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11th January 2022

Hi, I’m trying to contact Johanna. I found an obituary. Is it Johanna from Mosman Park? Thanks, Leif
18th February 2022

Unfortunately it is my cousin Johanna who sadly passed away last October
3rd March 2020

At Marteen
Hi Al, we were here last Wednesday on a Princess cruise, it rained half the day but we managed an island tour with a brilliant local guide. Best wishes Emma, Dave, Sue and Matt
From Blog: St Maarteen
24th January 2020

We love St Lucia - stayed there three times!
From Blog: St Lucia
25th January 2020

St Lucia
Never enough time!!! Hope your all well
From Blog: St Lucia
12th January 2020

Good luck
Hope you make Barbados. We missed out on that stop in 2018 due to bad weather.
19th January 2020

We had three and a half days here, should have been 2. Med emergency. Too busy - 6 ships at one stage
24th March 2019

Just read your note today 24th when got Wi-fi signal in India. We’re on overland excursion to Taj Mahal from Arcadia on 2019 world cruise. Will just miss you in Dubai but hope you are well . Dudley and Nicky. Ps I’ve discovered an excellent new blog Find Penguins. Very easy to use and very good - using it for this trip!
23rd March 2019

I you two hope your in good health, your right the old Queen looks good.
From Blog: The QE2 returns
22nd March 2019

Should be interesting seeing what has been done to the old Queen!!!
21st March 2019

Dubai Delights!!
I thought you guys didn't fly?????????? Obviously luxury stays require some sacrifices!!!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic time. Catch up with you in the summer perhaps. Phil & Hilary
20th July 2018

Similar walk
Hi. We also enjoyed the long walk to Tivoli Gardens. Lots of fascinating buildings to see. also the picture of the mermaid.
15th April 2017

Greetings from the Bahamas
Hello mate our wifi has been a bit sparse and expensive but we have just hearing back to Baltimore after doing Charlestown , Port Canerval , Miami and Nassau , but the we could tender at the private island as the swell was to big . I think are only a handful of us Brits amongst all the very large yanks ! The one guy had 3 puddings ! We are on the Grandeur of the seas . Enjoy NZ , bye
9th February 2017

Ashore again
Eleven mile walk ! Well done. Pictures are great.
26th January 2017

Cabo San Lucas
We've been to the beach at Cabo which was absolutely packed, so hot that the parasols were touching each other to create cover but again enjoyed.
26th January 2017

Lovely to see the sun and beautiful blue skis, I'm so fed up of the cold here and Bob is suffering with his chest so can't wait until we're off to Singapore next month.
26th January 2017

We went through the canal a few years ago and saw the gates for the new section, great experience.
1st January 2017

New Zealand
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures Al, we're cruising out of Singapore next month for 3 weeks get away from this cold miserable weather. Keep posting - Happy New Year x
29th April 2016

Never made it to Darwin or Cairns so need to go back. Absolutely loved Whit Sunday islands and have to say the best beaches we've come across in the world so always good to go back - maybe next year!
16th January 2016

Rough seas!
It would appear that you don't have a lot of luck with your initial crossings........... Hope things are a lot calmer now. Enjoy!
2nd February 2014

Great pictures!
Hi both, following your route on the map with interest. Worcester remains underwater ! Your pictures add a dash of colour to our grey, wet winter.
12th January 2014

So whats it like at dinner, is the boat really moving around, and are the plates and wine glasss moving around ? When we came round the BAy of Biscay it was a bit choppy, but you could not really feel it. At least you have some blue sky ! Bye
2nd January 2014

Do you need a ladies maid and a valet?????
2nd January 2014

Full steam ahead
The length of this trip seems to be achieving all of our goals - ie "take the rest of your life off" Sounds fabulous, dead jealous, enjoy it you two. Jeremy
1st January 2014

Please add names of countries. Some place names mean nothing!

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