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August 11th 2017
Published: August 11th 2017
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Somewhere around March the team were looking at China prices, Da Niece Ellen was going to China, inaugural flights for Sichuan Airlines were around $300 one way , starting July, fly direct from Auckland.

We should get in on that KK, time for a little adventure. Chengdu China, why? Price is grwear, got to start somewhere. Gate way to Tibet, which we both want to see, a few contacts due to our association with Hamish and the network he has created and a bit of a challenge.

Took another couple of months to press the buy button, finally relying on an old mantra dug out of the cupboard “the Lord will provide.” I felt a need to spark up my wee friend’s existence after having cheerily looked after, cajoled, kicked, cooked, cleaned for the somewhat miserable, self absorbed FUCKING CANCER patient. Two weeks? What’s going to change in that frenetic time frame, lets make it at least 6.

T-4 weeks, Oncologist was a little nonplussed until I reminded him that his advice had been , if you want to travel, do the bucket list the next 2-3 years would be a good idea, OK we can work around this, see what’s actually happened in the time away and respond accordingly.

T-3 weeks regular Thursday treatment morning, have to hand keys to KK bit of funny vision. Cannot see out of one eye. Optometrist stop. Eye OK. Mention to attendant nurse at check list time, a few phone calls later we are off to A&E, 10pm we are out of there, back tomorrow for head scan.

No propensity to stroke.

T-12 days, we both get the colds, I never get sick she cries.

T-11 days KK helicoptered out with a seizure of some sort, 2 days monitored, banned from driving for a year. Head scan preliminarily clear(little do they know).

T-6 days, my cold turned to bronchitis, this will be fun at 4500 meters, antibiotics, Paddy shaking the head looking at the pair of us, “are you sure you wouldn’t like to delay this trip?”

Yeah right.

As an aside both of us are full of praise for our DHBs, all the treatments, time, wonderful staff, Paddy my GP who got the ball rolling. Their professionalism and compassion under the most trying of circumstances of being underfunded and oversupplied, has been exemplary. Huge gratitude to them all.

T-1 Am still coughing but is getting gentler. The very kind Dr West has phoned KK and given her the head all clear and sees no reason not to carry on with the trip. Call ASB travel, no cover for Myeloma or off shoots, expected. $50 covers KK for her medical spike.

Lets do this.

D-Day 6.30 in the morning, 24 hrs will be landing in Chengdu.

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11th August 2017

Yay love it Uncle Bo & Kk! Great to see your off on an adventure. Sorry to hear you've both been unwell, specially KKs scare 😳! Gosh. Can't wait to hear and see what mischief you get up to, great to see you grabbing life by the balls... heaps of love xxx
11th August 2017

thanks Angie fly to tibet early in morning, feeling good. with Bo ang KK should be a laugh a
11th August 2017

My god bobo you guys had some bad luck prior your trip. Enjoy your travels
11th August 2017

Jacko we into it now tibet in the morning, feeling good hope all goes well with you

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