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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin May 26th 2006

Reflections on Life Down Under Now then. Stato that I am - I thought I'd summarise my trip to the Southern Hemisphere with some interesting (or not) statistics on my trip. I'll begin with an observation that I'm sure we've all seen (to our disgust) which is the rise in petrol prices. In November 2005, when I arrived in New Zealand, the forecourt price for a litre of regular unleaded was $139. Now it is $171 - that's a rise of 32cents (23%). That's enough to make you throw-up for starters. Hard Work? You decide - Stats on 6 Months in NZ *16 Games of Futsal - won 15, drawn 1 *19 Games of 11-aside Soccer (won 15, lost 4) *2 Man of the Match Awards (yeah 2, though the second one was a sympathy vote ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville May 26th 2006

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns May 26th 2006

Final stop on my tour of Aus is Cairns. Got 6 nights here before i catch a flight home on Tuesday/Wednesday. Taking it fairly easy whilst i'm here. Today i got myself a sceneic flight over the reef and on up to Port Douglas and back down the coast. About an hours worth of flying which was awesome. Flying as low as 500 feet at times so had some good views of the reef and islands, not to mention to stunning coastline. Pics to follow. Bye.... read more
View of the Reef
View of the Reef
View overland

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Moreton Bay May 26th 2006

On Wednesday Josh, Sam, and I left Brisbane for the day to go on a tour of Moreton Island. It was amazing. We were the only people booked on the tour so the guide was basically our personal chauffer for the day, brilliant. Moreton Island is the 3rd biggest sand island in the world, and it is pretty spectacular. We started the day off by heading to the dunes and doing some more sand boarding... it was much better than last time, the dunes were bigger, boards were faster and we were allowed to stand up on them as well! We combined with another tour to go down in a pyramid, we got put at the bottom, and basically ate sand all the way down... the tour guides found it hilarious, I looked albino after that ... read more
Sand Boarding
Moreton Island

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 26th 2006

Well I am almost home and it is a bit of a tease being so close but yet still another 4.5hour flight away from all the things familiar.. but absolutely awesome to hear that English is now the first language spoken and I can understand everything around me. I had my big bit of steak and have gorged myself stupid after realizing that I REALLY did miss the food that we have back at home!.. London just doesn’t quite compare with the meat quality we have here in Australia (unless you want to spend several pounds more on organic things that really cost a fortune) and I am a little over rice and potatoes being the staple diet…as much as I do love them! My time in Sydney is pretty much time to see family and ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord May 26th 2006

Aamusta käytiin postittamassa vielä hieman tavaraa kotiin, ettei vaan jouduttais maksaan niistä ylikiloista, ku ne on niin sairaan kalliita! Sitten junalla Concordiin. Missattiin melken kaikki junat ja jouduttiin ootteleen aina seuraavaa.. Edith oli ostanu meille Australia kassit, joissa oli sisällä koalat, echindat, kyniä, avaimenperiä, magneetteja ja vaikka mitä muuta! Se oli todella mukavaa! Sitten piti tietenki ottaa ryhmäkuvia, jossa oli kaikki töissä olevat (osa porukkaa haettiin kesken lounaan mukaan kuvaan) ;) Istuskeltiin siinä sitten niiden kaa lounaalla hetki. Sit käytiin hemolla, päikillä ja palovammayksikössä viemässä pullia kaikille kiitokses sekä sanottiin hei hei! käskettiin tulla valmistumisen jälkeen takas. Ja yhdessä! ilmeisesti erikseen ei saada tulla.. ;) Sitten napattiin juna Cowaniin. Mentiin lapsia kattoon. Meidän kattominen venähti ilta ... read more

Described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, Milford Sound is an area of magnificent natural beauty. I planned my trip there perfectly to stay the night in the backpackers on shore and join one of the cruises early the following morning to explore the full 22km of Milford Sound by boat. At a relatively quiet time of year for visitors there was only myself, a traveller from Ireland, who’d been staying in the same hostel, the tour guide and the captain making the excursion! With waterfalls plunging hundreds of metres into the fiord it was all pretty spectacular, complemented with astonishing geographical facts and figures, many opportunities to take photographs of the scenery and each other, and even included a free coffee and muffin! Really the best part of the experience for me was the ... read more
Aoraki Mount Cook
Tasman River
One of the many waterfalls

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea May 26th 2006

Har delt billederne lidt op herfra...:) De her er "haj" billederne :) VILDT!... read more
Diving with sharks - A LOT of sharks!!!
Diving with sharks - A LOT of sharks!!!
Diving with sharks - A LOT of sharks!!!

We got up early for Karijini the next day and it is so beautiful…it was just amazing to walk around in this beautiful area. This is when I can see why people are obsessed by nature. Karijini National Park is the second largest national park in WA. The park has these amazing gorges they are spectacular but can be extremely dangerous. Further downstream, the gorges widen and their sides change from sheer cliffs to steep slopes of loose rock. In Dales Gorge, a stream, pools, waterfalls, and ferns contrast with the red, terraced cliffs weathered by centuries of exposure. The Park is the traditional home of the Banyjima, Kurrama and Innawonga Aboriginal people. The Banyjima name for the Hamersley Range is Karijini. Evidence of their early occupation dates back more than 20,000 years. During that period, ... read more
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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland May 26th 2006

Well... apparently it is, thats what all the promotional stuff says... i dont see any sails though!! At the moment I should be with my workmates... not that i know what they look like, who they are or where to meet them... never get a head office of travel consultants to organise anything!!! There is no way you get ANY informaton!! So while I wait for these people to come back and look for me i just sit here and wait... and wait... and check my emails Anyway... onto Auckland! I arrived yesterday, i flew Emirates, and oh! my! god!! go emirates!!! all the way!!! I was just amazed by what we got!! we each had our own screens, the breakfast was delicious (i know! on a plane!!) andit was so comfy and the staff we ... read more
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