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April 24th 2014
Published: April 24th 2014
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Another sandbar another island. Our day seems to be the same, breakfast, snorkel, move to another place, lunch, kayak, move to another place, snorkel or kayak. Read in between. Dinner.

we did see a stingray today (see pictures)

Today was all that and the last place we went was BBQ island. The captain, chef and deck hand did a BBQ on the island for us. The food was great. The atmosphere was great.

All is well. We got back to the boat around 9:00 and I decided to log in. Boy am I glad I did. The first thing that happened was Keri skype'd me. It's a girl. My first grandchild will be a girl. Yea. we got to see pictures and talk with KK and Matt. I could have not asked for anything better.

After getting off Skype with her, I check email.

so the VISA saga is - our visa is expired, we tried to rush to put everything together Sunday before we got on the sail boat and turn the application in (it takes 4 days to process). We had to leave the package to be turned in with the hotel manager and he did turn it in. They rejected it for 3 reasons (not enough money, said we didn't sign it and said they needed to know why we didn't use our last one). Tuesday when we found all this out, we called American Express Global Assist. They said they couldn't help with the visa but could wire money to the Western Union office there for the hotel manager to pick up. We then put together the documentation about Shelly's dad's accident. Thank goodness for Carbonite, we could access the documents needed. We sent all this info to the hotel manager and said we signed the app.

I've also emailed expedite visa places and the consulate directly (explaining everything) well we didn't hear anything until last night and YEA. the hotel resubmitted the application with the extra docs and they paid for the difference in fees. They'll either pick up the wire or we'll pay them on sunday when we stay there again. The app was accepted. The 4 days will still cause us to miss at least one day of the India trip, BUT, the hotel said they had contacts at the embassy and might be able to have it for us on Sunday. Now that was good news. The worst case is we lose 2 days, the best case is we don't lose anything.

Oh, I'm so happy I logged in. Then there was another email that even made things better. We might be getting an offer on the building in Raleigh we own. I went to bed happy.

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24th April 2014

congrats, congrats, congrats
I am so happy for you granny. I can't wait to buy girl clothes! Congrats on getting the visa worked out and an offer on the building too. It was a good day!!! Take care, have fun and be safe. Love you bunches.

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