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Funny to say which President Travels the Most. As of right now, Donald Trump has been the least traveled presdietn of the United States. I was very shocked he only went to Panama, St.Martin, Unitetd Kingdom including Scotland, Singapore, Albania, I mean President Abraham Lincoln only did his campaign in Illinois, Midwest States of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee in 1800s because at that time flights were not invented until Amelia Earthart came around in 1912 and flew around the world. PS My flight I'm doing this year is almost like Amelia Earthart's route she did when she was around.... read more

This morning we arrived in Cochin (Ko-chin) or Kochi, India. I could tell Craig wasn’t really thrilled to be here. We left the ship and went through a very bureaucratic procedure of Indian customs. They love paperwork and rubber stamping – thanks to the teachings of the Dutch and English centuries ago. It was hot but thankfully a dry heat. We waded through the offers of Tuk Tuks to get outside the pier gates. We had no plan and were going to start walking the 7 kms into town. Upon leaving the pier gates we were faced with a swarm of taxi and Tuk Tuk drivers. We hadn’t got very far and we were approached by a driver who offered 3 hours for $5, so we got in his Tuk Tuk. The driver’s name was Anas. ... read more

PORT VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES - 11th April The Seychelles consists of over 70 coralline islands and 42 mountainous granitic islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. Victoria, the capital is on the granitic island of Mahe. With its tropical climate it produces lush countryside with exotic flora and fauna. Tourism is the main source of income. The focal point of Victoria is the Clock Tower, approached down Independence Avenue. It was erected in 1903 when the Seychelles became a Crown Colony and was no longer linked to Mauritius. The Tower used to stand at the harbour front before land reclamation and is a replica of the tower of Londons Vauxhall Bridge. We walked through the town to the various food and souvenir markets. The fish market was in full swing early in the morning but it was becoming ... read more

Happy Mother's day to all you mummies back at home. Had a brilliant time in the last two ports. Mauritius and the Reunion island. Yes Stevie that is near Madagascar. We arrived in Mauritius on Friday,travelled over land through the sugar cane plantations and boarded a Catamaran which took us around the island where we saw the white sandy beaches and swam in the warm blue seas of the Indian ocean.Reunion Island was beautiful too. We visited the city and travelled in the heat which is still 30 plus. Now back on the high seas on our way to South Africa.It's a hard life but someone has to do it. Xx... read more

CRUISING THE INDIAN OCEAN EN ROUTE FROM KOCHI TO GOA. Saturday 17 March, 2012. Another day at sea and more of the same. M went to craft class in the morning but didn't make the Sun Catcher on offer. Instead she used the time to finish her painting on silk cards and to get her memory book up to date. D went to the Syria and the Arab Winter lecture which he found disappointing, although he enjoyed the 'Can you live without a Container?' lecture later in the morning. After lunch there were exhibitions of the watercolour paintings and all of the items that had been made in the craft sessions. As M had been to both classes and had watercolour 'masterpieces' on show as well as her newly completed silk paintings, memory book and jewellery ... read more
Our Table with Jonny the Waiter
Craft Exhibition
Snow Scene Paintings

Hello All, This is my introduction to my travel Blog! This will be my first time overseas (or out of the country more like). I got my first passport (i look like a serial killer) and all my first time travel documents. So to fill you in; we (my boyfriend and i) will be travelling from Perth, Western Australia to Singapore and then onto Malaysia/ KL. We plan to stay in Singapore for about 3 days then we'll train it to KL for about 6 days, then back to Singapore to fly home. I must say as part of my first time travelling out of Australia i took everything into precaution. I did my research on the net & asked heaps of questions. I have learnt a great deal of info but i guess the true ... read more

This Hand Wants Another Beer And Other Personifications Oct. 5, 2008, Indian Ocean, about 1,000 miles east of Mauritius, and 1,000 miles west of Cocos Keeling Part 1 “The cabbage prefers to be peeled first, then cut. Rather than cut first,” Norfy yelled to James, who was preparing dinner down in the saloon. ”Gotcha,” James replied. On Yacht Cleone we are always trying to extend the life of our fresh vegetables before they go bad and have to be thrown overboard. “What?” I said. “The cabbage doesn’t have an opinion. It doesn’t want or need or prefer anything.” “Sure it does,” James yelled up to Norfy and I, as we sat in Cleone’s cockpit. “Alex, you just don’t speak cabbage.” “True, I don’t speak cabbage. But what I can say is that I didn’t hear the ... read more

The Rip Sept. 28, 2008, Direction Island, Cocos Keeling, Australia I sat on the dulled and polished coral that had been washed ashore on the southern-most tip of Cocos Keeling’s Direction Island. I looked out to sea to get a glimpse of what I was getting into. A procession of well-armed waves crashed on the break. The waves rolled over the coral and sand and picked up steam as they funneled into a narrow strait between Direction Island and Prison Island to the south. The idea, albeit, probably not the safest I’d ever heard, was to put on a mask, fins and a snorkel and kick your way out into the main artery of the channel. The current would take one on a short and fast ride over a deep coral canyon, giving us some incredible ... read more

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