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Oceans and Seas » Indian April 26th 2014

Another lazy day in the Maldives. We started out at a sandbar and snorkeled for a while. We saw another sea turtle. The captain and first mate went octopus fishing and caught 3 of them. They also got several more fish off the back of the ship while we were traveling. We have fresh fish every night that has been caught during the day. After snorkeling, we had a 4 hour boat ride across the sea back to the atoll just below Male. We get to an island. the other 2 couples take off in the kayaks and Shelly takes off in the dingy with the first mate. They are in search of a surf board as there is a nice surf break that we can see. Shelly is not successful in her search. we have ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 25th 2014

Another day sailing thru the Maldives. It started out the same, head to a sandbar and snorkel. More beautiful fish and warm waters. I started to take more pictures but the underwater camera was acting funny so I stopped and just swam some. When I got back to the boat, I tried to figure out what was up but to no avail. I think a bit of water may have seeped into the camera. I lay it all out to dry and hope to get it back soon. Our next stop was another sand bar but this one was the turtle sandbar. oh, no, the camera is not working. we snorkel and see turtles. I found the one we all swam around. Luckily one of the other people on the sailboat had a camera in a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 24th 2014

Another sandbar another island. Our day seems to be the same, breakfast, snorkel, move to another place, lunch, kayak, move to another place, snorkel or kayak. Read in between. Dinner. we did see a stingray today (see pictures) Today was all that and the last place we went was BBQ island. The captain, chef and deck hand did a BBQ on the island for us. The food was great. The atmosphere was great. All is well. We got back to the boat around 9:00 and I decided to log in. Boy am I glad I did. The first thing that happened was Keri skype'd me. It's a girl. My first grandchild will be a girl. Yea. we got to see pictures and talk with KK and Matt. I could have not asked for anything better. After ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Indian April 23rd 2014

Today is like everyday we travel to a remote island and a sandbar. We do a lot of snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. The water is very calm today (almost glassy) inside the atoll. Shelly asks the captain if the dingy can pull the kayak. The captain, says, no but then she shows him pictures of her surf kayaking and they decide to try it. They tie the boat to the dingy and off they go. It is a hoot to watch. Shelly loves it and does it twice during the day. We work more on our visa problems, it is not looking good for us to get our visa's by Monday, we are continuing with all options we can come up with. I'm amazed India makes it so hard to visit. This is really crazy.... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Indian April 22nd 2014

Today started with Shelly kayaking around the area where we were anchored. Then we sailed to a sandbar and later an island. At the sandbar we all snorkeled and saw some wonderful fish. The water is so warm. In the evening we went to the very small island and hiked around it. We saw crabs running about. The food is wonderful. We have lots of curry and local spices and tons of fruit. The cook actually caught several fish off the back of the boat today and we had some for lunch and dinner. The lunch fish was sashimi (one of the fish he caught). The dinner it was baked. Both were wonderful. I got internet access this evening. It is a usb stick that dials in but at least we get some internet. I read ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Indian April 22nd 2014

Easter Sunday We wake up early 6am and head out for breakfast on the water. After breakfast Shelly takes another surf lesson. I go along to take a few pictures. Around 9am I take a taxi back to the hotel. I get our passports and head to the Indian Embassy. It is a very long distance away (across the street). Friday and Saturday are the weekend days here so the embassy is open on Sunday. They also don’t celebrate Easter. I walk in and find out all that we need to do. The first thing is to fill in the online application. This is going to be the same long process that I had to do before. Oh, no. I go back to the hotel and start entering all the information. I then discover once you ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Indian April 19th 2014

Well we started our trip with a flight from Wilmington to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Amsterdam. We were in first class lie flat seats on this flight and started out with a toast of champagne. I watched 2 movies and really didn't sleep. We arrive in Amsterdam and head to the airline club for a bit then onto our next flight to Mumbai. We go thru the check in portion up to where they are checking our passports. Shelly makes it thru but the guy tells me, I'm sorry you are not allowed to board this flight, your visa to India is expired. WHAT???? I thought it was good for a year and it says it expires 08-04-2014. That is the European date so April 8th, 10 days before. They yell at Shelly to get out ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 16th 2014

16thApril At Sea, Straits of Hormusz Now that I’m up to date We are ab1out to arrive in Abu Dhabi a day early Yesterday the 15th April we had to do an emergency drop off of two passengers at Muscat, Oman. We had been steaming at full speed to arrive early evening for the transfer. Whilst we did not stop it now puts us ahead of schedule for Abu Dhabi Also we have lost our Egypt ports of call because of unrest and are now spending two days in Haifa, Israel... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Red Sea April 10th 2014

Geo: 29.9768, 32.5327 Temperature: 21C 70F Distance travelled: 3356 nautical miles Aqaba was our last visit to Asia Minor otherwise known as the Middle East. We now head for the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. This is the long leg home. Although we still have a few more stops before we disembark, the talk now turns to what next….?? We have made the acquaintance of 3 Australian families. As they are so far from home, Aussies tend to make the most of their travels to other parts of the world. Alyson is travelling with her mum, Joanna. They will disembark in Napoli where they will travel by train to Rome and stay for 2 nights before flying on to Paris for another 2 nights before taking another flight to Venice to pick up the MSC Armonia ... read more
Welcome to Egypt - Suez-Port Said!!
The Suez port pilot boat
Roisin with Alison sharing a joke (about me?)

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Red Sea April 8th 2014

Temp: 77F 25C Distance travelled: 2063 nautical miles Now we have 4 days cruising up the Red Sea. This will give me the chance to explain a little about life on board. What do we get up to for 4 days without setting foot on land? This is not the longest stint at sea we have experienced but up until now it has certainly been the hottest! Having left Salalah behind us, the ship headed back out in to the Gulf of Aden. The next leg of our odyssey will take us up the length of the Red Sea turn right up the Gulf of Aqaba to arrive in the city of the same name; the only port in the Kingdom of Jordan, some 1,937 nautical miles ahead of us. The Red Sea is so named ... read more
Roisin about to swirl an olive!!!
Roisin and the 'fishing' game
Italian night in the estaurant

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