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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Auckland Islands February 17th 2023

World Cruise Part 5 6th February continued Live entertainment was Sam Moore and his Flamenco Around the World concert. Who knew flamenco is not just Spanish? Today’s film was Joyride. I didn’t go to sleep! Recommended should you come across it, set in Ireland with Olivia Coleman. Tuesday 7th February 9.30 am. 8S. Bearing 211 degrees. Winds NEF5 169W. Speed 16.3 knots. 28degrees C Destination Talk. Bay of Islands There are 144 islands making up the Bay Of Islands. There are undeveloped beaches and private farms. The climate is mild winters and hot summers, and it is the cradle of European settlements. Russell is the largest town in the area in a 16 km wide inlet on the NE coast and is a well known fishing capital. Game fishing from here finds snapper, marlin, tuna and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea November 1st 2022

I’ll make this the final blog for this trip. Tomorrow will be another at sea day, and we will be packing. We arrive in to Sydney on Thursday morning and will catch the trains home. Seeing that we had nowhere to go today, nowhere to be, we decided to order breakfast from room service, which could have been delightful. It turned out that toast for one person was one slice of toast. Luckily I also had 6 pieces of melon! Tom had a slice of toast as well, and cereal - with no spoon!! Oh well, back to the cafe for the next two days. We went to the theatre for the first lecture of the day - the author talking about the legal shows this time, evoking lots of reminiscing of favourite old shows. Tom ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea October 25th 2022

Today was an easier day, much more leisurely! There was land outside our deck when we awoke, and soon after we were heading into Milford Sound, somewhat earlier than expected (Captain Leadfoot, as the amusing naturalist narrator referred to the ship’s captain). We dressed into some warm gear and went upstairs to the cafe for breakfast. It was very busy with everyone wanting to see the views of Milford Sound. It was very very cold out on deck, which is where we were whilst enjoying our brekky and mimosas. After that we took ourselves to the sky lounge where I made us a coffee each and got the bartender to put a shot of Jamison’s in it (that was allowed in our package) to make it an Irish coffee - that warmed us up! We enjoyed ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea October 24th 2022

Last night we had really calm seas and we slept soooo soundly - gosh it was good! But this morning we had a 9am lecture to get to and brekky had to be quick so we went of the the Oceanview Cafe, right down the back of the ship, the buffet, and wow, was it busy!! But it still makes for a time efficient breakfast. We were even still able to have our mimosas - starting a new habit here! 😂 Our first lecture at 9am was a very engaging fellow named Milos - he talked about volcanoes, glaciers and tectonic plates our grandson Thomas would have loved this talk. We were amazed to hear that anyone believing in tectonic plates and their movement back in the 1960s was thought to be crazy. It wasn’t a ... read more
Breakfast Mimosas!

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea October 23rd 2022

Well, what a great day we had today! With Edwin’s assistance we were able to solve some issues - he brought in a tool to fasten the divider on our balcony. It was opening during the heavy seas last night and crashing against the deck furniture (until Tom jammed all the furniture against it), and we didn’t want our neighbours wandering around on our deck! He also removed the heavy doona and left us with three sheets on our bed, so much cooler. The last problem he helped solve was the safe, which had been locked in the open position - a special little man with a special little machine had to come along and fix it, so we can stop carrying around our wallets, passports, jewellery and all of our currency, and put them in ... read more
Looking up the lift well

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 7th 2020

Day 9 - a sea day Day 10 - another sea day - wet Weather gets worse as we get closer to Sydney. Preparations today for disembarkation tomorrow. We were given our bag tags and other info. Noticed that there was a possible transfer to Central Station and because of the weather we thought it might be the way to go. Went to guest relations and booked two tickets at $10 pp. Leaves at 7:20 Rest of the day spent packing and relaxing. Day 11 - end of cruise - extremely wet We arrived into Sydney to extremely wet weather. Up early, showered and then off for an early breakfast. Our departure time was 7:20 and we were away about 7:30. Joined the long queue snaking its way towards collecting our suitcases. We gave our customs ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Bering Sea May 11th 2019

Arriving at the Yokohama’s Oi Marine Wharf around 11am it was general check-in chaos as usual to board Celebrity’s Millennium, but with this being a container port and not a standard cruise ship terminal, it only added to the confusion. Larger cruise vessels are unable to pass under the Rainbow Bridge to dock at the regular terminal, making Oi Pier the only option currently available, until the new cruise terminal opens in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Brand loyalty once more paid off, as I was eligible to join a much smaller line of “Elite” level passengers for the checking-in process. This trip I’m in an ocean view cabin which works just fine – most of the actual cruise will be “at sea” days with nothing to see but water in every direction, so pointless ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 27th 2019

Hello from somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean. This is our last full day at sea during this cruise. It is also known as Packing Day as we have to get everything ready for our landing tomorrow morning. First, we seem to have finally gotten substantially over our “coughing disease”. We both got a pretty good night’s sleep last night without many coughing interruptions. It would have been nice to have reached this point sooner, but we have noticed that there have been many people coughing on the ship the last few days. Anyway, we got up this morning feeling much better rested than the last few mornings. We went to the Portofino Dining Room and had the breakfast we had hoped for yesterday. Janet got a very good breakfast of fresh melon and then Eggs ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 26th 2019

Hello. We have continued to have our little colds. It isn’t much of a problem except at night when we have some difficulty getting to sleep. After that we are fine again until the next night. So this morning we were a little tired but that was also due to the loss of our last hour before docking in Los Angeles. We went down to the dining room this morning and discovered they had changed the plan which has been consistently in place since we first sailed. No breakfast but instead brunch from late morning to early afternoon. We had other plans and were disappointed. We had other plans for the morning so we went to the buffet instead. At dinner we expressed our disappointment and were told how sorry they were for how they handled ... read more
Back in the dressing room

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 25th 2019

Hello from the Pacific Ocean. This has been another restful and reasonably quiet day at sea. We have actually had terrific weather thus far on the trip, but today has turned cooler. It probably did not get into the 80’s today and with a breeze across the deck of almost 40 knots (20 from the ship’s speed and 20 from the true headwind). For that reason there were practically no people in the pools today and only a few folks in the hot tubs. Around the outside decks there were still some people using the deck chairs, but generally bundled up in several layers of pool towels to keep themselves warm. There certainly were very few people truly sun bathing, even wearing their swimming suits. We got up this morning after a fairly good night’s sleep. ... read more

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