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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 30th 2016

My last full day was spent having a neighbourhood wander, a shopping expedition to the main city area and then going out for a lovely meal in the evening. La Plata is the capital city of the Buenos Aires province, around 1million people, and was a well planned city from the start. Street are arranged in a grid and numbered off, and there are diagonals intersecting these with a plaza at each intersection. Each plaza has exercise equipment, cafes, fountains, childrens play equipment, some community gardens, and provide a meeting space and play area for many apartment and multi-housing dwellers. Streets are one way and the next street across is going the opposite way, so an odds and evens system which is very effective for moving traffic safely and efficiently. Interspersed in each little set of ... read more
Green parks and walkways, old railway land
Good old fashioned play equipment
Old railway station in La Plata

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 27th 2016

Monday morning our bus departed Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, Brazil at 10-30am heading south to Puero Allegra. We unfortunately could only get semi Cama class which is seats that recline but not fully, no food and no blankets. But we had come prepared with snacks, warm clothing and extra to put over us, as well as games to while away the time. As luck would have then, many seats were empty including the 2 front upstairs seats which we quickly claimed, until they filled at Puerto Allegra at night fall. This part of Brazil has bad smog, possibly a combination of large cities, industries and fires. This ruined the lovely scenery and lakes that flew past our windows. Roads are mostly 4 lanes, with either a concrete divider or a nature strip. Well sign posted, lots ... read more
front seat upstairs views
Beautiful highways

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 16th 2016

Today's throw me in the deep end of cultural learnings started at 9am with sightreading and learning a Spanish folk song in 2 parts. Based on Argentinian folk rhythms which often include a 6/8 metre against a 3/4 metre Bernardo Latini had composed this piece using a well known folk melody for children choir. ( So his challenge was to not only get me to sing one voice against the other with an opposing metre, but also to include syncopation, as well as of course all in Latino Spanish. Success to some degree, today's prevention of dementia done! The park near the house has markets on Friday, inside an organic small market, very grass roots, home made home grown. Outside the park on the footpath were more markets; veges, meat, cheese, eggs, fish, spices, herbs and ... read more
school pick up
market stalls

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 12th 2016

Today my daughter was teaching all day so I had a day of shopping, cooking, loads of walking and some shopping, all alone. After 4 days of meeting so many people, trying to speak some Spanish and understanding the torrent of words around me, not committing major faux pas culturally, and speaking English but a variant to accommodate various understandings, it was nice to just do my own thing. This morning I was sent off with a note to go to the butcher to get some mince. Well basically I chickened out and bought it at the nearby supermarket. So much easier than having to mime the eventual questions I am sure the butcher would have asked such as beef? regular? premium? Grabbing a packet off the shelf is much more certain. The lady in the ... read more
Graffiti is everywhere and nothing is done to remove it
Wide avenues
Sellers of this and that are common

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 11th 2016

Sunday is a day for meeting people in this part of the world, so this we did all day. Meet and greet started with my daughter inviting some friends over for home cooked ravioli for lunch. Because there is a huge Italian influence many people cook their pasta from scratch which means making the dough, making the fillings, and making the sauce with real vegetables. I was drafted into ravioli making, using the little moulds that you fill and then press out. Hmmmmm not my forte but they looked ok and tasted fantastic. Someone bought bread another wine and we had a lovely meal with 5 friends at the house. Most Sundays there are markets on somewhere so after lunch we all took to bus to Plaza Malvinas to a huge market that is held monthly. ... read more
And down the street, cobbled areas common
Opposite the street, winter trees
Common footpath with broken tiles

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 9th 2016

Left Brisbane Australia this morning at 9-35am on Lan airlines to Beunos Aires via Auckland and Santiago Chile. The lady at check in admonished me for having 27 kgs of luggage in one bag, and told me this time she would not fine me. Must have looked like and old lady in need of TLC. Tiny tiny plane to NZ 3 and 3 seat configuration. 3 hours of flying with Qantas service. Auckland airport was a long 4 hour wait with people that talked funny and coffee and a ginger slice to remind me of how good the baking is in NZ. Flight to Chile was quite empty, great service, great food flowing wine, and very helpful bilingual staff. Almost 13 hours flying on this leg. Was a little worried that I had no time to ... read more
The Andes, no filter, no zoom, just from plane.
Bus from airport to down town BA

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 13th 2016

END OF THE WORLD We have not been to South America. Shall we give it a whirl? The Falklands was our real destination and to get there we decided to do a cruise. Wednesday 9th March 2016 All aboard the 14.10 hrs. National Express Coach to Heathrow. After a lift to Birmingham Airport we boarded the coach for the first part of our adventure to South America. The coach journey was not that interesting and what we had done many times before. We arrived at Terminal Three Heathrow and went to check in. The check in clerk offered us seats at the back with plenty of room as the plane was not full. We were to have four seats each!!!! After a meal at the airport we boarded the TAM AIRLINES plane for a long journey. ... read more
0003 SANTIAGO (1)
0003 SANTIAGO (10)
0003 SANTIAGO (74)

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata January 19th 2015

We decided to take a day trip to La Plata. We researched how to get there. You can take the train but everyone agrees DO NOT TAKE THE TRAIN. It looks like something out of a documentary of scary trains. It also goes through the poorest areas surrounding BA. So the train is out. You could rent a car but it would be the most expensive way to get there. You could take a tour but we are not tour people and prefer to travel independently. So that leaves the bus, there is the city bus and a private company bus. Mark wanted comfortable seats and thought the private bus might not stop as often as the city bus. So we go to the Retiro bus station. We read you should take a taxi because it ... read more
Basilica in La Plata
Basilica in La Plata
Basilica in La Plata

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata November 13th 2013

Photos (not blurred this time)... read more
Buenos Aires
Caballos en La Plata
Luna y Snoopy

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata November 13th 2013

So we just got back from a few days away visiting Lean's relatives in La Plata. His family is so big we have been spending a lot of time meeting up with everyone and catching up with people, and we still haven't seen everyone yet! La Plata is a really nice city, it's only about an our away from the city centre of Buenos Aires. It is of course much smaller than B.A itself, but it is still fairly big, comparing it to other places in Ireland. I really liked the place, it has a really nice atmosphere and I have to say that the city as a whole felt a lot more compact and safe than the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. There are many beautiful buildings and as the city is quite compact ... read more
Prepping the asaaaado
With Leandro's Cousins in La Plata

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