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Oceans and Seas » Indian March 31st 2018

During the night I could feel the sea had gotten a bit choppy. Craig and I decided that with all this food we had better exercise so we were up at 7am and went to the gym to discover that everyone else had the same idea and there was no equipment left to use. Undeterred we decided to go outside and walk around the ship (L7&8 outer deck). There was plenty of people doing that too but you can do laps around the entire ship, so that is what we did and joined the grey masses (3 laps = @ 1 mile). The sea was choppy with approx. a metre swell, this lasted the day. Throughout the day we met different people and chatted to them. It’s amazing what you can learn about people in a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 29th 2018

The bed is very comfortable, the only thing is our cabin is located near the stacks and so we can feel/hear the vibration of the stacks and the hum of the mechanics. The first night we slept with ear plugs. Craig got up and went to the gym. Once we were showered we went to the Lido Deck for breakfast. There was a huge range of food to choose from. We sat with others as spare tables are hard to find. We did some washing as we are right next door to the laundry. We have found out there are just over 1500 Aussies on this Ship, so we are the majority. Not much to tell as we just kept busy.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian August 11th 2017

Somewhere around March the team were looking at China prices, Da Niece Ellen was going to China, inaugural flights for Sichuan Airlines were around $300 one way , starting July, fly direct from Auckland. We should get in on that KK, time for a little adventure. Chengdu China, why? Price is grwear, got to start somewhere. Gate way to Tibet, which we both want to see, a few contacts due to our association with Hamish and the network he has created and a bit of a challenge. Took another couple of months to press the buy button, finally relying on an old mantra dug out of the cupboard “the Lord will provide.” I felt a need to spark up my wee friend’s existence after having cheerily looked after, cajoled, kicked, cooked, cleaned for the somewhat miserable, ... read more
swish traveller, 14 kg bag!!!!
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Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea May 11th 2016

écrit par Sylvain: Avec un peu plus de cinq mois de retard, je voulais quand même vous partager notre sélection de photos, faite il y a trop longtemps maintenant!.. surement à cause de la nostalgie de nos aventures, même si notre quotidien est loin d'être monotone! C'est donc le 10 mai que nous avons quitté notre île d'adoption avec des petits avions, loin du confort de l'A380, pour arriver à Bali en fin de journée... très vite le contraste avec la circulation et la chaleur nous fait comprendre que nous changeons de monde! Les souvenirs de nos précédents voyages en Asie resurgissent. Ce sera le lendemain matin que nous découvrirons le cadre magnifique de notre hôtel, le Ubud Bungalow sur Monkey Forest road, là ou nous avons décidé de nous établir pour 12jours avec nos 50kgs ... read more
1er petit dej à l'Hotel
en arrière plan notre bungalow
une rue dans Ubud

PORT VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES - 11th April The Seychelles consists of over 70 coralline islands and 42 mountainous granitic islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. Victoria, the capital is on the granitic island of Mahe. With its tropical climate it produces lush countryside with exotic flora and fauna. Tourism is the main source of income. The focal point of Victoria is the Clock Tower, approached down Independence Avenue. It was erected in 1903 when the Seychelles became a Crown Colony and was no longer linked to Mauritius. The Tower used to stand at the harbour front before land reclamation and is a replica of the tower of Londons Vauxhall Bridge. We walked through the town to the various food and souvenir markets. The fish market was in full swing early in the morning but it was becoming ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian February 17th 2016

En route to India. Arabian Sea. February 1-3, 2016 Now into the increasing heat and humidity of the eastern Arabian Sea. Security was enhanced again as we entered the Straits of Hornuz, and the NY Times reports a merchant ship has been taken hostage off Nigeria. Once past Karachi (Indian immigration asked lots of visa questions about any potential Pakistani relatives), it's pretty much a deep-ocean straight line to Mangalore, India, so the risks from aggressive small boats exist but are infinitesimal this far from shore. Closer to shore, piracy still exists in Indonesia and near Thailand, and Burma and Sri Lanka to a much lesser extent. So the fire hoses remain mounted on railings and wicked-looking gaffs are in brackets on the walls of the Promenade deck at strategic intervals, quickly available to repel boarders. ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Indian February 2nd 2016

It has been a while in the planning but our next new adventure is about to begin. When John's father was ill a couple of years ago, the extended family gathered around and created a Facebook group to keep informed about how he was faring. Sadly, he eventually died (although 96 was a fair achievement) but the Facebook group kept growing and we have now decided to have a family reunion on the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland, in July this year. As most of you know, Sylvia refuses to fly so we have had to resort to other means of travel. Read our container ship blogs or the China/Mongolia railway trip if you need to keep up (though I never did finish that one – too busy having fun). This time ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 29th 2014

we wake up being sad knowing that we should be getting on a plane today to head to India. We decide to make the most of a sad situation. First we go have a nice breakfast down by the water, then we come back and decide to head to one of the beaches for the day. After getting ready, we went downstairs to find how to get to the beaches only to find out all the beaches are controlled by resorts and the cost is $130 per person. Well since we had to pay $400 for the hotel for the night, we really didn't want to pay that since it would just be what we did for the last week on the sail boat. Instead we decided to just hang here at the pool and just ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 28th 2014

Our sailing trip ended Sunday morning. We were deposited at the airport where our Hotel picked us up. We're staying in the same hotel we stayed at before the sail trip. We were allowed to check in early and got to the room. we then immediately went over to the Indian Consulate. The door opened at 9 and we were the first ones in only to find out the counters inside don't open until 9:30. we wait. At 9:30, we are first in line and try to talk with the lady. she is very hard to understand and just keeps saying no, no, no, don't come back. We do see a sign that says you can only pick up visas between 4 and 5. So Shelly takes off to surf and I chill in the room ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 27th 2014

We had our final day at sea. Shelly took the kayak in the morning and went over to the surf break and did a little kayak surfing. She did cut her leg a bit on the coral but had a blast. The captain then took us to an island that had showers and bathrooms,... and we spent 4 hours there. We got some great pictures with the palm trees. We snorkeled some and Shelly tried to surf kayak some more. After that, it was 3 hours back to the Male area. I wish we could have stayed somewhere else the last day and just motor'd in early. Instead we were in the harbor with all the other boats and in the flight path from the airport. We had dinner and just a lazy evening. Jamin and ... read more
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