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Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 20th 2019

Today is the first day of our return cruise back to the US from the South Pacific. There will actually be 8 sea days before we get home, so this is going to be our longest continuous time of cruising the ocean. We enjoy the relaxed attitude of cruising and will have to wait and see if the 8thday can still be fun, but we are optimistic. We slept until 8:00 today and then got up and headed to the Horizon Court for breakfast. Then Janet went straight to the Knitting Meeting and spent the rest of the morning have a relaxing time with her friends. David delivered some paperwork to Passenger Services which will eventually get us slotted to leave the ship. Then he did some reading on the Balcony and finally took a little ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 16th 2019

Today is Tessa’s Birthday! Happy Birthday #11!! We hope you had a very good day and maybe your classmates even sang to you. Anyway, we are thinking about you on your special day. We got some good news from Valerie. Yes, the electricity had gone out for a while but it was working again by this morning. We will have to reset most of the clocks when we get home, but everything is working properly. We usually get dead branches falling from the trees during windy days, so that appears to have been the case too, but there were no reports of any significant damage. YEAH. Back here on the ship they seem to be having more people with Janet’s intestinal distress so the ship has gone into a massive cleaning/disinfecting project. They are following the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 15th 2019

Happy Anniversary to Mike & Elizabeth! Happy #7 – we hope you had a good day! Today was a restful sea day. The temperature on the TV at noon said 86 degrees and it was very sunny all day. We have only had a couple of small rain showers ever since we left Los Angeles, and they were both while we were somewhere at sea. We have traveled more than 5000 miles so far and were currently at 164W and 15S while heading ESE. The depth under the keel is about 5000 meters, which is pretty deep. That completes the noon report. We slept in today since there were no shore excursions and then we went to the dining room for breakfast. We sat with some military veterans and exchanged stories about things we had gone ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 12th 2019

Hello from the South Pacific. It was another beautiful but hot day on the ocean. The seas have been so smooth that Janet has not needed her seasickness patch since before we arrived in Hawaii. Today we did actually get s brief rain shower while we were eating breakfast in the Horizon Court, but that didn’t last long and it was sunny and hot all day. After breakfast Janet went to the Knitters Meeting and David spent the morning relaxing and reading until about 10:30. The official ceremony to get King Neptune’s blessing for crossing the Equator started at Noon, so David went up to stake out a location on the rail about 10:30. The shady places were already gone but he did get a chair so he didn’t have to stand all morning. However David ... read more
First Polliwog getting Slimed
More Slime on the Polliwogs
Officers into the Pool

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 11th 2019

Today is a really unique day. You are probably wondering what happened to Wednesday’s entry in the blog. Well that just didn’t happen to us. We crossed the International Dateline and woke up this morning 24 hours later on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday. Because of the weird adjustment of the dateline, we were still around 166 degrees of west longitude this morning instead of 180. Today is doubly unique because it is a special anniversary date for us – bet you can’t guess which one! It is our 200th day cruising on Princess Cruise Lines. That doesn’t win us anything special at the buffet, but it is interesting to note. We have had 28 days on other cruise lines too, but somehow the 228th day just doesn’t sound quite so special. Anyway, we went up ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 10th 2019

This morning we got up at 7:30 after having an extra hour of sleep. We went to the dining room for breakfast. Janet got the Eggs Benedict that she likes so much and David had an omelet with a side of banana nut pancakes. It was a little slower than usual but we were sitting with several other interesting couples. One of the couples has taken this particular cruise 4 times before – we have heard it is a popular “repeater cruise". About 9:15 Janet went to do knitting in the Stargazer Lounge and David went around the ship to take a couple of pictures. Then he settled down in one of the lounges and read his book until 11:15. At that time the port lecturer gave an explanation of our next port – Western Samoa. ... read more
Pool at Stern of Ship
Chess Anyone
Children's Lounge 8-12

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 9th 2019

Hello again from the peaceful Pacific Ocean. Before we get to anything new, we’d like to point out that some of the previous entries have more pictures than would fit in the text. That should apply at least to Honolulu and to Lahaina. So if you did not notice them already, you might want to go back and check for extra pictures below the text area. However there are no new pictures today. Sorry. We slept in this morning as we began a nice restful day at sea. We went up to the Horizon Court for a little breakfast and then Janet went to knit with her friends. David took his book around the ship and sat and read a couple of places – just to get out of the cabin. Since we had breakfast a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 4th 2019

Hello from the Pacific. This is our last Sea Day before reaching the islands tomorrow. Happily we started today with a call from the Medical Center releasing Janet from the cabin. As of about 8:45 she was once again allowed to rejoin the cruising community. So we went up to the Horizon Court for a small breakfast. Janet was no longer limited in her menu options, but she did not want to overdo it. So we had a little food and went off to our morning plans. Janet went to the Knitters and spent a couple of hours with her new friends while working on her project. David went to the Princess Theater and heard the information about Maui. Our presenter said that Maui had been voted the number one island for tourist to visit in ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 3rd 2019

We woke this morning with the captain making an announcement on the Wake-Up TV Show that in our haste to try to leave Los Angeles, the ship had neglect to get any Hawaiian Dollars. Anyone planning to make purchases in Hilo would need to exchange currency on shore. He was sorry for the inconvenience. Before we describe today’s activities let’s talk about our cabin. We are on Star Princess Caribe Deck, cabin 722. We are fairly far to the rear of the ship. We have a Balcony cabin but with an oversized balcony – just as wide but deeper than even the Mini-Suites one deck below us. On our two previous cruises we have been spoiled by being offered an upgrade to a Mini-Suite with only a small charge. This time they offered us the same ... read more
View of our Balcony
Another view of Cabin
Tower of glasses

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 1st 2019

Hello from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. We woke this morning to the gentle swaying of the ship at sea. Actually last night was a little bumpy as the Captain apparently tried to make up some of the 3 hours we were behind schedule due to the late sailing. But we rocked to sleep in our bed and did not fall out. Since this is a “day of leisure” we slept in until 7:15. Isn’t that how you relax on a vacation? Of course that also was after adjusting our clock an hour. We went to the Portofino Dining Room and had the sit-down breakfast instead of the buffet. There were a lot of people with the same idea, but we got seated with 3 other interesting couples and had a nice breakfast. Janet always says ... read more
Two Examples
Two More Examples

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