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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea August 8th 2018

WednesdaySea Day This started with me walking 5 laps of deck6 which is the only longish walking area. 2.5 laps are 1km, quite a few walkers enjoying the breeze and sea spray, with the ship hooting along on its way to PNG. We were joined at breakfast by Norma and her daughter from Eden which is on the Sth coast of NSW. Lively elderly people, used to cruising, having a great time. Today was the joining in day. Shuffle board where I placed 1st out of 8 people, table tennis where I was runner up in quite a fierce comp, and then Karaoke tonight where I sang 3 songs. My usual The Rose and then 2 others. Ocean bar is the place for many of our activities, which today included 3 games of trivia, one evening ... read more
Shuttle board fun
Shuttle board champion
Whiskey tasting class

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Auckland Islands April 30th 2018

Crossing The Equator: 4-24-2018 Swimming Cross the Equator. Hom nay la ngay du thuyen din gang qua Equator. Du thuyen to chuc buoi le swimming cross the equatror va ai muon du buoi le nay thi ghi danh. Rat dong nguoi den du khong co cho dung. Buoi le rat vui va toi duoc dip boi qua duong xich dao, lan dau tien trong cuoc doi va toi rat hung thu. That su toi nay luc 10Pm thuyen moi that su di qua duong xich dao va den 12Am moi ra kjhoi duong xixg dao. Toi se thuc de chung kien viec nay vi land au tien toi di qua duong xich dao tren bien ca. Nhieu lan toi da di qua duong xich dao tren duong bo hay tren phi co va lan nay toi ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea April 30th 2018

Dravuni island, Fiji: 4-21-2018 Dravuni, Fiji Dravuni thuoc group dao Kanavu va thuoc quan dao Fiji. Dai 2km va rong .5km nen nguoi ta co the di vong dao trong thoi gian ngan. Co khoang 150 dan song tai day. La mot hon dao con nguyen ven thien nhien chua ky nghe hoa.Dao nay co khoang 2p0 vi8llages moi village co khoang 200 nguoi. Nguoi dung dau Village la tu truong. O day da so dan lam cho Resort o dao nay. De di den Resort di lam phai di bang thuyen. Muon di cho mua sam o thuc an phai di bang thuyen den Suva trong dat lien. Du khach muon den day thi o Resort tren dao nay . resort nay co thguyen hang ngay bdua don khach ti dat lien ra dao. Con ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea April 30th 2018

American samoa: 4-22-2018 Pago Pago American Samoa Sau 12AM se la ngay Chu Nhat 4-22-2018. Nhu vay chu nhat 4-22-2018 se co 24hrs +3hrs=27 gio. Sang nay luc 6AM du thuyen se di qua International Date Line. Du thuyen se den American Somoa luc 9AM. Thang 4-2016 toi dinh di den dao American Samoa khi toi o dao Samoa tren Thai Binh Duong nhung vi con bao bat ngo xay ra nen cac chuyen bay deu ngung lai va toi khong di duoc. Bay gio co cruise di den day nen toi voi vang ghi danh de di. Thu do cua dao nay la Pago Pago nam tren Thai Binh Duong. Rong 197km bang 1/1500 Vietnam voi dan so la 55,000 nguoi nen song dong duc. Moi nguoi kiem duoc $600/thang. Dai khoang 20km va rong ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 30th 2018

Honolulu: 4-27-2017 The Pacific Ocean Hom nay la ngay 51th birthday cua King cua Netherland 4-27 nen du tguyen yeu cau du khach mac ao mau Orange. King cua Nethelands ten la Willem Alexander Van Oranje. O Netherland dan chung coi nhu ngay nghi le va chao don ngay nay moi nam. Children choi khap duong pho. Neu King chet thi Queen lent hay . Neu Queen muon giu ngay nay thi dan chung van tiep tuc mung ngay 4-27 nhu ngay sinh nhat cua Queen con Queen muon thay doi lain gay sinh cua Queen thi dan chung se mung ngay do. Ngay nay dan cgung khacp moi noi mat do mau Orange boi vi King last name la Oranje (J not G). Vua hien tai co vo Queen la nguoi Argentina. Hai nguoi gap ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 7th 2018

First of all, we got an extra hour of sleep and that was night. It's our last day on the ship and there are things to do but first things first. Breakfast. Karen keeps grabbing suitcases and throwing stuff in them. That's what she likes to do. I have to ask, "Where's my socks? What happened to my sandals? Oh. I see. They're packed already. I just took them off." At least someone is packing. Up to breakfast. It's pretty crowded today. We just get coffee and let things die down a little. Out by the pool we see there's a towel animal exhibit. It seems a bunch of guys came up by the pool around 6 this morning and started making towel animals. There are some pretty cool ones. Karen likes one of the monkeys. ... read more
The Towel Animal Exibit
On the Kitchen Tour
Is My Breakfast Ready Yet?

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 5th 2018

Today I definitely have to catch up on my blog submissions. We were. Lesser with an extra hour of sleep last night, setting our clocks backward one hour while closing in on California. Up by 8:15am, we scurry up to the Lido for a light breakfast, we'll, light for me. I have a small Belgian waffle with strawberries, four prunes, two eggs, one sausage and coffee. Karen, on the other hand, has nothing. Nope. Just coffee. She's still full from her delicious chicken dinner last night. We sit and visit by ourselves. About 10 or so we return to the room where Karen gets a head start on packing. This is what she likes to do. I start on the blog, beginning with the Panama Canal and finishing three more besides by the end of the ... read more
Check this Out
So Many Desserts.  So Little Room
Tonight's Towel Animal

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 4th 2018

No time changes today but I was up until midnight last night sending off the Cartagena blog. We now have two back to back sea days before reaching Cabo San Lucas. I'm hoping to catch up on the blog. Although all of daily activities have been recorded, the pictures still need to be uploaded and the narrative reviewed prior to sending. Unfortunately, there's a "sitiation" brewing. First, it's after 9am. Second, we have a Captain's Reception and Luncheon to attend and finally, Karen wants to spend some time at the spa. She should. She spent $250 for two weeks of unlimited use and added me for another $150, despite my objections. She's been there twice and me once. I tried to tell her it would be difficult to optimize the value given all the other activities ... read more
Free Drinks for Everyone
Awards to be Presented
No Crowds Here.  Only "Big Shots"

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 30th 2018

Yesterday was busy for me. Although we've been through the Panama Canal before, I still wanted to capture some moments particular to this cruise, the locks, the "mules", the new bridge and Lake Gutan. I managed it all but it took the entire day. Today is another sea day where we can choose to sleep in, take in a lecture or presentation, munch out from different venues throughout the day, swim, visit the spa, dress up for a fancy dinner and maybe take in a show or two. We've decided to do all that. At least that's my intention, with Karen a bit less enthusiastic. I need to somehow write about today's adventure and load more pictures up from past days so I can send out the blogs already written. They're just sitting on the loading ... read more
Checking Out the Ship Stores - Again!
In the Pool
The Dive In Burger Joynt

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 18th 2018

David’s birthday day 15 A very relaxing day at sea which started with two hours of pickle ball on the top deck. I had to drag a sweat-soaked David from the court because I feared he would collapse or something! It was fun though.... I AM going to see if there is a pickle ball club in Bracknell when i get home. The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and getting ready for our big day tomorrow going through the Panama Canal. Our transit starts at five am and we will be up from the very start. I managed to tell the guys in the restaurant tonight that it was David’s birthday and, at the end of our meal, they sang happy birthday in front of the whole restaurant and produced a HUGE cheesecake ... read more

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