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Happy Mother's day to all you mummies back at home. Had a brilliant time in the last two ports. Mauritius and the Reunion island. Yes Stevie that is near Madagascar. We arrived in Mauritius on Friday,travelled over land through the sugar cane plantations and boarded a Catamaran which took us around the island where we saw the white sandy beaches and swam in the warm blue seas of the Indian ocean.Reunion Island was beautiful too. We visited the city and travelled in the heat which is still 30 plus. Now back on the high seas on our way to South Africa.It's a hard life but someone has to do it. Xx... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian October 12th 2013

After 2 1/2 weeks we had to move on. Time for the next 1300 nm to Thailand. Not quite as nervous as the first time, though graeme was worried about the weather pattern since they are so different than what he was used to. Because we didn't have much internet it was a bit hard to get a good weather forecast, everybody else who left from here wasn't all that worried, so we just had to do the same. wind was always coming east south east the whole time we where there and since we where going north it all looked good. We sorted everything away, closed all the draws, made sure nothing is on the loose,even had our ipod dock ready upstairs. Always nice to sit up in the cockpit with a bit of music>. ... read more
booby bird
the real fish
can't say much about this

Oceans and Seas » Indian September 20th 2013

Waking up at cocos was like waking up in paradise, palm trees and coco nuts everywhere! ! Got awoken up by the Federal police to check in, there where already 15 other yachts there. Out of them one other aussi, all the others where from Finland ,Holland , Germany and so on. Police came on board to check our papers, strife was not all that happy about it and barked-. We were told dogs where not allowed on land , the majority of the population is Muslim and they dislike dogs. Not the end of the world they just have to deal with it Anchored, dinghy off and land here we come. We anchored at direction island with all the other yachts , dinghy-ed over to home island to have a look whats there. Where is ... read more
palm trees
travelers palm
coco nut

Oceans and Seas » Indian September 14th 2013

Departed Cocos Sat 31stAugust. Started off with fairly light winds, but then had a beautiful sail, best day ever and even had whole main up. Perfect conditions. Connie and Graham came over on the morning we left and brought their own coffee and Trouble and Strife for a visit. (we had some chicken bones for them). Anyway, they didn’t stay long, but it was a nice send off. Late the night before we had made our sign for DI – our card in Resin. We accidently put in slightly too much catalyst, so it ended up a bit browner than expected, but ok for our first attempt. Had the perfect day sailing today, calmish seas with a big swell (nice and smooth) good winds so had the main all the way up today for the first ... read more
come to say see ya later
WAHOO...number 2
Trina on Watch

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea October 22nd 2012

Three days at sea after visit to GBR although we saw lots of islands including Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Torres Straits where they used to trade the heads of tasty Europeans with the people of Papua New Guinea. Enjoying the ship's activities including the gym, the bar, BBQ on deck with M & E captured on film dancing to Dancing Queen! Darwin was next stop where we sweated our way round the town which had to be completely rebuilt after the 1974 Cyclone Tracy. Nice dock area with netted swimming beach to keep out the crocs. Then more sea, sea and sea- looking forward to Bali and land tomorrow. Weather is terrific with perfect blue skies and yesterday an absolute flat calm fortunately we are steaming not sailing otherwise we would be drifting just ... read more
Sunset over perfect sea

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Red Sea July 2nd 2012

I must have been a nomad in one of my past lives. Over the last five years, I have moved locations and countries more than other people change socks, and I rarely grow tired of it. It’s like in the film ‘Chocolat’, when Juliette Binoche breaks up her tents every time the winds start blowing again. After a few months in one place, I become restless – and every time I get excited about what needs to be done. I love to dispose of things, plan seemingly impossible trips through the world’s oceans and terrains, and overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of me and the road. I even love all the confusion and uncertainty that come with cargo ship travel. It all invigorates me. This time, as we were getting ready to leave ... read more
Food art by ship steward Anthony
Our vessel
Beautiful ocean sunset

Oceans and Seas » Indian June 27th 2012

And so the adventure that is my life continues to unfold. After exactly nine months in Australia, I find myself once again on a cargo ship, this time heading back to Europe. It’s high time. I haven’t been home for two years, and I miss my friends and family dearly. This ocean stretch completes my circumnavigation of the world by container ship, a form of travel I have deeply fallen in love with. This time I am on a German vessel called MV Hatsu Courage, journeying from Port Kelang, Malaysia to Hamburg, Germany via the Suez Canal. What’s different this time is that I’m not travelling alone. My partner Sameer is with me, something that I would not have imagined would happen when I sailed to Australia nine months ago to meet a man I had ... read more
Our courageous vessel
Fire Ceremony at Mangrove Mountain
Super Moon in Byron Bay

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 25th 2012

Today I had the worst dive I think I have ever had. We went to a reef called TableTop, and the visibility was so bad I thought I was in a blizzard. Apparently we were dropped in at the wrong spot. I have never been in such a strong current, and we had to swim against the current. At times there was no choice but to hold onto the rocky coral area in order to stay put. I was very, very surprised that the dive wasn’t aborted pretty quickly, but we stayed down for 24 minutes. The visibility was maybe15 to 20 feet, at most. You didn’t really see people so much as shadows unless you were right next to them. Ironically, as I was fighting like hell to keep up and ... read more
Pin cushion seastar
moz 12 tt cushion seastar

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 23rd 2012

It was the strangest feeling waking up today. It was the last Straight sea day. It was actually quite sad. I was getting used to being stuck on the boat with no set thing I had to do or places I had to be, and just make it all up as I went along. That being said, there was so much I had wanted to do today. Now I had been meaning to put out a card on the door to order breakfast in our Suite since day one of the cruise, but that didn’t happen. So breakfast again was up in the Windjammer. It was almost a routine now. I would grab a bowel, spoon, a packet of mini wheat’s and my little container of Full Cream Dubai Long Life Milk. I worked out, by ... read more
Rabbit fruit
Floral Display

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 22nd 2012

I was supposed to be on an Ocean Sarari today, but the wind was too high, so we dove instead. The dive had quite a bit of surge, but we did see a lot: blue spotted rays, torpedo ray, jenkins whip ray, leaf fish, porcupine fish (followed me around!), lionfish and a lovely octopus! Still have not seen a manta ray on a dive, or any whale shark, leopard shark, or guitar shark. We watched a documentary today called SHIVER, it is about Mozambique's diverse marine life and how they are fishing out the sharks and the mantas. Several sharks have been harvested and slaughtered right on the beach, you can imagine what is going on in more remote areas. All for shark fin soup. Absolutely ridiculous. The soup is made from the inner fibers of ... read more
and off you go!
A day with low waves

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