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Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 11th 2019

Today is a really unique day. You are probably wondering what happened to Wednesday’s entry in the blog. Well that just didn’t happen to us. We crossed the International Dateline and woke up this morning 24 hours later on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday. Because of the weird adjustment of the dateline, we were still around 166 degrees of west longitude this morning instead of 180. Today is doubly unique because it is a special anniversary date for us – bet you can’t guess which one! It is our 200th day cruising on Princess Cruise Lines. That doesn’t win us anything special at the buffet, but it is interesting to note. We have had 28 days on other cruise lines too, but somehow the 228th day just doesn’t sound quite so special. Anyway, we went up ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 10th 2019

This morning we got up at 7:30 after having an extra hour of sleep. We went to the dining room for breakfast. Janet got the Eggs Benedict that she likes so much and David had an omelet with a side of banana nut pancakes. It was a little slower than usual but we were sitting with several other interesting couples. One of the couples has taken this particular cruise 4 times before – we have heard it is a popular “repeater cruise". About 9:15 Janet went to do knitting in the Stargazer Lounge and David went around the ship to take a couple of pictures. Then he settled down in one of the lounges and read his book until 11:15. At that time the port lecturer gave an explanation of our next port – Western Samoa. ... read more
Pool at Stern of Ship
Chess Anyone
Children's Lounge 8-12

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 9th 2019

Hello again from the peaceful Pacific Ocean. Before we get to anything new, we’d like to point out that some of the previous entries have more pictures than would fit in the text. That should apply at least to Honolulu and to Lahaina. So if you did not notice them already, you might want to go back and check for extra pictures below the text area. However there are no new pictures today. Sorry. We slept in this morning as we began a nice restful day at sea. We went up to the Horizon Court for a little breakfast and then Janet went to knit with her friends. David took his book around the ship and sat and read a couple of places – just to get out of the cabin. Since we had breakfast a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 4th 2019

Hello from the Pacific. This is our last Sea Day before reaching the islands tomorrow. Happily we started today with a call from the Medical Center releasing Janet from the cabin. As of about 8:45 she was once again allowed to rejoin the cruising community. So we went up to the Horizon Court for a small breakfast. Janet was no longer limited in her menu options, but she did not want to overdo it. So we had a little food and went off to our morning plans. Janet went to the Knitters and spent a couple of hours with her new friends while working on her project. David went to the Princess Theater and heard the information about Maui. Our presenter said that Maui had been voted the number one island for tourist to visit in ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 3rd 2019

We woke this morning with the captain making an announcement on the Wake-Up TV Show that in our haste to try to leave Los Angeles, the ship had neglect to get any Hawaiian Dollars. Anyone planning to make purchases in Hilo would need to exchange currency on shore. He was sorry for the inconvenience. Before we describe today’s activities let’s talk about our cabin. We are on Star Princess Caribe Deck, cabin 722. We are fairly far to the rear of the ship. We have a Balcony cabin but with an oversized balcony – just as wide but deeper than even the Mini-Suites one deck below us. On our two previous cruises we have been spoiled by being offered an upgrade to a Mini-Suite with only a small charge. This time they offered us the same ... read more
View of our Balcony
Another view of Cabin
Tower of glasses

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 1st 2019

Hello from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. We woke this morning to the gentle swaying of the ship at sea. Actually last night was a little bumpy as the Captain apparently tried to make up some of the 3 hours we were behind schedule due to the late sailing. But we rocked to sleep in our bed and did not fall out. Since this is a “day of leisure” we slept in until 7:15. Isn’t that how you relax on a vacation? Of course that also was after adjusting our clock an hour. We went to the Portofino Dining Room and had the sit-down breakfast instead of the buffet. There were a lot of people with the same idea, but we got seated with 3 other interesting couples and had a nice breakfast. Janet always says ... read more
Two Examples
Two More Examples

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan March 3rd 2019

i had to break down and buy a days internet on board the ship again. it is expensive and very slow, but i have all day to write and no where to go. we are currently in the pacific ocean heading towards kagoshima, japan. our arrival date is thursday, march the 7th. quite a long stretch at sea, but so far the sea is much calmer and i think cyclone oma is finally behind us. i wrote in my last blog that after sydney we would be heading east then north to avoid oma but that was incorrect. oma was making her way east after brisbane so we headed north hugging australias coast line. the passage was still very choppy. i think there must have been quite a few disappointed passengers re. missing the great barrier ... read more
cruise wear, glitter top
traveling up the coast of australia
yorkeys knob, australia

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 4th 2019

well i am finally cruising! spent a night in san francisco and had a nice meal with caitlyn. my hotel was right beside china town which was beautifully decorated with lights and red lanterns for the chinese new year celebrations. i boarded the ship the next day and spent the afternoon unpacking and exploring the arcadia. we had a champagne sail away from the aft of the ship in the evening. beautiful to see the city all lit up at night. we passed under the golden gate bridge. from the top deck, deck 11, it almost feels like you can reach up and touch the underside of the bridge. so four days at sea until we reach waikiki. the first 2 days were very rough. the mighty pacific ocean. i managed to cope with the help ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 27th 2019

i set sail in 3 more days! starting to get excited. i am flying to san francisco on the 29th where i have booked a hotel for the night near pier 27. my boarding time is 2:30 pm on the 30th. weather forecast is 16 C. i will be meeting up with a friend's daughter for dinner while in san fran. we will be at sea for 4 days before arriving in honolulu where we will be in port for the 4th and 5th of february. the frequency of my blogs will depend on when and where i can get an internet connection. i know it can be difficult to get a connection at sea. i want to give a quick shout out to my dear friends who have offered to keep an eye on things ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific November 4th 2018

Dateline: November 4th, 2018, Equator, middle of the Pacific Ocean and…International Dateline Losing a Day in the Southern Hemisphere So today we cross the Equator from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. We are very excited. We have been told to be on deck at 12:30pm and look for the 25,000-mile string of orange cones. Have you seen these? Since we are Shellbacks (having crossed the equator many times) we will not be part of the “Crossing of the Equator” ceremonies for “pollywogs” (those who have not crossed before). Onboard, Neptune presides over the ceremony where pollywogs are blindfolded and then told that they will be feeling things from under the sea and they use things like jello for jellyfish to scare them and finally tons of cooked spaghetti are poured over them…silly but fun ... read more

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