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March 31st 2018
Published: April 3rd 2018
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During the night I could feel the sea had gotten a bit choppy. Craig and I decided that with all this food we had better exercise so we were up at 7am and went to the gym to discover that everyone else had the same idea and there was no equipment left to use. Undeterred we decided to go outside and walk around the ship (L7&8 outer deck). There was plenty of people doing that too but you can do laps around the entire ship, so that is what we did and joined the grey masses (3 laps = @ 1 mile). The sea was choppy with approx. a metre swell, this lasted the day. Throughout the day we met different people and chatted to them. It’s amazing what you can learn about people in a short amount of time. We knew that the cruise placed a gratuity charge per person per day which by the end of the cruise was going to cost us another $1500. After some advice from regular cruisers’ we found ourselves at the Reception Desk having this charge taken off our account. The coffee on-board to purchase is “<em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">disgusting and undrinkable”, so disappointing for a coffee lover as myself. Space to just sit and read is a premium and once positioned the grey nomads will sit there for hours. We filled-in our day and then our ritual of getting ready for dinner and a show. Tonight we watched a hypnotist make travellers do funny things and then watched a singer/entertainer who is well known in the UK. We are back to our room usually by 2130 as doing nothing all day is quite exhausting!


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