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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 25th 2006

25th November Well summer has arrived, finally! Went to the smaller Tamarama Beach today, a lot more chilled, family friendly and less posey than Bondi and you get to it via the fantastic coastal walk from Bondi. I could really get to love this place if weekends were always like this! Last week has been a bit quiet as have been trying to save money for the whole not working in December/Jan thing, I know its a hard life.......doing something serious and settling somewhere? Putting that off till the New Year........ Did go out on Thursday night to Minus 5, an ice bar in Circular Quays, it is the same chain as the one in Queenstown, I know some of you have been there, well I was really ill when I was there so didnt get ... read more
Bondi Icebergs Pool
Hoping no big waves come...
Rock formation

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Gisborne November 25th 2006

New Zealand is the first country in the world to see the new sun each day. And in New Zealand, Gisborne is the first town and region to have the sunrise. Well, Melissa had been saying since she got here that she wanted to be the first to see the sun...and we all know what a morning person she is. So with a bit of a struggle, we had her loaded into the car for a quick 10 min drive to a perfect vantage point. The sky was just turning color as we got there and it looked like we had quite a wait ahead of us, so we were guessing as to what time we thought the sun would actually show. It was 5:30 while we were making our guess' and then out of nowhere ... read more
Our Arrival
Perfect Spot
Getting Brighter

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua November 25th 2006

Hey everyone! Sorry I havent updated my blog lately but unfortunately I lost my usb pen which had all my recent stuff on in Rotorua. So sorry. Anyway despite that i found rotorua my favourite place so far. Rotorua is its name as it is Maori for 'smelly place' as it is on an active volcano and has hundreds of natural hot pools and Mud pools smell nasty! But still there really cool. They gurgle as though they're about to erupt. After a brief exploration of the city of only 26,000, I went Mountain biking in the 'Redwoods Forest' well known to have the best mountain biking in NZ. It was amazing and I would really like to go back there! The redwood trees are massive and the scenery is special but most of all the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island November 25th 2006

Ready for a moan...... Fello travellers have been saying how amazing Fraser Island is.... hmmmm... well - i would definately dissagree, if you enjoy pissing in the bush and digging a whole in the sand to go a shit then whilst doing your business you have to watch out you don't get bitten by a deadly spider, snake or even a dingo then yeah suppose you could say it is amazing... but really - nah not my cuppa tea! We had a group of 11 people in a self drive 4x4 - 4 guys (3 Israli's and 1 English bloke) and us 7 girlies, the guys thought themselves Micheal Schumacher driving as fast as possible along the sandy beaches - which was bloody scary as we nearly rolled the car a few time and even crashed ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo November 25th 2006

1st november 2006 I finished last time by telling you I was off to throw myself out of an aeroplane and purely due to the fact that I am still here to tell you about the experience, I'm going to, so there! It was terrifying for all of about a second and a half. After that, it was simply the biggest rush of my cherished and charmed existence. However, the whole event started frustratingly. I booked for a midday pick up but, this got post-poned until four because of cloud covering the drop zone. With the Cumulus clearing during the afternoon I was hopeful of a tea time vertical traverse through the atmosphere but, despite seeing several others leave for the airfield, I got a call to say "Not today." The cloudy morning had caused such ... read more

Oceania » Australia November 25th 2006

We used this day to "regroup" before going on to Sydney. We slept in until 7 am and enjoyed not having an early deadline to meet this morning. We have a liesurely breakfast and even visit with some others at the table. We finally go out around lunch time and find a sidewalk bar/cafe. John has a cheeseburger ( it had a slice of beet on it)Marty has a chicken caesar salad. The restaurant was located on the Esplanade, the weather is beautiful. We go to Global Gosip and spend 2 hours loading pictures into the blog. Maybe we'll just do text and finish the pictures when we return to Longview. Then back to the Oasis hotel and swim in the pool -- lots of people of all ages are there. The water was pleasant and ... read more
The swim-up bar
The Sandy "beach" edge of pool
The water feature/fountian  of pool

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands November 25th 2006

Our second day of our 2 day trip ‘On The Walllaby’ started with breakfast at the lodge before an 18km bike ride throughout the surrounding country side - first stop The Curtain Fig Tree. Whilst admiring this 2 thousand year old tree Barbara (our guide for today) spotted a tree kangaroo clinging on to one of the trees, it was amazing, but no sooner had it been spotted, it was climbing down to hide from us - so no photograph unfortunately, but take it from us, it was the cutest thing you have ever seen and they are really rare to spot in the wild. Carrying on our bike ride up and down undulating hills in now 30+ degrees of heat was actually not too bad as there was a lovely breeze, so feeling quite comfortable, ... read more
Standing in the Curtain Fig
One of the lakes - just before we swam in it!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays » South Molle Island November 25th 2006

Yes thats right, I'm leavin the Molle!!! I start in Abu Dhabi in hopefully 12 days. We have been celebrating my job offer all week and getting up to some mischief... ... read more
For whom the bell tolls! NOT FOR FRONT OFFICE ANYMORE!!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin November 25th 2006

Kia Ora one and all! We hope all our friends and loved ones are well. Hope the Americaners had a happy Thanksgiving with lots and lots of turkey and pumpkin pie. We are having a belated Thanksgiving feast tonight, so preparing to burst our waistlines and fall asleep on the couch! Oh, and congratulations to Fiona and Martin on expecting their second bambino!! Well, it's been a while since our last update, mainly because we've taken a break from the hostelling and travelling, and have settled down for a few months. We have settled in Dunedin on the south east coast of the South Island, and have been here for 3 weeks now. It wasn't a place we had planned to visit initially, but I got offered a short term contract down here and now that ... read more
Christchurch at dusk
moeraki boulders

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City November 25th 2006

I have gotten the worst sunburn I've ever had in my life. And it wasn't even due to my being careless! Uninformed maybe, but not careless. My legs were on FIRE before I took Mitch's advice. (Good advice. If y'all ever have a sunburn, I've got the fix for it)! I have actual welts in the sunburn (white patches amidst all the red, burny patches). Oh, and also, still at the hostel. Danielle and I missed our train due to many factors (to put it short, EVERYTHING was against us that morning). But we're still having fun at the hostel, and we're going out to Dowerin on Monday morning. We went out to Cottesloe beach today, and to Freemantle. Great places. The market at Freemantle (Freo) was fantastic. Cottesloe beach was gorgous (and dangerous, apparently, thanks ... read more

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