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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland September 14th 2006

The joy (and sometimes the pain) of backpacking is the many people you meet in hostel dorms. My trip so far had been nut job free...that was until the last night in Sydney. I should have known the new arrival was odd as soon as she unpacked 10 pairs of shoes. No one takes that many shoes travelling - not even me! Soon after the shoes were all lined up across the room she started to tell me about the people following her trying to take naked pictures of her. I'm not sure why anyone would want naked pics of a middle aged, bad shoes wearing lady but I sympathized regardless. When she had finished talking to me she started talking to herself (in muttered tones) and it was then that I was glad to say ... read more
A rare pic with his eyes open!
Girlie show, Rotorua

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island September 14th 2006

We could not see the shuttle for the hostel we had booked and panicked a bit as the Greyhound had dropped us at an out of town shopping centre. But all was fine and we found the right bus after a phone call and some searching. The hostel we had booked was lovely: it was divided into self catering apartments. After we had dumped our stuff in our room we walked to the beach and took a stroll along it. This was the first time I have ever seen pelicans and as two of them swooped past us I did actually get a fright, they are massive and very impressive! We sat on the beach for a while just watching the pelicans and people walking past. While we were walking back along the beach we spotted ... read more
 Me at Green Lake
Green Lake
Hayley and Ian

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown September 14th 2006

Thursday 14th September 2006 We left Wanaka and arrived in Queenstown, and being adventure capital of the world, Mum went paragliding off Coronet Peak, see the video here. Again I was the one left on the ground with the camera! After that we went up the Gondola and had a bit to eat. We then had a go on the Luge, which was great fun. See the video of Mum here. Also see the panoramic view here. Back in town went to the minus five degrees ice bar for a quick drink. Nice sculptures and very good cocktails in ice glasses (good to eat and smash after drinking). It was ok, but the novelty soon wore off for me. Mind you, might have been different if not for the fact that I could only have one ... read more
Mum about to jump off Coronet Peak
Mum paragliding
Mum on the Luge

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin September 14th 2006

Apres ces trois jours intenses au Kakadu National Park et une journee de repos bien meritee (oui, c'est dur de voyager), nous avons repris la route vers l'ouest. After our wicked trip to the Kakadu NP and one day rest, is was time to head west to Western Australia! see below for the english version Premiere tache, redescendre vers Katherine, pour piquer a l'ouest via Kananurra (ou nous avons fait une petite croisiere de trois heures sur le Lake Argyle, le plus gros reservoir d'eau potable d'Australie), Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek et Derby. Qu'a-t-il bien pu nous arriver d'interessant en chemin??... Plein de choses! Dont les "bushfires". Je ne m'en cacherai pas, j'etais comme une gosse emerveillee prete a sautiller dans tous les sens. J'ai du prendre 4 ou 5 mini films des feux. It's AMAAAAAZING!! ... read more
At the border between NT and WA
Mirima National PArk (the little BungleBungle)
A cruise on the Lake Argyle

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boulia September 14th 2006

Saa var Ben (Robbies soen) og Owen (Bens ven) ellers lige forbi Bedourie i et par uger - saa vi tog paa nogle "ture" - super sjovt! Foerst til Pippigitta Waterhole - lyder lamt men var rimlig vildt lige pludselig at se vand herude! Paa vej tilbage stod den paa "sandhill-climbing" i bilen - FEDT! Anden tur gik til Bilpa Morea Claypan...det var noget af en tur derud - da der ikke var en vej derud er det ikke ligefrem et sted de fleste turister kommer til at se saa det var jo lidt priviligeret ;) En lang tur for at komme ud og se - ja INGENTING! Men det var alt for fedt - et sted der er saa stort og flat at man kan se Jordens bue - total syret - haaber man kan ... read more
Bilpa Morea Claypan
Pippigitta Waterhole
Pippigitta Waterhole

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales September 14th 2006

and so it begins......... both of my flights on the way out here were awesome!!! soo good to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep:) i missed the shuttle that was supposed to take me to newcastle so i got to find my own way here, hehe. i caught a train from central in syney which was great cuz i got to see tons of sweet grafitti and cool old buildings...wish i could have taken pictures but i will dedicate a weekend to that for sure! so yeah, haven't seen any crazy spiders yet...thank god...but i did get ambushed by a possum!! so funny, i had just opened my door and this big furry thing dropped down into the tree in front of me...scarred the shit out of me!!! you're probably wondering what the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri September 13th 2006

Day 55 Onslow to Exmouth 23/08/06 As we had had such a big day yesterday, we slept in until about 7.30am. We got up, had breakfast and packed up. We walked down onto the beach and had a look around before driving back into town. We then drove out to the Onslow Salt works and had a look at the conveyor system they use to transfer the salt to the ships. After having a look at Sunset and Four Mile Beaches we drove back into town. After Leanne phoned Melbourne to check on her mother, as she had been admitted to hospital, (Marie is okay and on penicillin) we headed back out to the Highway and south toward to Exmouth. We arrived back at Nanaturra at 11.50am, where we refueled ($183.9 Lt) and had lunch. After ... read more
Exmouth 3

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri September 13th 2006

Day 62 Coral Bay to Carnarvon 30/08/06 As we had to be at the Shopping Centre by 8.30am for the ‘Quad Bike Tour’, we were awoken at 600am by the alarm clock. We got out of bed straight away to find the tent was wet from extremely heavy dew. We quietly dressed, ate breakfast and began the pack-up. As I wanted the tent as dry as possible before we collapsed it (dried by the sun), we didn’t drop it until 7.55am. After tying the bikes on the front box, we drove across the road and parked in the trailer parking bay. Once at the tour shop, we were fitted out with helmets (we took our own snorkels & masks) and taken to the bikes. The boys had chosen the particular quad bikes they wanted the previous ... read more
Carnarvon 2
Coral Bay
Coral Bay  2

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney September 13th 2006

First of all, how sad to hear of the death of Steve Irwin. After having visited his zoo a few weeks ago I came away with the impression that all his staff adored him. Stevo will be missed thats for sure. Since my last update: I headed to Byron Bay, spending 3 wonderfully relaxing days there. In fact it was just what I needed after a hectic couple of months! Didn't do much except for sleep and chill. oh and got a bit of a sunburn as well. But it was pretty quiet there (out of season) so headed back on myself to Surfers Paradise on the Friday night to visit Pat, Dave and Cam and have a night out. Decided to head up to Brisbane the next day. I would have to head back there ... read more
Cape Byron
Cape Byron 2
Drunken Antics

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island September 13th 2006

We hit the road in our funky van and headed to the Coromandel Penninsular. First night at Hahei beach, whilst cooking in the kitchen while it rained, we met two German gals - Maike & Julia. Little did we know at that stage how much we'd see of them, which has turned out to be much fun. Next morning we went off to Cathedral cove and then on to a place known as hot water beach - no prizes for guessing why it was named so. Shovel in hand, we went off with our feet as sensors for a possible dig for hot water. A bit of exercise and some gentle testing because some spots were literally boiling and you'd melt in them, but next to them might be a cold spot, so getting the balance ... read more
Steaming rest
Valley walk

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