Port Victoria, Seychelles - lush and tropical

Published: May 3rd 2016
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The Seychelles consists of over 70 coralline islands and 42 mountainous granitic islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. Victoria, the capital is on the granitic island of Mahe.

With its tropical climate it produces lush countryside with exotic flora and fauna.

Tourism is the main source of income.

The focal point of Victoria is the Clock Tower, approached down Independence Avenue. It was erected in 1903 when the Seychelles became a Crown Colony and was no longer linked to Mauritius.

The Tower used to stand at the harbour front before land reclamation and is a replica of the tower of Londons Vauxhall Bridge.

We walked through the town to the various food and souvenir markets. The fish market was in full swing early in the morning but it was becoming really hot by midday and it was time to move to higher ground away from the smells.

Guess what, there was even a Hindu temple to visit!!!!

We took a bus up to the Mission Station for views across the island. The Capucin Mission ruins are a former school for the children of freed slaves. Huge sandragon trees line the avenue to the Mission.

Going down to the other side of the island are the tea plantations.

The west coast is reached at Port Glaud and from there we crossed back up into the hills by Chemin la Misere for views back into Port Victoria.

We ended up in the Botanical gardens, they seem to have these in every destination like temples.

The gardens were home to the coco de mere (largest nut) palms and typical plants of the Seychelles.

The giant Aldabran tortoises have an enclosure here, there are also fruit bats to be seen.

As usual with these tropical countries, it starts to rain early afternoon and this place was no exception.

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