Published: September 3rd 2010
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Hello All,

This is my introduction to my travel Blog!

This will be my first time overseas (or out of the country more like). I got my first passport (i look like a serial killer) and all my first time travel documents.

So to fill you in; we (my boyfriend and i) will be travelling from Perth, Western Australia to Singapore and then onto Malaysia/ KL. We plan to stay in Singapore for about 3 days then we'll train it to KL for about 6 days, then back to Singapore to fly home.

I must say as part of my first time travelling out of Australia i took everything into precaution. I did my research on the net & asked heaps of questions. I have learnt a great deal of info but i guess the true knowledge will be after the holiday.

It’s actually amazing how the little things can truly matter. For instance: taking a light suit case. You want to be able to take as much as you can within your 23kg limit back home so the weight of the suit case is very important.
Also pack light! It's amazing what you think your actually need compared to what you actually use. I'm taking my holiday's worth of underwear and then 2 sets of everything...and that's it. Hey, we'll be in SP & KL...the shopping capital lol

Also i did my security checks. I photocopied all my travel documents and emailed them to my parents. I also BCC-ed them to myself, you never know when you might need them!

Also my dad told me about some simple things that can make all the difference, like beating the 5pm traffic back to the hotel and to take a hotel business card with you in case your foreign language is a little rusty.

All n all i must say that I’m extremely excited and nervous at the same time.
I'll keep my blogs up-to-date on my IPod Touch and i'll report back when i fly out!

♥ Michelle
PS: this is gonna be awesome :D


4th September 2010

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