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Oceans and Seas » Indian April 12th 2011

Dear Friends, Costa Romantica, April 12 2011 Another day on sea. Today we are crossing th Equator, so there will be a great party on board with the super animation team of the Romantica, also King Neptune will visit the Costa Romantica and don't forget the Costa Romantica Dancers. Some more information about Neptune and the Equator you find below. Thanks to Wikipedia. Enjoy the pictures!!!!. It was great fun!!!!!! See you next time on our Costa Sailorsblog. From the Indian Ocean with love Jacqueline and Adriaan aka Monkey and Bear The Story of Neptunus = Thanks to Wikipedia. Etymology The etymology of Neptunus is unclear and disputed. The ancient grammarian Varro derived the name from nuptus i.e. covering (opertio), with a more or less explicit allusion to the nuptiae, marriage of Heaven and Earth. Among ... read more
Costa Romantica - Crossing The Equator
Costa Romantica - Crossing The Equator
Costa Romantica - Crossing The Equator

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 6th 2011

Dear Friends, April 6 2011. Last night we left Reunion and today we have a lazy day - cruising on sea. Tomorrow we arrive around 07.00 hours at the island of Madegascar. Today pictures of the first Gala Night of five. Starting with the Duo Mark and Taylor, Captain's Cocktail and an impression of the 'sexy' show. Enjoy the pictures. From the Indian Ocean with love Jacqueline and Adriaan aka Monkey and Bear ... read more
Costa Romantica Gala Night
Costa Romantica Gala Night
Costa Romantica Gala Night

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 5th 2011

Dear friends, Reunion, April 5 2011 The Volcanos Adventure of Reunion. This morning we arrived at 06.30 at the Port of Reunion. Our volcano adventure starts early today: 7.45. First a very beautiful trip by coach to the mountains of Reunion. This route is called the panoramic route of the Tamarins. We pass St-Pierre and Le Tampon before we arrive at the Plaine des Cafres, a region of the isle which is rich in culture and in pasture land. From there, we took the route of the volcano of Bourg Murrat (at a altitude of 1.600 metres) until we reach the Pas de Bellecombe, at a altitude of 2.300 metres. The most surprising point of view is offered by the Plaine des Sables, covering a wide area of black and red scoria. This area looks like ... read more
Vulcano Piton de la Fournaise - Reunion
Vulcano Piton de la Fournaise - Reunion
Vulcano Piton de la Fournaise - Reunion

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 4th 2011

Lieve vrienden en vriendinnen, Mauritius 4 april 2011. De eerste cruisetravelblog over onze reis van Mauritius naar Savona/Genua. Onze reis is uitstekend verlopen. Op 2 april zijn wij uit Roden vertrokken met onze geweldige chauffeur Leon van Sentaxi (fantastisch bedrijf - een beetje reclame maken voor deze taxi onderneming uit Roden mag wel even) richting Schiphol. Om 15.00 uur de eerste vlucht naar Milaan. Hier ruim 9 uur moeten wachten op onze aansluitende vlucht met Air Mauritius. Daarna 12 uur vliegen. Kortom 35 uur nadat wij in Roden opgestaan zijn arriveren wij in Port Louis - Mauritius. En daar ligt ons schip - de Costa Romantica - waar wij de komende 28 dagen op zullen verblijven. Het is voor ons weer een heerlijk gevoel om aan boord te zijn bij Costa. Hoewel wij wel allebei total ... read more
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Port Louis

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 2nd 2011

Saturday April2nd, 2011 Indian Ocean- North of Madagascar Latitude 8 degrees 55 minutes’ south- Longitude 51 degrees 4 minutes’ east Yesterday at 7am we were the first ones off the ship in Victoria the capital of the Seychelles Islands. It is advertised as the smallest capital city in the world. With only 22 thousand inhabitants it was not overly crowded, but I think everyone with a car was in town. We walked into downtown and found the Tourist Information Office. We told the nice girl working there that we wanted to rent a car. She called someone and he said he had one car left. We agreed to a price of 54 Euros for the day and he brought the car to us. The car looked great and we were soon on our way. Once out ... read more
Seychelles Islands 034
Seychelles Islands 014
Seychelles Islands 004

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 24th 2011

Thursday March 24th, 2011 Arabian Sea- West of Karachi Latitude 22 degrees 10 minutes’ north- Longitude 62 degrees 30 minutes’ east We are now cruising in “pirate waters”. Security personnel are on 24 hour watch and they have hooked up fire hoses on both sides of the ship to repel boarders. I am told we are also equipped with special sonic blasters that emit a sound that is painful to human ears. Most of the pirates are based out of Somalia which is several hundred miles to our west. It is unlikely that they would be interested in us since they prefer cargo ships with less crew onboard where it is easier to take control. But, never the less, we must be on alert. We had a pirate drill with all crew and passengers so everyone ... read more
Indian Deck Party 019

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 12th 2011

March 12th--- Neptune day is a traditional celebration that happens every semester on the ship. It is supposed to occur when our ship crosses the equator, but due to poor weather and timing, we had Neptune Day today. Basically this is what happened…first we are woken up by drums and whistles around 7 am (not very excited about that, considering the fact that I had no classes today and I got zero sleep in India). Then we all eat breakfast and head up to the pool deck. Captain Jeremy dressed up as King Neptune. His entire body was covered in green paint and he had a crown, fancy ring and trident. He sat on a lounge chair (which was supposed to be his throne) on the top of the pool. Everyone lines up in their bathing ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 6th 2011

So I just wanted do clear some stuff up because some people keep asking. It is true that three students had to leave the trip due to medical conditions. I will keep their names anonymous for privacy issues. The first one was in Mauritius. There was a drinking incident and the person had to be rushed to the hospital. That person got as close to death as you possibly can….luckily that person was saved just in time and will be rejoining us in India. If that person’s friends hadn’t reacted when they did, he would be dead now. We had to have an assembly after this happened to raise awareness of the issue. Many students wanted to know what happened or if the kid was okay. Not to mention the fact that people who did witness ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 5th 2011

Place: Pacific Ocean --- going to Chennai So here it is, the first entry to my India blog! Pretty crazy stuff…I can’t even comprehend the fact that I’m still going to be there in less than 24 hours. I mean I’m pretty much half way around the world at this point and the trip is at the halfway point as well. Time has been flying. I mean when I look at the flat map of the world in my room, I see the dot at where I started and where I am now and I am amazed! Literally, I have already been to 2 continents and 5 different countries. Anyway, staying on topic, tonight at pre-port they yet again freaked us out with all the safety, dress, and multiple health issues in India….oh not to mention ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 4th 2011

March 3rd--- The Indian Ocean is hands down my favorite ocean. The sea is so smooth which means NO sea sickness!!! Today in class somewhere in between talking about the Popul Vuh and ancient Mayan cities, a girl spotted a whale outside the window of the classroom. It was sooo cool! Too bad class had to ruin a perfect whale watching opportunity. Anyways, last night was the ultimate SAS’er competition. It was kind of like a Miss America pageant but instead of bathing suit ware, they had international ware. And the question and answer session was about why they thought they were the ultimate “global citizen”. It was entertaining but I didn’t stay to the very end because I had a ton of homework and reading to do. They give us so much reading to do ... read more

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