4/5 Still Sailing Toward Cabo San Lucas

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April 5th 2018
Published: April 7th 2018
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Today I definitely have to catch up on my blog submissions. We were. Lesser with an extra hour of sleep last night, setting our clocks backward one hour while closing in on California. Up by 8:15am, we scurry up to the Lido for a light breakfast, we'll, light for me. I have a small Belgian waffle with strawberries, four prunes, two eggs, one sausage and coffee. Karen, on the other hand, has nothing. Nope. Just coffee. She's still full from her delicious chicken dinner last night. We sit and visit by ourselves.

About 10 or so we return to the room where Karen gets a head start on packing. This is what she likes to do. I start on the blog, beginning with the Panama Canal and finishing three more besides by the end of the night. It's not a particular exciting day being spent much of the time in our room but we each set goals and accomplished them by day's end.

Lunch was taken in our room. I traveled upstairs to retrieve one turkey sandwich and two small bags of potato chips all washed down with a lemonade. This was split between us. I know that food is free around here but that's all we could do. We took a break at 5pm, showered and dressed for dinner and made our way to the dining room by 6. Tonight is "Gala Night", our last dress up evening on our cruise. On top of that, the feature entree is the most popular, the "Surf & Turf", combining two favorites, filet mignon and lobster. We're seated again in a table for two upstairs, just like last night. We don't have to visit with anyone but ourselves. We call for one of our two bottles of wine that we have in storage, the Cabernet Sauvignon. We almost finished it. We still don't have a bill for either of these bottles, part of a 4-pack.

We finished the dinner at 7pm, earlier than usual simply because we don't have to wait for all the others to order and eat too. Neither of us feel like doing much of anything tonight so we return to our room. I continue sending blogs out and check my onboard invoice. Oh boy! We have a problem. They figured out the 4-package wine bill at last and I'm billed for four bottles of wine. We've only drank two and with two days left, that could be a problem. I will address this with guest services tomorrow. Right now it's quitting time. Tomorrow, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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