanted to make sure to add some info about the work I'm doing so that it doesn't seem like I took an 8 month vacation ;) CEP I work for CEP (Centro de Entrenamiento para la Producción)( They are an NGO that works with PYMES (Small and medium sized businesses). CEP works with PYMES to promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture in Argentina, which is quickly growing as the government has started offering a lot of growth subsidies and tax credits for training and technology that make them more competitive with larger businesses. CEP is one of the NGO windows through which the PYMES must apply for these subsidies. I have been working with the operations department learning the application procedures for these types of government assistance programs. I ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata February 10th 2008

Who is American? When I tell people I´m American, they always ask which country I´m from, with a confused look on their faces like I obviously did not understand the question. South Americans and Central Americans are just as American as us North Americans. I was told this so many times in the last week I’ve been guilt tripped into using Estadounidense.. Which of course basically means United States(ien) or something of that nature. Don’t get me wrong I agree with the logic.. its just so much easier to say Americana!! I’m on my second week of work after having a great weekend. I went to my first Argentine futbol game on Friday and ¨Estudiantes¨ won!!!! It was insane there was one section for the ¨popular¨ where (like the packers) all of the co-owners of the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata February 1st 2008

Mini Update! I wanted to write a few things that I’ve got in the works because I’m very excited about my time here! 1. My Host mom has a friend who might get me onto one of the local field hockey teams!! Argentina is one of the best in the world for women’s field hockey so this is extremely exciting! 2. My Internship is with CEP, an organization which consults and gives training to both small and medium size enterprises in the BsAs area. Apparently my Spanish is good enough to accompany them on the consulting interviews around the province where they do their needs assessments!! I will still be working with the patents and translations but we shall see how good I am with that 3. My host family goes to Conception del Uruguay every ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata January 29th 2008

Studying in Buenos Aires with Experienciaba I started out by moving to my new host family in the Belgrano suburb of BsAs near the language school. I stayed with Maria Julia and her mother who were some of the sweetest people I’d ever met! Maria Julia even tried to give me some quick guitar lessons because she’s a music teacher. Everyday I’d come home to her playing Mozart on her piano. It really was amazing. I started daily classes for a week mostly about language and the culture. I met the people that are traveling with me on this program in La Plata. Two guys who were good friends from college, Wendy, who just graduated from Connecticut College and Jenn who graduated from Michigan State a few years ago. Everyone was really great and we went ... read more
IMPA- Aluminum factory
Gardening 101

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