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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau February 20th 2020

One of our unspoken rules is that the driver makes any real-time navigation decisions. Depending on the adventurousness of the driver, this can result in some expected destinations. And no, I am not currently talking about the scurrilous tale that I tried to drive us over a cliff in Spain. Our goal for the day was to follow what is known as the Great Southern Scenic Route along the south coast of the South Island, to Stirling Point, then on to Te Anau, our base of operations for the next couple of days. Stirling Point is in the small town of Bluff, the southernmost town (although not the southernmost point) in New Zealand, and the southern terminus of Hwy 1, which traverses the length of New Zealand. The southernmost point is actually Slope Point in the ... read more
Catlins Lake
Rainforest along trail to Purakaunui Falls
Purakaunui Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau October 16th 2018

Te Anua was my base for Milford Sound (luckily seen on a beautiful and sunny day), exploring around Te Anua and the glow worm caves, and a trip to Doubtful Sound (unfortunately quite cloudy but beautiful). My primary takeaways 1) this country is beautiful; 2) this country is freezing (literally snowing when I landed...quite a shock after more than a month in Polynesia); and 3) this country has the cutest lambs I've ever seen (and they like to drink from bottles).... read more
Flying over the Southern Alps
Flying over the Southern Alps
Flying over the Southern Alps

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau March 24th 2018

We have reached the furthest point of our journey, almost 12,000 miles from home. Today we travel west to Fjordland National Park. But first, Dunedin parkrun. It has its pros and cons. Con: it starts at 8 am. Pro: it’s in the botanic gardens so very picturesque. Con: it’s steep and prides itself on being NZ’s toughest parkrun. Pro: the view from the top is spectacular. Con: you have run up there twice. The old man has done no running and eaten a significant number of chocolate caramel slices since last week so I am hopeful of catching him up. I manage this on the final uphill but am too wussy on the steep, gravelly downhill and finish 5 seconds behind. We return to the hotel, shower and check out with minutes to spare and set ... read more
Dunedin botanic gardens
Dunedin botanic gardens
Croydon aviation museum

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau January 3rd 2018

Yesterday Started with an early morning cab ride to Queenstown to catch the bus to Te Anau - we drove through amazing countryside with a mad Irish guide who had many stories some of them Mauri and some of them blarney I would guess. For example the long necked sheep that are a special breed of giraffe and sheep mating !!!! or maybe they are alpaca's/lama's? Arrived in Te Anau in time for a late breakfast to find that my hotel is next to the bus station - result. Then went for a walk around the lake - not all of it as it is the longest in NZ but has lots of little Mauri stories all the way round. I ended up in a little bird sanctuary where they save birds from the islands around ... read more
fiordland mountains
Te Anue bridge
cloud formations

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau January 2nd 2018

I have been told the link on my last blog doesn't work - sorry - here are a few photos I took after the jump and my certificate - the one from the bridge over the edge I had to take with my arm over the ledge and hope as I couldn't face looking The bridge is the first ever Bungy site and is situated in an amazingly beautiful site As for me I have very bruised lower legs that are swollen and hurt when I walk (due to my jumping so badly) So walking round was a challenge yesterday... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau March 17th 2017

After a stressful moment involving a forgotten banana at Queenstown airport, we were soon on our way in glorious sunshine to Fjordland, described as NZ's largest and most impenetrable wilderness. But the journey by road to Te Anau was very smooth and yesterday we also made it easily to Milford for a wonderful cruise down the sound (technically a fjord) to the Tasman Sea. We were lucky to have one of the few dry days in the year - Milford is the wettest inhabited place in NZ and apparently one of the wettest in the world! This morning we used the hotel's bikes to cycle along part of the lakeside and visited a wildlife centre to see some of the native bird species that are difficult to find in the wild including the takahe. Sorry, no ... read more
whoops a duplicate

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau February 19th 2017

Today was not expected to be all the exciting, and it wasn't. Just a travel day that required lots of driving and a flight. I was really sad to be leaving the beautiful South Island. I really hoped the North Island could compare. We were up early again, to enjoy breakfast at a local cafe. We ate real breakfasts again with fancy coffees. Someone got some sort of coffee that looked like a giant ice cream dessert. I enjoyed a veggie quiche with a hashbrown potato. Billy had some sort of pancakes smothered in a giant pile of berries that looked amazing. After that, we drove the rest of the way back to Queenstown, dropped off the rental car and waited for our flight. We were so scared of missing another flight that we ended up ... read more
Billy's Delicious Breakfast
Linna's Tea
Breakfast Coffee... or Dessert?

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau November 15th 2016

Hello from our camper van (a camp site with wifi - who knew?!), where we have just completed nearly a week of touring over 1000km through the magnificent but currently extremely wet South Island in New Zealand. We hand back our trusted friend tomorrow, yet are still looking forward to another fortnight before moving onto Australia. Not having really been bred as a camper myself, I was a little sceptical when Vicky booked us into living in a vehicle as big as our flat's en suite bathroom for part of our trip. The inevitable rain, veruca ridden showers, luke warm dinners and limited sleep that I'd experienced on my few previous ventures had drummed out any kind of desire to indulge in the activity ever again. This didn't look set to change on our first night ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau October 11th 2016

Kiwi blog #3 Sorry I have been quiet but signal and wifi have been scarce and I have spent the last week ill with a horrible cough. The illness put paid to any high adrenaline high jinks at Queenstown but we may get time later for jetboats and the Nevis swing if we go back We finally got out of Queenstown with a replacement campervan and headed to Bluff to board the ferry for Stewart Island where we had 2 nights booked at the backpackers. The ferry trip is about an hour and we arrived in Oban and walked up the road to check in. We made a quick dash for the pub, the South Seas hotel, for an early dinner as we had to be at the dock for 7:30 for our evening Kiwi Spotting ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Te Anau September 3rd 2016

Te Anau Leaving Te Anau, it was a crisp clear morning, and unfortunately, I missed the sunrise over the lake - I'll have to remember to get up early next time I'm here! Te Anau to Gore The views were the usual spectacular views I had come to know and love. Gore We stopped off in windy Gore for a morning tea stop, and I went for a quick wander around the town. We then continued along the Clinton Highway to Dunedin... read more
Te Anau-Milford Highway
Te Anau-Mossburn Highway
Te Anau-Mossburn Highway

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