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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi January 26th 2016

Wat kan er veel gebeuren in een paar dagen. Bereidt je voor dit wordt een lang blog. Op 23 januari doen we rustig aan om de voet, die al een stuk beter is, nog wat rust te geven. Op naar Havelock, een dorpje aan het begin van de Marlborough sound. Het centrum van de groen-lip mosselen. Geen mossel gezien maar wel een kronkelende route met mooie baaien. 's Avonds hebben we een keertje bij onze cabin gegeten met een pie en een heerlijke Sauvignon Blanc uit de buurt. Weer eens wat anders en voor herhaling vatbaar. De volgende dag hebben we een deel van de 70km lange Queen Charlotte track gelopen: vanaf het eind hebben we 15 km teruggelopen. Van Ships Cove, waar kapitein Cook ooit voor anker heeft gelegen, naar Furneaux Lodge. De bootreis naar ... read more
Alternatief diner bij de cabin
Op weg naar Ships Cove
Dode bomen op de hellingen

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi November 23rd 2015

We awoke to beautiful weather...fantastic! Today was the day for mountain biking and white water rafting. The New Zealand weather gods looked down upon us and smiled. We shall give thanks by enjoying the day and appreciating the beauty before us! First thing first, back down to the i-site to purchase and sign up for our transport for tomorrow's hike. No problems there, now our day can begin. We head into the Tongarrio River Rafting headquarters and are met by our two guides, Tom and Justin. Jeff and I were the only ones signed up for the mountain biking tour that day so it was just us and the guides...sweet! It was also reassuring for me to know that I would be making a fool of myself to only 3 other people rather than more. Although ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi November 22nd 2015

Since Kristine has been writing the blog entries, all I've been doing is taking and managing the pictures. I've reached 839 in the picture count. It's time for me to memorialize some of the things I've been enjoying. First, let's start with the friendly people everywhere. Not just the locals who live here and help the tourists, but all of the people we've met. First day, when we just got into town and went to the outdoor market, we didn't have NZ cash to pay for our fruit and breads, and they didn't take plastic. The guy at the stand told us "Just take it and pay me when you get back." When we did the coast to coast hike the next day, a guy was finishing the walk going the other way. After talking for ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi March 2nd 2014

22 fev On embarque dans notre voiture louee et on s'eloigne tranquilement de la ville universitaire qu'est Palmerston North. On passe par des patelins comme "Bulls", "Mangaweka" et "Waiouru" ... avant d'atterrir a Turangi, ville reputee pour sa peche a la truite (...a la Strout que dira Marilou). C'est qu'il y a beaucoup de pecheurs a la mouche ici, cales dans la riviere claire parallele a la Highway one, caoutchoutes jusqu'au nombril et armes de leur cannes a peche paratonnerres. Next Exit: Trout Center. On pourrait decouvrir un peu plus le merveilleux monde de la mouchete si on le voulait. Mais ce n'est pas la raison principale de notre escale ici. C'est qu'il y a une marche dans les montagnes tout pres qui a la reputation d'etre la plus belle marche d'un jour de toute la ... read more
Le sommet du Tongariro
La montee du Tongariro

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi December 31st 2013

On the bus to Wellington. Once again, another first: this was my first time using the couchsurfing website as a surfer, not a host, and it has been AMAZING. I stayed with Kicki and Mike in Motuoapa (moe-too-oh-AH-pa), which is a small collection of houses outside Turangi (TOOR-ang-ee) on Lake Taupo? Their house is in a really nice neighborhood up on a hill, with a view of lake Taupo, and the neighborhood is full of kids and parks and open space. The houses are all different styles because the parcels of land were bought up by Aussies who use the place as a vacation spot. In fact, a lot of the houses are all for sale because the place didn't take off like they expected, so now they need to sell it. I was dropped off ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi February 5th 2013

Hi everyone. Our port for yesterday (Saturday) was Dunedin which has a strong Scottish ancestry. The Scots arrived about 1840 and put their stamp on a well-established Maori settlement. The town was originally called New Edinburgh. There are many beautifully preserved blue stone buildings that were built to reflect Scottish culture. Although the Presbyterian influence is strong, it wasn’t able to overcome the locals’ fondness for whisky and of course the patron saint of whisky, Robbie Burns. OK, I made that last bit up!! The photo shows Peter making a pilgrimage to the Robbie Burns pub. Keeping up with the Scottish theme we came along two bagpipers busking in the main street. One of the buskers was a small boy about 4 or 5 who was dressed up in his kilt and playing toy bagpipes alongside ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi November 23rd 2012

Hello all, The place we are staying has no wi-fi. So all I have is the library. This will be short. We are in the center of the North Island on the SW corner of the big Lake Taupo. The largest lake in NZ. Will be here for 5 days. I believe the next home stay will have wi-fi so I will be able to send some pictures. The volcano near here has had a small eruption . but so far nothing big. We will do some walks and boat ride etc. Maybe get a picture of the volcano? Happy thanksgiving to all. Be back in touch in 5 or so days God bless Lowell... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi October 5th 2011

...where was I? Oh yes "Craters of the Moon" Lots of steamy holes and weird smells basically! Then onto Rotorua where we were staying for Tuesday night. First stop Te Puia, Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley. Yes, more steamy holes (but bigger and very muddy) and more weird smells (but much, much smellier!) Rotten sulphurous eggs pervades the air and not just in the Thermal valley. After we completed the tour (and very good it was too) we carried on into Rotorua to find our hotel. Nice place but as soon as you opened the window it wasn't fresh air that came flooding in. They say you get used to it! Tha night was spent sipping a few quality beers at a place called Craft Ales. Then an excellent steak before returning to the pub just to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Turangi April 18th 2011

Wir sind gegen 0830h aufgestanden, leider hat es sowohl in der Nacht als auch beim Aufwachen ziemlich geregnet. Ist allerdings im Laufe des Vormittags besser geworden. Nach dem Aufstehen hab ich mit einem Finnen geplaudert, der hinter uns geparkt und geschlafen hat. Ist so wie wir in der Nach zuvor auch mitten in der Nacht mit der Fähre angekommen. Gegen 10h sind wir in die Stadt gefahren und haben etwas außerhalb einen Parkplatz gesucht. Der Regen war da schon zu Ende, aber durch den starken Wind war es schon eher ungemütlich. Ursprünglich hatte ich geplant den Naturpark Zealandia zu besuchen, ein Freiluftgelände, wo versucht wird, Neuseeland auf dem Stand vor ca. 10000 Jahren zu reproduzieren. Wegen dem Regen hab ich diese Idee dann aber verworfen, und wir sind gemeinsam in die Stadt spaziert. Unser erster Stop ... read more
Neuseeland 070
Neuseeland 071

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