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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra August 15th 2006

The next leg of the trip north was in a more serious 4WD truck and once over the Fitzroy River and on to the Gibb River Road, you could see it was going to be needed. A new trip and a new group of people in the main - the majority eventually being referred to as Team France. The sealed road ends at the unfortunately named, Derby and then it was on to Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge. It was for many the first sighting of crocs - a good photo opportunity with the freshies, not to be repeated with the salties further north. The Kimberley is apparently the size of Germany, but with a population of only 30,000. However at this time of the year, there were also plenty of the grey nomads on the ... read more
Bungle Bungles
Windjana Gorge
Bungle Bungles

Oceania » Australia » Queensland August 15th 2006

We spent a few weeks just taking our time crossing the Savannah Way, we planned to continue on from Normanton through to Bourketown then on to Darwin but, the last Cyclone had impacted on a number of the roads so the crossings of some creeks was impossible for us in our truck. The alternative was to detour 450 kilometres down to Cloncurry where we could again head west to our destination. With all that set in stone we headed to Normanton for lunch then on to the Prawn capital of Australia as we were not going to pass these two up if we were being diverted, The purple pub is the main attraction of Normanton and to sit and have lunch and watch the thousands of Victorian caravans pass is amazing if not a little scary ... read more
The Camel Humpy
Karumba, Normanton River

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula August 15th 2006

So I’ve finally left the West Coast after over six weeks, collectively, of changing beds, scrubbing showers, cleaning the rainforest and, in Lisa’s more insane moments, hoovering the rocks!! Actually I’m quite sad to have left the place I’ve by far spend the most time in since I arrived in nz. Te Nikau was an amazing place to be, I meet some great, and some very, very weird people. I don’t think there is anywhere quite like Punakaiki and I can think Lisa enough for putting up with me for so long! Enough of the Oscar speech, and back to the travel writing, events of the last few weeks in Puni include. Convincing Jo that she really wanted to kayak up the Pororari River - this was great fun despite the fact that it was more ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo August 15th 2006

Tuesday 15th August 2006 On our way out of Rotorua to Taupo, we stopped off to do rafting and sledging. I had done rafting before, so even 'the highest (7 metre drop) commercially rafted waterfall in NZ' didn't tempt me - I went and tried sledging. Sledging is basically throwing yourself down the same white water river, but instead of being in a raft or kayak, you go down in a wetsuit and with a 'sledge' in front of you. This basically looks like the front half of a kid's plastic snow sledge... Oh and you wear flippers to help you fight the currents... It was really challenging to keep swimming against the current. The other guy I did it with was a semi-professional swimmer - so he made me look really bad!! :-( It was ... read more
Me surfing my sledge...
Me in yet another silly outfit...
Do it for your country!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 15th 2006

Following the stress of Melbourne, we had loads of time at Sydney airport. I had wanted to go to the Powerhouse Museum, but didn’t because of time; although in fact I would probably have had time after all rather than wasting it in an airport. The final destination for the flight we were on was Heathrow, going via Hong Kong, however all these new security measures didn’t seem to make much difference in Sydney. The check-in was completely empty, which was a surprise given that it was a Virgin flight and their dodgy check-in queue, which stressed us so much in Melbourne. It was unbelievably hot in Hong Kong – probably hotter than anywhere we had ever been before. We got straight in an air-conditioned taxi and went to our air-conditioned hotel.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Airport August 15th 2006

Im sitting here at the departure gate of Thai Airways relaxed but still red in the face from a worrying moment. I woke up today and realized, 'shit, im going to Thailand!'. I spent the day tying up loose ends: getting money for a cab, getting a haircut (so I wouldn't have a mop on my head in the Thai heat), picking up shampoo. You know, all those good things. On my way home I stopped by a hostel and booked a shuttle to the airport. I got home, cleaned my room, relaxed/read and wrote a few emails. After packing it was time to get food and hop on the shuttle. The driver ran over to me in a huff (obviously running late) and grabbed my bag as he directed me to jump in. There were ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka August 15th 2006

Finally! Finally got to do a sky dive in Wanaka at the fifth attempt, it was all quite surreal in the end, because after so many nearly attempts (including one that very morning when the plane didnt work) I dont think that i ever really thought that the jump would actually go ahead. The way that it all went ahead made it all the more surreal because within half an hour of arriving at the centre we were back down on the ground having finished the jump. I think because it was all so surreal i didnt really get nervous at any point during the whole experience. Even when i was sat on the edge of the plane with my feet dangling 12000 feet above the ground i still managed to stay calm. When you fall ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland August 15th 2006

Welcome to part two of our megablog! We thought we'd try and be clever and save time by writing two parts at the same time! So on our first full day in Brisbane we were going to go to Australia Zoo. We woke up fairly early, checked out and got on the bus at about 8.30 and drove around to pick up all the rest of the people. When everyone had been collected we got a pretty cool surprise. It turned out that our coach driver actually used to work in Australia Zoo and knew the Irwen's quite well and still kept in touch with them and met up with them occasionally. During our journey to the zoo we were regailed with stories about Steve, Terri and Bindi, and shown photos and dvd's, which made a ... read more
Ali feeding a roo
Big ol' snake

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne August 15th 2006

We'd heard a lot from various people we know about Melbourne being a "great place to live in", a "working city" or "a place you either love or hate", so we had high hopes for our visit. We were going to stay with some friends from London who'd recently moved out there so thankfully no hostels! First impressions were good - the city has a quite comfortable feel to it for someone from Ireland or Britain..despite the excellent public transport and decent weather. It feels like a UK city should had they had the chance to start again and do things right. We went for lunch in the Brunswick Street area near where our friends live...sitting outside in the middle of winter in a place which, by Aussie standards, is cold was a nice welcome to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef August 15th 2006

The skies were clear, the air was crisp and I was prepared for my heli-hike on the Franz Josef glacier by wearing four layers! I was very snug indeed... My trip started off by sizing myself up with a waterproof jacket, socks and hiking boots with attatchable spiky talons. Feeling like the Michelin Man I boarded a white helicopter where I was very lucky to get the front seat - prime window view! We took off smoothly and made our way to the glacier, passing over lush green trees and lakes gleaming in the sunlight. It was a brilliant sight going round the corner and then seeing this magnificent glacier ahead of you. It looks like a gigantic avalanche, spilling its way in the direction of the ocean. I was quite overwhelmed at how huge it ... read more
It's huge...
Ice Garden...

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