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Oceans and Seas » Indian May 22nd 2012

Another sea day and really think I was getting the hang of the waves and the delicious slow life. That being said, once again I ventured up for breakfast by myself, as the husband slept away. After breakfast I decided I was on a cruise and I was going to do the whole swimming and sun baking thing that everyone seemed to enjoy so much. I ventured on up to the top deck and passed over my sea pass to score my towels. I was asked how many towels I would like … didn’t realize it was a trick question, and took one. It was only later I realized, to do the whole deck thing like a pro you are supposed to take about four towels! Two are supposed to lay across your chair, and the ... read more
Expensive glue!
Trying to be poised
Formal Night

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 21st 2012

Now today was going to be a fun day at sea. We had organized an amazing Golf-off for about 10:30 or 11am in the morning against a British couple we had been having a ball with. It seemed by this point in the cruise the people you would hang around starting to be the same and I have to admit, it was always a laugh a minute when we were with this couple. It was a case of killing time between waking and the actual Golf, so as usual we seemed to gravitate to the little café on the promenade deck for some goodies to eat. I guess eating becomes part of a way to pass time on these ships, and no wonder people put on weight from cruising. Now considering I hadn’t played mini golf ... read more
One of the artists I adored
Mini Golf

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 19th 2012

What a difference a day on land makes to a cruise. It just seemed more fun having a sea day today, and cruising seemed so much better now. Plus all the sea sickness was a thing of the past I was practically a sailor now! Ended up having so much fun, and unfortunately apart from one single bad photo on the iphone, no photos were taken today, I was actually out enjoying myself … who would have thunked it! Now as to the actual way the day rolled, well that’s pretty much forgotten however I will just summarize some of the main fun bits of the day I think for this one … Art Auction Now I had heard that these events were actually the places to be if you wanted free Champagne, actually if you ... read more
Some type of sickly sweet alcohol
The solo photo find taken on the day of the blog

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 17th 2012

Today was yet another sea day. I’m not sure if the patch was starting to take effect, or the fact I knew tomorrow we would arrive in India, but I was starting to feel a tiny bit better. That being said, I still had a slower day. First port of call was the shower to get all the glue from the hairdresser the previous night out of my hair. Unfortunately that meant losing several clumps of hair with it. I’m sure that’s not supposed to happen, my hair is already fairly fine as it is! Although I was still feeling off colour today I forced myself to eat, because having a stomach with contents seemed to ease off the feeling ever so slightly. I just had to be careful with the choices I made. Nothing too ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 16th 2012

Today was quite something. I remember waking being so excited I would be out in the open sea today. We would have passed Iran sometime overnight and be sailing along the Gulf of Oman into the Arabian Sea. I don’t remember what time I woke, but looking at the photos it must have been just before 7am. Stepping outside onto the balcony, it hit me how humid it was, but also how beautiful the view was. There was this humidity haze over the water that gave it this magical feel. The water also looked like silk and we were just sailing quietly along so peacefully. I think from the entire time I spent on the ship, this moment would have to have been my favorite. It was beyond words and I imagine what everyone dreams of ... read more
Fruit Person
The Artist at work

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 16th 2012

What a day! I went diving this morning and went to a site called Office….very beautiful. I saw my first White Tip Reef Shark! It didn’t come close enough for a great photo, but any photo is good, right? I am totally comfortable in the water here now…just had a bit of a learning curve. Now my weights are correct, I have the hang of the negative entry, but I still cannot jump into the boat by myself from the water. I doubt I will be able to. The dive was really, really nice, and when we came back in I had an ocean safari straight away. No whale sharks, but a huge, glorious, beautiful Giant Manta Ray! I took video and photos….I swam above it for quite a long time, it was feeding and flying ... read more
Giant Manta
moz 12 footprints
moz 12 darren

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 13th 2012

Still having issues with the diving here. I feel like a complete idiot. It is not very buoyant here….and I am overweighted, so I slammed into a few things….nota good thing to do on a reef. Shit! I have felt bad about it today…I have not adjusted to the diving in Tofo…it is true that the conditions are not easy, though the sea was very friendly today. Sometimes I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew (so to speak), but I am managing. I cannot heave myself into the zodiac from the water, and I hate that. I can feel the weakness of my left leg pretty keenly at times, it just won’t do what I tell it to do. Tofo is a young town. The 20s and 30s crowd ... read more
Frogfish legs!

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 12th 2012

Today was my first dive. It was a completely different experience than I’ve had before. I fought terrible seasickness, for one thing. Apparently, the med I am taking for malaria preventative causes seasickness. Must take dramamine. Here is how it goes here with Peri Peri divers: from the dive shop you go down the “stairs of death” to the beach where the boat is being backed into the water by a Tracker. Everyone gets on the sides of the boat and pushes it out (it is a zodiac, but large). The women jump into the boat first, then the men, then you battle the waves to get off of the beach. The water is really pretty calm right now, but it is a bitch to get out of the wave line. Once out of the wave ... read more
Big jellyfish!
Scorpion on steroids
moz 12 manta reef scorpion 6x4

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 11th 2012

Marcel, Ben, Pieter and I went on our first ocean safari today…sadly, no whale sharks. But I did see my first ever Hammerhead shark and Black Fin Reef shark. We also encountered two pods of dolphins, both bottlenose and humpback dolphins. I was not in good position to take photos of anything. The water is full of plankton, so in order to get a good photo you’d need to be within 6 feet, I think. It was my first time in a zodiac (a sort of rubber boat), well not the very first time, the first one was when we went to look at elephant seals in Great White Shark infested waters, so obviously the goal was to stay IN the boat. Getting in and out of a zodiac has its challenges. Also there are no ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 9th 2012

Monday 9th April 2012: Apologies if the blog is getting boring for a while but it’s been another day of totally self-indulgent laziness. We’ve gone to no lectures, no quizzes, no anythings really. We spent the morning eating and working on our scrapbook and this afternoon eating and working on our tan. The pool is a wonderful temperature and the only thing that spoiled the afternoon was being woken up by the sound of loud snoring. OK it was my own snoring but even so! We’re now in the Arabian Sea and have sailed nearly 1,000 miles away from India with over 600 to go until Dubai. And not a single pirate to enliven the day! I feel really sorry for the lookouts. They have extra crew stationed around the ship now and they ... read more

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