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Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 26th 2008

Our second pirate deck party since October. The other passengers are not quite as "up for it" as on the east to west leg. One of the passengers passed away today so that put a bit of a damper on things anyway. Some people got involved and dressed up. See pics of us and Brian who shares our table with his wife Janet who did not come because she was too upset about the passenger who died in front of her eyes during auditions for the passenger panto.... read more
W-E Pirate Deck Party - D and Brian
W-E Pirate Deck Party - M and Brian
W-E Pirate Deck Party

Oceans and Seas » Pacific December 17th 2007

At approximately 3.45 pm this afternoon we crossed the equator for the second time this trip. It is traditional to celebrate this with a Line Crossing Ceremony (we did not do this the first time we crossed as it was the middle of the night). The ceremony of crossing the line is an initiation rite in the Royal Navy, US Navy, and other navies which commemorate a sailor's first crossing of the equator. Originally the tradition was created as a test for seasoned sailors to ensure their new shipmates were capable of handling long rough times at sea. Sailors who have already crossed the equator are nicknamed (trusty) SHELLBACKS, often referred to as Sons of Neptune, those who have not are nicknamed (slimy) POLLYWOGS. "King Neptune and his Court" (usually including his first assistant Davy Jones ... read more
Neptune Deck Party -Amanda and Toby
Neptune Deck Party - D
Neptune Deck Party -Mandy Gets Wet

Oceans and Seas » Pacific December 14th 2007

Tonight the theme was French. We got into the spirit of things again and dressed up with M going as a French Maid and D going as a Foreign Legion soldier. Our friends Donald and Jackie and Mandy and Keith took part too. All the food on the menu was French, the show was called Pigalle following on with the French theme. The evening was great fun.... read more
French Night
French Night- D
French Night - Jaqui and Donald

Oceans and Seas » Pacific December 11th 2007

Tonight we had a formal dinner where everyone was dressed in Black and White. This was followed by a show called Colour Concerto which was excellent. After the show there was a gala buffet where the chefs showed off their various skills. In the photos, the fish is made out of melon - not sure what the swans were made of but everything was edible. We couldn't eat another thing as we had only just finished our evening meal but we enjoyed looking.... read more
B & W Night -Gala Buffet, 11 Nov 07
B & W Night - Gala Buffet, 11 Nov 07
B & W Night - M in Black & White, Club Live

Oceans and Seas » Pacific December 5th 2007

A pretty run of the mill sea day today. M went to art and craft, D attended the lectures. Tonight we had to dress up as pirates for a deck party (see pictures of us and Donald and Jaquie who share our table for dinner). A good time was had by all.... read more
Pirate Deck Party - M
Pirate Deck Party - M and D
Pirate Deck Party - DG

Oceans and Seas » Pacific November 27th 2007

Our second November 27th was spent cruising from Suva in Fiji to Alofi in Niue (see map). Nothing much of consequence happens on the high seas (unless you are in Antarctica!). M went to the craft class and made a card. D went to see the movie Deja Vous. The masterpieces that have been created in the Art Classes were put on display on deck 5. Dinner was dreadful and afterwards there was a show with comedian Jon Bell. We both received certificates, signed by the Captain, stating that we had crossed the International Date Line (IDL). The IDL is an imaginary line of demarcation on the surface of the Earth that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole and demarcates the change of one calendar day to the next. It passes through the ... read more
Date Line Cert

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