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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin June 17th 2006

This morning the car was packed to capacity. Along with mine and Helen's stuff we were also taking Lou and Bill up to Darwin and they had a lot of stuff. We packed it all in and headed off for the final three hour trip to the top. With every mile north we went the temperature went up and up. Just before we got to Darwin we stopped off at the Aboriginal Art Gallery and were treated to a display of snakes, crocodiles and lizards. Before I had the carpet snake wrapped round my neck I wash assured that it was not going to bite me. The 2 foot long Blue Tongue Lizard on the other hand was very capable it biting but was apparently docile in the heat and didn't mind being picked up!! After ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island June 17th 2006

Just thought i'd share a few pics from my birthday with you all! Sarah and Sean decided that they'd surprise me and have a cake made and it was yummy considering all we'd been eating was rice & bread! Mama and her team spent all day baking it and even had to get the ingredients and candles from the main land. As you can see we had a big table of friends by the time the cake was ready ;o) ... read more
the table was all decorated in beautiful flowers for me
sarah and sean
Roxy, Craig, Beth, John, Gemma, Darryl, Sean, Sar & me

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru June 17th 2006

We motored on, (it's a fair distance from Alice to Uluru you know!), and finally arrived for our days walk around King's Canyon, taking in the Lost City domes, the Garden Of Eden and the Winds walk. I had had high hopes for this place as people had told me it rivals Uluru in 'spectacularness'. The 'difficult' 3 hour walk was a piece of piss and 'Heart Attack Hill' a mere Hobbit hole of a mound. Though the canyon itelf was pretty large and contained some fantastic geology, I wasn't all that impressed. Driving, post-walk, we reached our destination: Ylara 'Resort'. It's a funny place, a bit like the Milton Keynes out of town car park just off the M1, built soley as accomodation for the Uluru sightseers and hostpitality workers. During the drive the whole ... read more
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

Oceania June 17th 2006

Pour se mettre dans l'ambiance de la coupe du monde, nous avons decide de jouer les prolongations a Bondi... C'est chaque fois pareil : on se dit "alle, on ne reste que deux ou trois jours", et puis une fois qu'on est a Sydney, il y a un "quelque chose" qui nous retient. Pourtant, le beau temps n'etait pas specialement au rendez-vous. Plutot frois, et pluvieux la moitie de la semaine. Mais les tables de billard nous attendaient au Bondi Hotel... Rien de bien particulier a raconter, si ce n'est la premiere lecon de surf de Sandra, les soldes ( J'en ai profite pour acheter le cadeau d'annif de Claire!) , et un piercing... ( Ca fait longtemps que j'y pensais .. c'est joli.. un piercing dans le nez.. ) Et oui, il fallait bien se ... read more
View of New Castle
A taste of New Castle
One of the numerous great places of Nambucca Head

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands June 17th 2006

From Kiwi to Ozzy So...............after six weeks of mountains, lakes, volcanoes, lots of 'new best friends' & was time for AUSTRALIA!! We flew straight to Cairns from Auckland, this would be our final trip with George & Tom - who we have been travelling with (on/off) since Los Angeles. Cheryl, my second cousin, met us at Cairns Airport at 12am, then we drove over the windey Karanda range into Mareeba (Tablelands), this would be our home for the next three weeks, an' it were proper lush too... Our room decor was mainly Japanese & Chinese Silks and Linens, with many other collectors clothing and artifacts - this definately beats a twelve bed dorm with 'funky' sheets!! Through the kitchen you step out on to a huge Veranda that is built high into the trees, overlooking ... read more
Cheryls Veranda
Milla Milla Falls
Driving around the Tablelands...

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga June 17th 2006

WOW............... This place is amazing. Some of the clearest blue water i've ever seen and white sand. Just stunning. Arrived in the Cooks and were picked up by our transfer truck to head to Vara's Beach Backpackers. Ky and I took the option of sitting on the back of the pick up truck with all the luggage, good way of enjoying the sunshine and seeing the sights. We had a week of lazing in the sun (when it was out) and met some really nice people in our accommodation called Drew and Becky who we spent many evenings chilling out with talking about travels. The Cook Islands are full of beautiful beaches and we were based on one of the most beautiful - Muri Beach. Our first day we were really tired and the time difference ... read more
Our accommodation

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast June 17th 2006

Hello every body, sorry you haven't heard from us in ages but fiji has proved to be quite difficult in finding internet that works ok. Most places are still on dial did we cope with that back in the good old days ha ha!! Well back to business, we spent our last few days of New Zealand in Christchurch where we managed to escape the snow. We said our farewells to Twiggy-the old girl did 6200km with us!! We were really surprised how far we drove. We loved twiggy, although we loved the wicked vans too, she was easier to live in and we didn't ever wish we were in a hostel instead! Next stop Fiji! We had to take a short internal flight back to Auckland to catch our international connection. We checked in ... read more
Beach days
Tubakula Beach
Tubakula Resort

Rottnest Island - or Rotto, as it is known with typical Australian brevity - lies off the coast of Fremantle and is famous for its large population of quokkas. Quokkas are small marsupials with rat-like features, and the Dutch sailors who named the island initially thought that they actually were rats hence the island's name, which is from the Dutch for "rats' nest". Rotto's accommodation was undergoing some major refurbishment so I was forced to stay in a cabin rather than a dorm. The cost wasn't prohibitive but it did mean I had more beds than I needed - though if I'd had the foresight to plan a sixsome then everyone would have had their own place to sleep afterwards. The journey there involved catching a ferry to Fremantle then changing to another one for Rotto. ... read more
Sparkling sea

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island June 17th 2006

Sorry for our absence of posts in the past few weeks, but we have been either busy or on the road unable to find any internet. So we’ll try to sum everything up here. The past week was spent driving around the northlands, the area north of Auckland, prior to that we spent a few more days in Auckland and got the car all ready for the trip. So we’ll just jump right to the road trip. We first stared by taking a weekend trip to Julie and Monique’s parents beach house in Algies bay, just about an hour north of Auckland on the east coast. The bay was really beautiful and their house was great with mandarin trees right in the backyard. The first night there we went to the bar to watch the All ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia June 17th 2006

Saturday 17th June to Wednesday 21st June 2006 Gorge Walking and Swaggin it... Day 1: Exmouth to Karijini National Park Hurrah! I get to leave Exmouth!!! Double Hurrah! Next thing to mention is 'Lucky' - no not the insurance dog or a Bay - a Kangaroo this time! Yup my tour group includes a joey... On the way up to Exmouth the tour bus stopped to move a dead Kangaroo from the road only to find a living joey in the pouch! So if you see me or others holding a pillow case - well that's the fake pouch!! Nothing like a cute little joey to put a smile on your face and make you forget Exmouth (I did not particularly take to the place!!). Sadly it didn't last long... ...the gear change broke... then a ... read more
Oops the wheel is missing...!
Me et Van
Hammersly Gorge

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