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April 28th 2014
Published: April 28th 2014
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Our sailing trip ended Sunday morning. We were deposited at the airport where our Hotel picked us up. We're staying in the same hotel we stayed at before the sail trip. We were allowed to check in early and got to the room. we then immediately went over to the Indian Consulate. The door opened at 9 and we were the first ones in only to find out the counters inside don't open until 9:30. we wait. At 9:30, we are first in line and try to talk with the lady. she is very hard to understand and just keeps saying no, no, no, don't come back. We do see a sign that says you can only pick up visas between 4 and 5.

So Shelly takes off to surf and I chill in the room a bit and go to the pool. I don't last long at the pool as it is way to hot. Back into the room to read and watch a movie.

Will the world stop rocking???? wow, I have the sailboat rocking motion.

Shelly gets back about 2:00 and crashes for a bit. At 4 we head downstairs and get someone from the hotel to go over with us. That didn't help, the lady was getting mad and him too. I just don't understand India, why they are making it next to impossible to get a visa. They state everywhere it takes 3 days. what they don't state is the day you turn it in (in the morning and they only accept it in the morning) doesn't count and the day you pick it up (after 4 doesn't count) so really it is a 5 day process. we leave with no passport or visa.

The hotel is trying to get up with their contact in the consulate to try to see if we can at least get it on Monday instead of waiting until Tuesday (which is the 5th day). We emailed our guide and told him we would not be there today... and would let him know as soon as we know more.

We decided to head over to the airport island for dinner and drinks. Male is dry, completely dry, so we decided it would be nice to get away for a bit. We met up with our friends from the sailing trip and had dinner with them. They all had an 11pm flight out.

Back to Male and our hotel after dinner. Hopefully we will get good news Monday morning on the visas, otherwise we will miss 2 days of our trip in India.


28th April 2014

How frustrating:-(
It's difficult to comprehend why/how this process is so difficult for such a large country. We're fortunate to live in the "good old USA!" Relax and enjoy your last week of vacation as much as possible.
29th April 2014

hope you get visas soon
did you make it to india?

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