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Oceania » New Zealand May 25th 2006

Day 1 (May 22) Had a 11am flight out of CLT. My bag was overflowing so I had to leave my camping pad - hope I don't regret that. Finally got everything to fit. Elisabeth took me to the airport and I was off to Houston (2:20). In Houston I watched Yao Ming board my flight to LAX. He was surrounded by other passengers taking his picture on their phones. As he handed his boarding pass to the gate agent and turned to go down to the plane he jacked his head on the doorframe. Kinda funny. I then saw Sheldon Williams board. I got to my exit row seat and then Paul Davis (MSU) and another big guy sat next to me. Not sure his name, but he had a Final Four 2003 bag, and ... read more
Day 1

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Greymouth May 25th 2006

Well, yet again we have been up to quite a lot of different things....and yet again we have failed to find any decent internet the blog is a bit jam packed...and a bit whistle stop! Never mind, here goes.......... We have continued with our volcanic theme and spent a few days in Rotorua. You could smell this place even before you saw it....EGG!!!!!!! The whole town has a tendancy to whiff a little, although you do get used it! Its not because its a skank hole but because it has lots of geothermal activity going on with loads of gas seaping up everywhere. We took a visit to Whakawara which was a maori village set amoungst loads of cool mud pools and hot pools. They traditionally cook their food in wooden hangi boxes set into ... read more
Pohutu Geyser Rotorua
Bethan and Pohutu Geyser

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island May 25th 2006

Alright, so Invercargill. We checked into the hostel, the Kicking Kea, and got a recommendation for a good place to eat in town. They directed us to Waxy O'Sheas, the town pub. Great recommendation! I don't remember what I had, but it was yummy, and the atmosphere was fun. Very lively, as a pub should be. Daddy tried a New Zealand beer, a Pitch Black (a stout), brewed locally in Invercargill. After dinner we went back and hung out with people at the hostel. There was a group of older travelers about Daddy's age : ), a couple of guys who had just done the 12-day trek on Stewart Island, and a few other random people. The older group played a game of Scrabble, and we just hung out and watched, commented, laughed, and talked to ... read more
Halfmoon Bay
lunch spot view
creek on the way to Te Anau

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre May 25th 2006

Hey Gang Just had to get on t'internet and tell you about the great couple of days i have just had. All started yesterday when i completed my pilgrimage to Mecca... Okay so i went on the Neighbours set tour. Same difference. Got on the bus nicely painted with "Official Neighbours Tour" on the side so that everyone could point at the bus full of sad pomes. The driver kept us entertained on the way to "Erinsborough" with some music vids. Not just any music vids though - ex-neighbours star vids. We had everything from Kylie and Jason to Craig McLachlan and the twins (whose names i cant remember for the life of me). First stop was Erinsborough High School. Its actually a foreign language school but once they had the sign nicely hung it was ... read more
Harolds Gaff
The Scullys/Timmins
The street

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre May 25th 2006

Melbourne City Centre is only 135km away from Phillip Island but the last 15km through the city took as long as the rest of the journey up here. Most of Melbourne’s major roads have a tram system cutting through the middle of them and consequently they have this very strange rule that if you want to turn right you have to get into the left hand lane and wait for…. Well, wait until the person in front of you goes than then you just follow very closely behind and hope your not going to get splatted by a tram. The city centre itself does not seem as appealing as either Sydney or Canberra. Once out of the main CBD there are some nice areas. The whole city doesn’t seem to fit together very well. Throughout the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 25th 2006

Hi all! Just to let you know I'm in Brisbane now and it sucks!! Spent the first night at Vix's auntie and uncles (they have a gorgeous home and a gorgeous street cat from Hong Kong called Canton!) Now in a crap hostel............... no plates to use in kitchen- my worst nightmare- how will i eat!!!!!!!! Bought all plastic camping knives and forks and eating every meal out of a tupperware box!!!!! :) :) how funny! It doesnt help that Darren is all the way in Darwin and there is no one here to laugh at my stupid jokes!!!!!! The latest one being- - Why did the monkey cross the road? - because his bananas are on the other side! I can guarentee Darren is laughing at that now and you lot are all like "Bex ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills May 25th 2006

Sorry guys, not much to update. Been relaxing in Sydney. Tom stayed here a few nights as he came to sydney from Wollongong where his uncle lives. Went clubbing a few nigvht but have basically been hanging out with FLicko, Emily and Lucy. I got a job at rebel sport, start monday. Rebel sport is similar to sport chek back home and I'm selling soccerballs, rugby balls, jerseys and skis. I went down to Bondi to watch the years biggesgt Rugby match and learned how the game is played as I never even knew back home. I'm supposed to learn about the different leagues and teams in order to sell shit. See how that goes :s. I think I'll stick to selling skis. Friday night is a big night on the town, I'm going clubbing with ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua May 25th 2006

We've managed to get tickets for the England vs Oz rugby game in Sydney on the 11th June, so we've moved our flight to get to Oz on the 10th. Which we're all very excited about, should be pretty spiggin awesome! We're currently working in a kiwi fruit pack house and are working all hours of the day and night, have met lots of lovely people, so many different nationalities! As for the perks of the job, we get to eat as many kiwi's as we like, but we do lose out on sleep. It's been raining for a couple of days so less kiwi's to pack, so we're heading to Auckland to try and advertise selling Casper before we come back to work some more! How I love money! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba May 25th 2006

Well, I'm sitting in a computer lab now because my class was postponed an hour and noooooobody thought to tell the Carly. I had a rather brilliant idea for my next assignment in my video games class. We have to do a storyboard for a level as well as give lots of sketches and design ideas for characters, levels, screen layout...etc... Well, I can draw the other stuff ok, but I'm absolute suck at drawing people. I can't do faces :( SO! I had a brilliant stroke of brilliance! When I was at my friend Sam's house (who also helped me out a great deal with the writing of the game itself, couldn't've done it without ya mate ::huggles::) he let me make a SIMs family. Of course I made myself a hot woman married to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Maroochydore May 25th 2006

Tuesday 23. Local newspaper interview and photo. Tide racing out rippling at river mouth. Headed for Mooloolaba. Yachts aplenty. Water activity. Did I see an osprey and a gannet? Pervasive quiet on a shore looking north to bluffs and peaks. Tropical stillness. Wednesday 24. I'm starting to get a sense of being in Queensland. It was always going to be fabulous. And since my blog is intended to be brief, I'll leave it at that. Yacht race coming north, rounding the penultimate mark. Then beating in to Mooloolaba. Surfing, spruiking. Stickering the east coast. Must get to YC. Need to get up to speed. Warm climes. Good times. Cotton trees. Condos. As far as I can tell, the only industry here is happiness. ... read more

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