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Oceans and Seas » Indian December 29th 2010

Afrika baigesi, prasidejo salynai. Pirma stotele – Madagaskaras. Galimybes islipti i kranta neturejau, nes nebuvo laiko, labai trumpai uoste pabuvom ir isplaukem toliau. Bet pirmas ispudis tai buvo – wau. Kai uzlipau ant atviro denio apsidairyti aplinkui tai nustebau. Kadangi i pati uosta iplaukti negalejome, tai inkara ismetem salia uosto, o norint islipti i kranta, vis kartas nuo karto plukdydavo nedidelis musu laivelis. Vos tik mes sustojom, pradejo rinktis vietiniai, vienas po kito su tokiom idomiom valtim pilnom bananu, ranku darbo suvenyru, prie musu slinko juodukai. Kai pazvelgiau zemyn nuo atviro denio, visi kaip isproteje eme saukti „money money money” (pinigai, pinigai, pinigai). O musu laivelis, kuris kele i kranta, buvo apsuptas tu isprotejusiu vietiniu, visi bruko savo suvenyrus ir prase pinigu. Kita stotele arciau civilizacijos – Mauricijaus sala. Cia viskas norm... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea November 3rd 2010

Day 1 It was a long day of traveling but we have already had e-mails from our scouts (Patricia & Carol Hall) that all is well and the hotel, guides, etc. are excellent. We were sure lucky to get in contact with these guides through Bill and Mary Cunningham. They are three brothers who are excellent artists and guides and drive to make a living. Everyone in Bali is either royalty or an artist. When the Muslims forced the Hindus out of Java the artistic and royalty went to Bali in the 16th and 17th century. I left yesterday and went through LA and then had a 13 hour flight to S. Korea. I will be meeting Paul Martin, Linda and Patt here in Seoul and then we will get to Bali just after midnight. Korean ... read more

Hello All, This is my introduction to my travel Blog! This will be my first time overseas (or out of the country more like). I got my first passport (i look like a serial killer) and all my first time travel documents. So to fill you in; we (my boyfriend and i) will be travelling from Perth, Western Australia to Singapore and then onto Malaysia/ KL. We plan to stay in Singapore for about 3 days then we'll train it to KL for about 6 days, then back to Singapore to fly home. I must say as part of my first time travelling out of Australia i took everything into precaution. I did my research on the net & asked heaps of questions. I have learnt a great deal of info but i guess the true ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 4th 2010

After Bangkok, the pace slowed a bit and we made 2 stops in Malaysia before entering the Indian Ocean. Malaysia is an interesting country, much more developed than you might think. As we drove to Malacca, the freeways were as modern as any in Southern California and the residential homes and condos visible from the road could have been anywhere USA. Malacca was full of Dutch influenced buildings, antique shops in a section known as Jonker Street, and a combination of Christian churches and Islamic mosques. Our other stop in Malaysia was the island of Penang where we did a spice tour. We walked through a garden of nutmeg, clove, ginger, palm trees, pineapple plants, and flowers later ending the tour with a cooking demonstration of a delicious Malay chicken curry dish. During the next ... read more
Pirates Fire on Navy Ship Near Seychelles
Mallaca, Malaysia
Cooking Demonstration

Oceans and Seas » Indian November 6th 2009

After a long delay we are now back on the Blog, safe and sound. The voyage from Safaga to Goa harbour took us a total of 14 days, which is certainly a long time but on the other hand, one of our lives' most interesting fortnights. In the last hour before departure from Safaga all passengers were briefed on the security threats facing the ship in the Gulf of Aden and give the opportunity of leaving then, and the option of rejoining in Goa for the rest of the crossing to Phuket. No-one took these options but it did leave us intrigued and unsettled. While we were in Luxor the crew had skirted the ship with razor wire and a 2000V electric fence. During the first 2 days of the voyage other measures were temporarily enacted ... read more
Protective measures 1
Protective measures 2
Enjoying the bow nets for the last time

Oceans and Seas » Indian September 21st 2009

I very recently went on a cruise around the Indian Ocean and it was quite amazing. We (me and my older sister) started out in Port Eliza on the south coast of Africa, but not before taking a chance to check out Cape Town and the incredible table-top mountain. The mountain is one of those place that looks great on TV and then when you actually get to see it live, it completely blows your mind with just how big it is and how great the atmosphere is. It’s somewhere I think I need to go back to as it was all a bit of a blur. The cruise first stopped off at Tulear in Madagascar which is so green and luscious, as well as boasting some pretty nice beaches as well. Sadly we didn’t get ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Andaman Sea June 20th 2009

Our first day in the beautiful Phi Phi Islands was spent scuba diving. Diving was the primary reason for our travel here, and we had planned to join in on some local dives around the islands. Upon our arrival we were informed that for the last nine days, divers had sighted both whale sharks and manta rays at a dive site far offshore. It was two hours out into the open ocean by speed boat, and therefore the trip had a significantly higher cost; and there was no guarentee of a sighting, but chances were good. What an exciting possibility! We decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and joined the trip. After arriving an hour early because we forgot to change our alarm clock to the correct time zone, seven o'clock ... read more
Manta Ray
Whale Shark

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 6th 2009

PP: 24th April 2009: Nothing much to see yesterday or the day before, apart from when we passed through the strait between Yemen and Djibouti. We could see both sides, but fairly barren. Then we entered the Gulf of Aden and ship security was upgraded. From there until past the island of Socatra (off the “horn” of Somalia) we are not allowed outside on deck, no lights showing outside at night (apart from minimum navigation lights) and regular reports to task force warship HQ. All eastbound and westbound ships are timed to be in various bunches within this area at similar times, and task force warships have helicopters for quick response if called. The watch on the bridge is trebled for the time being. We also had a drill the day before yesterday to ensure we ... read more
The Captain & Chief Engineer discussing.
PP & John the Pom - being noisy!
Birthday Boys.

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Red Sea April 13th 2009

Suez The canal - from the Red sea to the Mediteranian. This was a fascinating journey - A convoy of big ships sailing up this narrow strip of water at a very slow speed. It took us all day to go from one ocean to another. The banks were so different, The port side was full of towns villages and green vegetation, the starboard side was stark desert, as far as the eye could see. All over the left bank were military posts, and floating barges ready to float and create pontoon bridges. Tanks and other heavy and light cannon were dotted all the way up the canal. On the right bank there were lookout posts with soldiers that looked as if they were out in the desert for to long on their own. Some of ... read more
suez (1)
suez (2)
suez (3)

Oceans and Seas » Indian March 12th 2009

Sorry, it's been a while. I've had this miserable cold for the past week and haven't felt like doing much at all. Luckily, we've been "At sea" since last Thursday. So I'll try to catch things up. Freemantle was lovely. An old fashioned city just an easy walk from the ship. We arrived very late in the afternoon (the first time we have been late!) so I was only able to walk into town and wander around for a while. They have lots of nice shops and one very good department store, Myer. Another Target, too. The next morning mom and I took the shuttle bus to the train station and took the train up to Perth, about 15 miles away. It was a beautiful sunny day, about 80 degrees. The Perth station is right in ... read more

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