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January 19th 2007
Published: January 19th 2007
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I've just about come to the end of my time in Melbourne: Ive had a wonderful time and met so many good people, thank-you's go-to Curtis & Anne for their help in this.

I have walked many a mile whilst i've stayed here: I've strolled around & meandered through the back lane's of the citys' shopping districts': Gawked through the windows of Chinatowns' varied shop's: visited Vintage clothing shop's for my next T-Shirt and stepped lightly along the wooden floors of the many wonderful galleries. One of my favourite exhibition's i've seen is by an artist called Howard Arkley, it's a bit like pop-art but more cartoonie (MADE UP WORD ALERT), his exhibition has given me some ideas!: I have included a picture of his work, please google his name to see more of his work!

I went along to watch Australia V England ODI at the MCG: I sat next to 2 lovely ladies from Ballarat (a small town, near-by another small town, somewhere!), they consoled me on the humiliating 5 v 0 Ashes defeat and then went on to explain why England were going to lose the ODI's : cocky arrogance I hoped: 8 hours later
Howard ArkleyHoward ArkleyHoward Arkley

A drawing of Nick Cave by Howard Arkley, on a flag advertising the artists' exhibition.
England inevetably lost!

The Australian open Tennis was a more relaxed affair, no particular player to pin your hopes on, an A Murray was playing, But he's Scottish!

Sauntered in to watch a few games by various different players ie; Chela, Grosjean & Nalbandian but the weather was unbearibly hot(i'm wearing jeans, as it was dull and raining when I left home) so Curtis,Anne & I headed for cover underneath the beer garden parasols: watched Roddick having a warm up game: went to watch a B Becker (ger) in a doubles game, only to discover it wasn't the B.Becker of the cupboard love episode: I decided that I was going to give my full attention to one game, this was to be Patty Shnyder((8)sui) v S peng( chn), to help me keep my attention on the game I Bet $10 on Patty to win 2v0, this she made as difficult as possible by losing the first set! only kidding, M's Shnder duly obliged 2 v 0, It hasn't made me considerably richer only happier knowing that I predicted the score.

If you ever get the chance of visiting melbourne you must go to a Moonlight Cinema show: There is a film performance on most night's during the summer(weather permitting), the setting for the shows' are in the picturesque Botanical Gardens(also a must do!), the screen is set amongst the backdrop of lakes, trees and exotic plants' .
On night's with a full moon they put on horror movies! and they even have bats flying overhead! real ones!

If you like Aquariums then please stay away from Melbournes', so, so dissapointing!: go to "The Deep" in Hull instead or even better, your local Chinese Take away, and stare at their fish-tank!

As per-chance whilst I was visiting the Melbourne Musuem they happened to be showing the film " A Night At The Musuem" starring Ben stiller, amongst a miriad of many others stars( in an IMAX theatre next door) ,so I watched the film ,then pootle along to the musuem, whilst I was walking around I was half expecting the exhibits to come alive! (Just in case your wondering, they didn't!).

Well so long from Melbourne.


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manda: chelle: anne & curtismanda: chelle: anne & curtis
manda: chelle: anne & curtis

On the Pier: Near Arthurs' seat. Scruffy looking bunch!
On the beachOn the beach
On the beach

Eating fish & chips' on the beach

Picking his nose!
luna parkluna park
luna park

Luna park at night
forest exhibitionforest exhibition
forest exhibition

This is the new, forest gallery exhibit @ Melbourne musuem

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