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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga January 6th 2010

So today is the day we have booked our bus tour to Cape Reinga. Again the sun is shining and as the lady at reception said this is a good day for it! We booked our tour with Harrisons and met the bus in Kaitaia at 8.45 am for a 9am start. Seeing Kaitaia made me feel good about our choice to stay in Ahipara. While Kaitaia was pretty much a town, granted it had a lot more shops and cafe's to offer, Ahipara was the more scenic choice with the beach right outside your front door. We stopped for a pancake breakfast in Kaitaia which was a pretty yummy start to the day. It was a very cheery welcome at reception and they were busy getting the bus ready. After a quick stop in town ... read more
Wagener Park
Rarawa Beach
Rarawa Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga December 24th 2009

Here is a photo of our vehicle - yes, we will be cozy and won't be able to throw our toys out of the cot! We have a tent and and also an awning that can go off either the side or back of the vehicle - so there you go - a 3 roomed mobile house.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga November 26th 2009

Hey! Just want to do a quick post about our day trip to the top of New Zealand before I do a blog about the rest of what's been happening with me! So on Saturday just past we got the bus at 7am to do the tour of pretty much the whole of Northland, our bus was actually a lorry, modified to get people on like a bus. It needed to be a truck cause the route is on a lot of rubbish roads, as well as a beach. So we headed pretty much straight up to the Cape, only stopping off at a bakery (top bakery in NZ - think that was a pun tbh) for morning tea and in a forest to look at the Kauri trees which are seriously old, they can live ... read more
View down to the Cape
Lighthouse at Cape Reinga

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga October 31st 2009

AK47 FOR Sale New & Unused. Orginal AK47. Current owner planned office massacre unless he got time off. He no longer believes the 'American solution' is the answer. This weapon was purchased direct from the Russian manufacturer, it is not a cheap imitation from Pakistan's North West Frontier. Owner says must sell and end use is not important, but would prefer buyer to be someone with interest in clay bird shooting or similar. Price by negiotiation. FIRST GOAL ACHIEVED Zipping down the last three kilometres to the campsite was a relief, even though the road was loose metal and windy and my concentration had long gone. For the first time since leaving Auckland I was exhausted. 90 Mile Beach had been fun, for most of the way. Within the first couple of minutes of setting ... read more
A Number 7 Iron
Gannet with Broken Wing
The Bluff in a Fresh Southerly

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga October 17th 2009

On Saturday October 17th, I had finally gone on my rescheduled trip up north to Cape Reinga- the most northern point in NZ. (There’s actually a cape that’s slightly more north, however there’s virtually no way to get there). Cape Reinga is quite amazing. The walk up to it is a winding road and all you see if the ocean to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west and a lighthouse straight ahead. Once you get to the peak, you actually see the waves of the Tasman Sea crashing into the waves of the Pacific Ocean forming an arrow type symbol. Cape Reinga is of spiritual significance to the Maori. It is believed that when a Maori dies, his soul leaves this world through Cape Reinga and ends up in Hawaiki - the Maori ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga August 15th 2009

Saturday morning I was once again up and about early as my body is still struggling to adjust to the time change. Once we were up and the car packed we went for a walk around Pahia itself. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and damp was in the air. Having wandered around the town and decided the weather wasn't good enough to go out on a boat tour of the Bay ofIslands as the rain had started and the seas were looking choppy we headed back to the luxury of the car. A quick scan of the map and we decided to head north towards the northern tip and Cape Riega. We took the coastal road up and eventually ended up in Doubtless Bay named so named courtesy of Captain Cook as in his journal he ... read more
Another view of the Bay of Islands from Pahia
Islands in the distance through the misty rain
Mussel anyone?

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga April 11th 2009

So we’ve stocked up on food, gas and petrol and then make our way north towards the northern most point of NZ. We stay one night at a campsite by the sea and next to an old house called the Subritzky Homestead (we only discovered the latter part when we pulled in to the campsite and saw the sign for the house). We had a nosey around and it’s an old homestead from 1862 which is being renovated and you can see the lovely old range still in the kitchen. I think the campsite is in the old grounds of the house as it’s well tended parkland with large old trees. After our stay there, we head further north and after a few hours, reach the top - Cape Reinga, which is so spiritual to the ... read more
Picking Shells
The Lighthouse at Cape Reinga

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga March 18th 2009

Hey All, Sean and I spent 3 nights up at the most northern point of the North Island, around Cape Reinga. We pitched our tent at a gorgeous little beach on the north east side and did day hikes during the day. Our first full day there we did a 6.5 hour loop of the north end of the cape. We were able to follow the coast line from our campsite up to the cape itself and then down a beach on on the Northwest side and across some massive sand dunes and back through the bush and onto the road to get back to our campsite. It was a beautiful (albeit incredibly HOT day). The sand dunes where the most neat part of the trek for Sean and I, although we greatly appreciated the shade ... read more
Our Campsite
Day Hike to the Light House
Day Hike to the Light House

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga March 10th 2009

English version Don't miss the videos at the bottom of the page (click url= if you want to see them all together, rather than having to click on each of them individually) and pages 2 and 3 if you want to see more pictures! As I sit in our lounge and ponder over where to start this new blog page, I can't help looking up every few seconds to look at the views from the window... and feel a strong urge to pinch myself. It's siesta time on a Friday as I start writing this and it's wonderfully peaceful; it's also rather warm so hopefully I won't fall asleep! The corrugated bit of metal you can see in the first picture is our garage's roof, the green field is a college's sports ground. The blue bit ... read more
Orewa Gypsy Fair / Feria Gitana en Orewa
Orewa Gypsy Fair / Feria Gitana en Orewa
Rob & Carmen, Shakespear Park

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga March 5th 2009

Broken Bones and we haven't left home yet !!! David ‘Broken Bones’, one of the adventurers, fell off his dirt bike a few weeks ago, while fooling around out in the forest, and broke his shoulder blade, well that was a big bugger, as it was jeopardising his adventure ride with us. After lots of physiotherapy and taking it real easy, like no changing of the babies nappy, having his wife tie his shoe laces etc. When I say “Take care out there”, that’s sort of what I mean. Anyway, he gave me a call yesterday and has been cleared by the hospital to ride with us, so that’s just great news. Also, you won't find a picture of Murray Goss, he will be driving the chase truck, his yellow local transport is a bit of ... read more
Team Kawasaki for 2009
Vina del Mar
What I leave behind

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