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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 14th 2010

The rain has followed me to Argentina, solid rain all day yesterday and it looks like it again today too. So a rainy day calls for a day of museum wandering and a spot of shopping. Near the house is an area called El Bosque- The Woods where the folk festival was held on the weekend. This is a magnificent area is also set up with a little lake, soccer areas, walkiing and jogging paths, and a museum and zoo. The trees have been planted out with lots of thought more in the style of a botanical garden with stands of various types of trees. The museum is in the old university buildings which were used up to 40 years ago still as a uni. Truly magnificent buildings, very European architecture styles all around La Plata ... read more
The Woods
Informal soccer area
Well planned avenues

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 12th 2010

Life gets off to a slow start in this part of the world and Sunday is a day where life is leisurely. If you are a young person its likely that you only got home from going out around 6am so sleep until midday or more is common. So around 3pm we went to the San Martin Plaza to have a look at the markets. This plaza is one of the large ones, there is a huge bus interchange area here as well as government buildings. On Sunday there is a craft market. These markets are on each Sunday from midday until 10pm. The stalls are all set up by the council and the stall holders are of the alternative type, more dreadlocks here than at a Rastafarian festival. The stall holders given the well set ... read more
San Martin markets
Well balanced

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 11th 2010

We played tourists on Friday, Hannah's day off and visited the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Building commenced in 1884 in an area that was the central plaza with the provincial government buildings on one side of the plaza and the new cathedral on the other. The story goes that the Masons were a very influential group around this time and no doubt this created some issues with such a wealthy and powerfull display of Catholicism in their midst. Rumour says that the Masons were invited to build some of the statues in the new plaza and one of them was of a warrior with a bow and arrow. The arrow seemed to point straight towards Jesus on the cross so now the statue remains minus its armoury. The cathedral was initially opened without the two ... read more
The stained glass
Towards the back
Another window

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 9th 2010

Hannah lives in an apartment with a another female in a really nice little place. Most apartments are at street level as far as the courtyard access goes. Then its down a corridor and up a huge flight of stairs. There are a huge variety of types of dwellings in La Plata i think Hannah´s place is quite typical but trendy. So its up a flight of outside stairs and then into the front door. Its 80 years old, wood floors, rough cast walls, nice mats and great little deorative touches. The house has a little kitchen, gas stove and gas hot water, small balcony, tiny tiny tiny bbq area and the top level divided into half with 2 bedrooms in each half of the loft. Indoor toilet and shower and dining area complete it. ... read more
Ahimsa in the lounge
Back balcony area
The usual state of the bedroom

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 9th 2010

Because La Plata is a uni town there are lots of apartments, little flats, tiny one room pésiones in the city area and out in the suburbs single houses and yards. Buildings are old or new or inbetween, anything seems to go, cheek by jowl, there does not seem to be any sort of plan to keep old in one are and new in another. Most places seem neat and tidy from the outside, with gates and walls surrounding most places and entry only by key or buzzer. ... read more
Bags of sand
The suburbs
Single dwellings

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 9th 2010

Cars seem to be neat and tidy or wreckars yard models which are still out and about. There are motorbikes and lots of bikes, no helmets of course, and no bike paths so they just take their chances. Indicating is not on the priority list of most car drivers, and giving way is sort of done by lets all approach and see who is going to go first. All quite gentle and calm. Parking is anywhere you can fit you car, so nose to nose, footpath, or even on the corner. Lots of scratches when buses have a little scrape as they try to get around corners. Police are not a huge prescence, but are around. Traffic jams involve lots of horn blowing and posturing. The city has tree lined streets, some cobbled areas and a ... read more
Police van
Buses are reliable and cheap
Car dealerships

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 9th 2010

Life starts at a leisurely pace for most, with 10am starts for work common, although some schools do have early mornings sessions. -Breakfasts are a coffee and biscuit or pastry such as a croissant or facturas, yummy little tiny things with dulce de leche on the top or jam or fruit. You shop for what you need on a daily basis in your neighbourhood little shops. So there are bakeries, butchers, fish shops and fruit and vege shops in each little area. Meat is around 8 pesos for 2 people, a bag of 6 fresh bread rolls is 2 pesos, and fruit and veges are really cheap, bag full of bits and pieces for 5 pesos. Your local corner store slices your ham and cheese for you, so big supermarkets are not as abundant. They are ... read more
Local fish shop
Delicious bakery

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 8th 2010

Another travel adventure has started with me visiting my daughter who lives in Argentina. So budget air line Aerolineas Argentinas took me to La Plata, small plane, but had nice travelling companions and 2 glasses of red wine and i can sleep anywhere. Arrived and followed a 2 page list of instructions to get to Hannah in La Plata which is one hour from Buenos Aires. First i had to get my luggage including a guitar which was travelling fragile, well it was supposed to be but it was on the converyor belt with all the other stuff, had my packback which had Hannahs oboe worth $5000-, 26 kgs of luggage in my suitcase, again mostly Hannahs and found my way through customs and to the first step. Buy one bus ticket to the big bus ... read more
Airport ticket booth
My first bus

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata December 27th 2009

We write this following a wonderful and relaxing first week in Buenos Aires. We stayed in a hotel suite right in downtown for 4 nights as our apartment wasn't available until the 23rd December. It gave us a chance to explore downtown at leisure. Our first day was a Sunday so everything downtown was closed. The place to go was San Telmo and to get there we took a grotty train from a grotty subway station - it made London's underground look clean & modern. San Telmo is an historic area with the most amazing and huge antiques and crafts Sunday Market. While we weren't there to buy anything it was a great place to walk around and get an introduction to Buenos Aires culture. There were loads of buskers, from Tango dancers & traditional bands ... read more
Having a beer in a Tango Bar in San Telmo
Tango Dancers
Busking Guitarist in San Telmo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata November 20th 2009

Street Corners 1 Calle 6 / Avenida 51 La Plata (Argentina) 15 November 2009 16:20 I had spent the afternoon exploring the plazas and churches of La Plata, the state capital of Buenos Aires province. I was now beside a bench in the Plaza San Martin. In front of me were the main government offices, housed in an ornate whitewashed building decorated with sme occasional reddish brown brickwork. The construction was fairly recent, but its formal aspects of pillars and roofing were drawn from the European Renaissance while the elaborate and more unusual features around the windows were distinctly Flemish in origin. This was the main square in the city, named after General San Martin, The Liberator, who had led South American to independence from the Spanish in the 1820s. Streets and plazas all over Argentina ... read more

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