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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre July 5th 2006

G'day Mate ;) Since the day I was accepted into the Study Abroad program to Australia, I have been so excited to go. I never thought the day would come and sure enough, July 5th, 2006 rolled around. After packing up all of my clothes and important items we rushed to the airport (because I always wait until the last minute). As I hugged my mom I could tell she was holding back her tears. I hugged my dad, gave him the "Secret Hand Shake" (A few of you lucky ones there know how to do that), and then left for my gate. I arrived as they were boarding the plane, I didn't even have any time to call the people I wanted to call and just relax. I boarded my first flight, which would take ... read more
train station

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch July 5th 2006

Greetings from New Zealand. We celebrated our last night in Oz by going out for an all you can eat Italian. No drinking though because Mike, Will and myself had to be up early the next morning to catch our plane. There were no dramas at the airport and we reached New Zealand at around midday their time (I'm now 11 hours out of sync with home). We caught the shuttle into town and soaked up the cultural atmosphere that is Christchurch. The town seems pretty small after being in the huge urban jungles that are Melbourne and Sydney. The first thing we did (as always) was get our self booked into a hostel. The one we picked was called Base and not a bad little hostel it was too. As there were only three of ... read more
The All Blacks Are In Town
Where The Hell Are All The Pubs?
Jonny Victorious

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay July 5th 2006

What is left to tell? You may have read my blog entries describing both my day trip to Nimbin and my several days making my didgeridoo. Well, that was for the most part how I spent the majority of my time in Byron Bay. But there was also a wonderful beach, whales off the coast, dolphins close to shore, free bikes to ride and wonderful roommates to meet. Let’s start with the beaches. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the beach, partly because I was a bit colder in Byron than I would have liked and also because I spent my days indoors working on my didg. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the sun a little bit at both the main beach and Tallow beach. I prefer Tallow beach because it was ... read more
Lighthouse at 6:45am
Lighthouse at noon
Tallow Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington July 5th 2006

Hello everybody, well it's been a while since my last blog....June 10th to be precise, since then Marc has blogged about the jet boating and Um bongo gigs; an excellent nights entertainment although the players proved themselves to be rather easily distracted! An of course the shambles that was England in the world cup, beer at 8 am bonding with fellow expats was great though :) Activites of the time have involved snow quite a lot.......firstly with Sam,a good friend of mine from uni, we tried our bodies at some sledging. being resourcesful we got marc to raid Liquor King and he gallantly came up with two big stella signs for us. Endless snowball fights ensued and of course injuries, grated myside on a bad slide but you know these things happen when you live life ... read more
my bum!
Paragliding over Queenstown
the snow dance

Hi everyone - sorry for not updating this sooner but we have just spent the last 10 days down in a place called Tumbling Waters about 60km from Darwin and we've had no internet access. We've been staying in a villa on a caravan park which has been heaven after our disasterous stay in Darwin and have had a brill time. We have now had the opportunity to see the some of the real Northern Territory, red earth, bush fires, termite mounds the lot! So much so that our feet and shoes are now dyed red and our white washing has turned yellow from the bore water. Our campsite was in the middle of nowhere near a place called Berry Springs but there was a small store/bottleshop (offy)/post office about 2.5km away where we could get ... read more
Berry Springs
Crocodiles at the Park!
Mandorah Beach Hotel

Oceania » Australia July 5th 2006

I left Sydney over a week ago and have been on the road, camping and staying in cabins as I ride up the coast. The country is soooo beautiful. I could definitely live here. The people are great, super friendly and very obliging. A lovely couple took me in for the night at Tea Gardens. Highlights: The stars!!! The ocean! The kangaroos at my campsite :) Being cold at night :( Today I spent a few hours just staring at the beautiful ocean at a place called Crescent Head. Lots of surfers. The water's too cold for me though. It's surprising to see how many people are in the water even though it's their winter. Having said that today I was actually hot for the first time :)... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 5th 2006

We Arrived in Bundaberg on a tuesday and started work on the wednesday. I was picking zucchini wich is the absolute worst thing to pick. first of all they grow in short little bushes so you have to bend over all day. second of all the leaves and stuff have little thorns so your arms and legs are all cut up at the end of the day. third of all you get paid by the bucket so if you just stand around or take occasional breaks you dont make very much money. so i quit that job. Codys first job was in a tomato shed, he said it was very easy all he had to do was stack crates. my second job was packing avacodos. this was my ideal job, i wasnt in the sun, they ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah July 5th 2006

Well the four weeks in WA went so much quickly than I thought it would. Catching up with my family and friends has been great but it's gone way too quickly. I did get to catch up and Sim and I did get to be tourists at the Roundhouse in Freo .............. It was so nice to be home and go to some of my favourite places, but I really should have made the effort to see more. But with travel insurance, bank accounts, organising accommodation for when I get to the UK, and seeing people (and all those sleep-ins) there just wasn't enough time. Thanks everyone for helping me get into holiday mode (no Trevor it wasn't that hard for me) and we'll have to make sure we keep in touch. There will be lots ... read more
Shannon, Me and Jason
Mum at home
At the Roundhouse in Fremantle

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 5th 2006

in Sydney!!...this place is very cool to..its weird I keep thinking im in Melbourne again but ifv just forgotten where everything’s. Not quite sure why I think this because Melbourne and Sydney are very different. Think I still prefer Melbourne however the opera house gave Sydney alot of points!! ITS AMAZING..its so surreal looking at it..iv seen so many pictures and wanted to see this awesome building for so long that its absolutely unreal standing in front of the in my opinion, finest piece of architecture the world has ever seen. its even more awesome in real life! Bridge is awesome to. am yet to find a spot where I can get both in the pic- am guna scout around postcards and see where they go. Wanted to go to the aquarium 2day but feels like ... read more

hey! right well we started the trip early- or 4 me just an extension of the previous day! and set off to wilson's promitory! this is a beautiful national park, where we saw wild roos, several different wombats species(amber), emu's etc. this place is absolutely huge an so diverse, we started off in the plains with the animals, then ventured a little further to this stunning little bay where we saw a (snowy) wombat- not entirely sure that’s right but he was just wondering across the beach. what was so cool about these animals is that they're wild and et they let you just wonder through their territory totally unbothered by us. we then went to another beautiful reserve, where you can camp which had they most beautiful scenery- blue blue skies(also was feeling heat), mountains ... read more

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