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August 15th 2018
Published: August 26th 2018
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Wednesday Sea Day
We are now managing to sleep until 8am, breakfast goes until 10-30am so it's not an issue. Very lumpy seas developed during the night, with sick bags attached to all the elevator handrails when we emerged this morning, we really have a sway happening. The crew recommend going easy on water and eating apples to combat sea sickness. Sea days for some people mean a day to lie out in the sun, for ourselves from Qld, we find the aircon and hang out. I had a go at Speed Sudoku today, was 3/4 way through when the person finished, the game was listed as challenging which I managed easily, I've come a long way in three years from not being able to do Sudoku at all to getting tough ones done. In the marquee the head chef and head maitre' d put on a display, cooking a coconut chicken and prawn curry and decorating a black forest cake. Which could be tasted tested by the audience, 5 people chosen for each dish. They also had a galley tour but I did not feel like tramping around with 100 or so people. Fun facts: 120 kg of bacon is used every day, 850kg of apples are used for the cruise, 32,000 plates are washed each day, and there are 6 butchers on board to prepare the meat, poultry and fish. I've now got a group of people I can lob in on for trivia, there is of course the same set of faces each day; the pool people and the casino people are a different breed to the joining in games people. The last of the four lectures on PNG and The Solomon Island was delivered today by Dr Helen Gardener on post war and post colonisation of PNG. She is a great lecturer, this has been a great innovative idea of P&O in introducing this, other cruises had some language classes as a bit of serious stuff, this is way better. Fine dining for us tonight at Angelo's which is the Italian themed restaurant. Lovely meal but small serves so much so that we raced to The Pantry before it closed at 9am, me for a cup of tea and a small fruit tart and Martin for more food. Dined with a Gold Coast couple tonight, we are happy to share dining experiences, makes for interesting conversation usually.The serves dished out in The Pantry which is buffet and the 3 themed restaurants are small. Cruise ships have so much food on offer I really feel this is a good thing, prevents over eating and food wastage. You can always go back for more.

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