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February 2nd 2016
Published: January 18th 2016
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It has been a while in the planning but our next new adventure is about to begin.

When John's father was ill a couple of years ago, the extended family gathered around and created a Facebook group to keep informed about how he was faring. Sadly, he eventually died (although 96 was a fair achievement) but the Facebook group kept growing and we have now decided to have a family reunion on the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland, in July this year.

As most of you know, Sylvia refuses to fly so we have had to resort to other means of travel. Read our container ship blogs or the China/Mongolia railway trip if you need to keep up (though I never did finish that one – too busy having fun).

This time we have discovered a cruise ship which is returning from Australia to the UK via Africa in March. Not only that but it is half price – one pays, one goes free. Couldn't afford it otherwise. It is very much in advance of when we planned to travel but we could never have afforded to go to Africa ordinarily so we couldn't pass it up.

So we leave from Fremantle in Western Australia on 16th March and head off into the wilds of the Indian Ocean. After 8 days at sea we arrive in Mauritius and from there head off to Reunion Island.

After three more days at sea we spend time in Durban and then in Capetown, South Africa. Next port is Walvis Bay in Namibia followed by the island of St Helena and then Ascension Island.

After six more days at sea we end up in Casablanca in Morocco and then Lisbon in Portugal. We eventually arrive in London on 23rd April.

We are not sure what we will be doing or where we will be staying in the UK. Currently looking at renting a narrow boat on the Thames for a while. Any accommodation offers will be considered. Why not come and stay in Oz for a month or two?

We have just booked our return trip on the Emerald Princess. Leaving Southampton on 28th September. Arriving Sydney on 15th November. 48 days in all. Ports include: Rome, Naples, Messina, Aqaba (Jordan), Dubai, Cochin (India), Phuket (Thailand), Singapore, Ko Samui (Thailand), Bangkok, Bali, Fremantle, Margaret River, Melbourne, Sydney.


20th January 2016

What delightful coincidences ;)
Well...seeing as you depart my hometown on my 50th birthday and I will have just gotten back from Reunion myself, I guess we must need to catch up while you are here :) What a lovely adventure you are heading on cant wait to read about it and see you again :)
20th January 2016

`Thanks, Cindy. We will arrive in Perth late afternoon on the 12th of March and leave for Fremantle on the 14th. We sail on the 16th so I hope we can find some time to meet up in one of those places.
25th January 2016

Love your style
It is always great taking a fear and turning it into an adventure. Most people who don't want to fly would sit home on their couch...but not you. Excellent. Yes we remember the wonderful container ships. Carry-on.
25th January 2016

Love your style
Thanks for your comment. I didn't mention it in the blog but Sylvia and I are going to Perth on the Indian Pacific railway. Just re-read your blog about your trip. Really looking forward to the experience.
3rd February 2016

Your trip.
Tony and I sailed from Mauritus en route to Reunion, but the ship broke down and we spent days in the port of Mombassa. Not to be recommended! In the event, we literally were in Reunion for half an hour, so the French passengers could disembark and get to the airport for their flight back to Paris. We didn't even have time to get off the ship. X
3rd February 2016

Mauritius and Reunion
I hope our experience is better. The last time this cruise ship sailed it was held up by pirates off Madagascar so we have taken out special hijack insurance :).

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