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July 16th 2016
Published: July 16th 2016
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Today's throw me in the deep end of cultural learnings started at 9am with sightreading and learning a Spanish folk song in 2 parts. Based on Argentinian folk rhythms which often include a 6/8 metre against a 3/4 metre Bernardo Latini had composed this piece using a well known folk melody for children choir. ( So his challenge was to not only get me to sing one voice against the other with an opposing metre, but also to include syncopation, as well as of course all in Latino Spanish. Success to some degree, today's prevention of dementia done!

The park near the house has markets on Friday, inside an organic small market, very grass roots, home made home grown. Outside the park on the footpath were more markets; veges, meat, cheese, eggs, fish, spices, herbs and clothes.

7-15am to midday or 1-15pm to 5-30pm are common school times here, so it was really busy at midday when we were at the markets. This neighbourhood is a mix of commercial, residential, schools and small shops. This seems to be common with a shop nestled amongst a few houses. On the corner is a service station and today I went for a afternoon coffee, not bad not good, was OK. Watched TV,¨read¨the paper, did the Sudoku and contemplated life.

We had afternoon tea at 6pm, scones and hoped on a bus to see a concert at a church. The bus driver greeted us with Buenas Tardes which is good afternoon despite it being dark, evening does not start in Argentina until 8pm or so maybe.

The first part of the concert was performed by the children of a municipality who participate in an orchestral music program, almost free. 500 children belong in this program and at least 100 of them were playing in the first part with pieces composed to allow all children to play from beginner level to advanced. The second part of the concert were the most advanced players along with 3, university choirs and 4 soloists performing a Mass dedicated to Pope Francis. Wonderful singing, latino rhythms, and the ambience of the church really enhanced the music.It

And tea tonight was from 11pm to 12-15am, quite a normal event for Argentinians at a nearby restaurant. This restaurant is part of the Basque community and cultural centre, fine dining, waiters who actually knew how to wait on tables and serve you, linen table clothes and a menu in spanish and basque languages.

Taxi home and food/wine comma induced sleep.

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