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Oceans and Seas » Pacific November 7th 2017

Sunny – 70°F Hawaii is now in our rear view mirror as we head back toward the mainland, well actually Mexico. We will arrive in Ensenada at 4pm and leave by 7:30pm, giving us only 4 hours of shore time. But that’s another day. Today is the first of four sea days, providing us with another opportunity to relax and unwind from the hectic schedule we just experienced in Hawaii. Right? Anyway, no alarms this morning and nothing on the schedule. Just hanging out, at least for Karen. I, on the other hand, have undertaken a commitment to send out a blog and have failed miserably. While I have had good intentions by writing religiously every day and taking pictures at every opportune moment, I have sent out nothing. We spend all day running around, doing ... read more
Just Looking
Game Show Tonight

Oceans and Seas » Pacific November 2nd 2017

Sunny 73°F Awakening in the morning, I refrain from checking my watch and continue to lie in bed, enjoying the new mattresses just upgraded by Princess a few months ago. They are nice but it's now 9am and breakfast is over at 10. Karen's up first, buying me 20 minutes of time to contemplate the best way to get out of this bed. Staying in an inside cabin or "tomb" as we call it, there is no perception of time or space except for a clock. No light from a window, no open door offering fresh air from a balcony. Nothing. The only way we know what's the weather's like is by turning on the TV and tuning to the ship's camera station for the latest ship stats and a glimpse outside. Here we can view ... read more
Almost to Hawaii per our Chart
Pineapple & Fruit Carvings
Site of the Accident

Oceans and Seas » Pacific November 1st 2017

Sunny – 72°F - Warm and humid All the talk about the first two days is correct. After a cool beginning, this morning it's sunny and warm. The sea is as smooth as a mountain lake . Awake by 7:30 and up by 8am, it still takes us until 9 to get out of the room. Karen tears down our Halloween door decorations on our way up to the breakfast buffet, preserving my two dozen candies still in the drawer just for me. The breakfast isn't too crowded for some reason and we have our usual light meal. Today is a perfect day to explore the rest of Deck 14. The buffet is not the only thing up here. Several pools and spas occupy this level, from bow to stern and we visit them all. None ... read more
Pool With Retractable Glass Roof
Karen Checking Out Aloha Shirts Aboard
TV Screen in our Room - Our View Outside

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 31st 2017

Forecast: 68°F & partly cloudy, rain I know it’s Halloween but the candy is wiped out again. Now Karen wants to dip into my private candy stash to feed the masses. That’s not happening. Call me “The Grinch that Stole Halloween” but that candy bucket is done. From now on all it’s getting is my empty candy wrappers. Deep breaths, Al, deep breaths! I’m OK. The alarm wakes us at 7:20am. We ordered room service for this morning between 7:30-8am so we need to be ready. Just coffee and 4 milks. Nothing like Queenie and Jonathan would order. We just wanted the small milk cartons to put in our refrigerator for later on, accompanied by a few oatmeal cookies we’ll get later. I’m all dressed when our meal arrives. What's this? These guys are killing me. ... read more
My prize - 1st time cruiser for this itinerary
Our Cruise Director Matt & Stan from CC
Mom & Stanley

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 30th 2017

Getting that extra hour of sleep didn't help at all. Apparently, I found the instructions for setting our clock back one hour proved too difficult for me as I set the alarm one hour ahead, waking us both up at 6:30am instead of 8:30. Now one might say, "Hey, that's seven hours. How much sleep do you guys need?". Our problem last night was that the ship was rolling and pitching pretty good. Returning from dinner, people were walking about like drunken sailors. That’s OK for them. They were drunk. We weren't but we still utilized the railings provided throughout the corridors, two steps forward and one sideways. This rocking motion continued through the night, making creaking sounds within the walls and creating the need for the placement of a waste can next to Karen's side ... read more
"Inch of Gold" sale
The GoPro Seminar
Karen's weakness- jewelry

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan October 13th 2017

September 28, 2017 – Autumn Leaves in the Rockies. We began our adventure on September 27th, leaving Victoria shortly after moving all our belongings into storage and cleaning our condo into pearl condition (thank you so much Anita and KPL – you rock!). The familiar trip through the Rockies was a fabulous new experience with the autumn foliage shining brilliant yellows, reds and orange against the evergreens and majestic mountains. We stopped briefly in Jasper reacquainting ourselves with Alberta and the beauty of our home province. We arrived in Edmonton to celebrate Darold’s birthday with his family at the Moose Factory in South Edmonton. After a wonderful visit, we stayed with Darold’s brother, Shawn and Karen (thank you for your gracious hospitality) who live in Downtown Edmonton on 104th street. We were amazed at the transformation ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 24th 2017

20th March At Sea between Wellington and Apia, Samoa I don't normally publish blogs whilst we are at sea. However a strange phenomenon occurred on the morning of the 20th March On sea days to get our brains working by trying to do a quiz i.e Trivia Now, you may remember if you follow this blog that, there were we thought 'Tears in Akaroa. You may recall that we left our friends J & J on the quayside waving us goodbye. The picture shows Mr & Mrs Smith. The natural habitat at this time of year we thought was the suburbs of Christchurch. But it seems they are a migratory family, Smithus Frederickus Jonus is led to flights of fancy and with a whim takes the female of the species Smithus Jackius on journeys around the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 19th 2017

Hello everyone. If we have kept track correctly, this is Saturday and you are all probably enjoying the weekend. For us, it’s just the next day of vacation – actually it is one week exactly since the day we left St Louis. We have gotten a couple of comments about the blog and apparently it is being enjoyed by at least some of our readership, so we will continue to post these entries. As we’ve explained on previous trips, we could not possibly bring enough clothing to last for the whole trip, so today was laundry day. It’s not fun and hardly warrants any details, but we got it completed and have a full supply of clean clothes again (except for one missing sock). Janet went to the International Café for a quick breakfast sandwich because ... read more
Crown Princess
Looking Aft at the Ocean

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 16th 2017

Hello from somewhere cruising south in the Pacific, off the coast of Chile. We have been sailing south all though the night and throughout the day today. There was a gentle rolling motion to the ship this morning. It was no problem – not seasick – but it feels like we’re really at sea instead of in a lake. The ship may be going a little extra quickly to make up for the late departure and hopefully get us to port on time tomorrow. We got up and went to the Botticelli Dining Room (where we have dinner too) for the sit-down breakfast. There will be plenty of days when we have the buffet breakfast before an early excursion, but today we had very little to do, so we had time for a leisurely paced breakfast. ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 10th 2017

On and around Arcadia Thought you would like some photos from around the ship There's been a full program of lectures and entertainment since leaving Southampton. Whilst we haven't seen the shows some of the lectures have been worthwhile. Eric Knowles from the Antique Roadshow gave three lectures and Carol Klein the gardener has been on recently. So there has been plenty to do, the cinema has had some recent movies and the cabin tv has had some good programs. The weather on the most part whilst at sea has not been the best, last night the 8th Feb we sailed through a Force 10 gale having left Papeete in 30 degrees C and flat calm. Two days till Auckland... read more
Anyone for Quoits
Crows Nest
Crows Nest bar

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