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October 31st 2009
Published: November 2nd 2009
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For Sale - AK47For Sale - AK47For Sale - AK47

Never Used

AK47 FOR Sale

New & Unused. Orginal AK47. Current owner planned office massacre unless he got time off. He no longer believes the 'American solution' is the answer. This weapon was purchased direct from the Russian manufacturer, it is not a cheap imitation from Pakistan's North West Frontier. Owner says must sell and end use is not important, but would prefer buyer to be someone with interest in clay bird shooting or similar. Price by negiotiation.


Zipping down the last three kilometres to the campsite was a relief, even though the road was loose metal and windy and my concentration had long gone. For the first time since leaving Auckland I was exhausted.
90 Mile Beach had been fun, for most of the way. Within the first couple of minutes of setting out, I knew it was going to be alright. The sand was hard, and a tail wind had me nudging 28 kph. The day was overcast but with the promise of sun, the gulls were screeching overhead, there was hardly a soul about and there was just enough of the unknown to provide a small sense
A Number 7 IronA Number 7 IronA Number 7 Iron

Here on Ninety Mile Beach, John was practising his technique into a stiff southerly. He reckoned the trick was to hit the ball directly into the wind, and keep it low. Otherwise it would veer off wildly to one side or the other. John said he was almost 70, and when he wasn't playing golf he ran on the dunes and cycled. He was full of energy and seemed to have a real zest for life.
of adventure - perfect.
But by mid-afternoon, I was starting to struggle. I'd been thrown from the bike, become a bit confused about the location of Te Paki Stream where I was to exit the beach and the wind was buffeting me sideways. I was also becoming increasingly uncomfortable stuck in the same riding position - no climbs or descents to break the monotony - just an endless grinding of the pedals in the same two or three gears. When I finally reached Te Paki Stream it turned out to be mostly unrideable with my load, and the last 20 k or so on SH1 was a mess of roadworks and killer climbs. My water was running low and several times I had to stop on the hills just to rest.
So when that sign to the DoC campsite at Tapotupotu Bay came up, it was a wonderful sight. The Beast and I plunged downhill as fast as we dared, and I threw the tent up in record time. We'd done 107 k. It was a cold shower to clean up, but afterwards I felt great!
The wild wind became even worse overnight, so I stayed where
Gannet with Broken WingGannet with Broken WingGannet with Broken Wing

Even if I'd managed to catch it and stuff it down the front of my shirt, it was a long way to the nearest vet and I didn't have the skills to save it. I left it flapping and struggling its way out through the breakers.
I was the next day and did domestics - washing a few clothes by hand, and sorting out my gear. And there was quite a bit of sleeping and reading and chatting to two other cyclists - one from England, one from Switzerland.
The next morning - fresh and rested - it took me just half an hour to climb back up to the main road, where I turned right in the direction of Cape Reinga. My arrival there marked the achievement of the first, small goal in my effort to ride the length of NZ using as many minor roads as possible. But there was no great sense of elation. After half an hour watching the Tasman and the Pacific beating against each other, I turned the Beast around and headed south.

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The Bluff in a Fresh SoutherlyThe Bluff in a Fresh Southerly
The Bluff in a Fresh Southerly

After kilometre after kilometre, a windswept point of land known as the Bluff stuck out into the Tasman Sea. The waves were pounding in and the seafoam looked like a churning bubble bath.
One that Didn't Get AwayOne that Didn't Get Away
One that Didn't Get Away

The sea claimed this car, as it has done to many others over the years. While the beach had firm sand pretty much all the way when I visited, on occasions there can be soft patches.
Exiting at Te Paki StreamExiting at Te Paki Stream
Exiting at Te Paki Stream

By this stage I'd fallen off the bike once and taken a battering from the wind. I was tired and the stream bed was too soft for me to ride much of it. The Beast and I struggled and there was worse to come.
Camping BlissCamping Bliss
Camping Bliss

Tapotupotu Beach - a DoC campsite a few kilometres from Cape Reinga. I rested up here for a day after the long haul along 90 Mile Beach.
Cape ReingaCape Reinga
Cape Reinga

First Goal Achieved!
Just for the RecordJust for the Record
Just for the Record

There was no sign saying leaving your bike in the carpark, so I freewheeled down to the lighthouse and the signposts.

2nd November 2009

ak-47 ?
Well done. You've covered a lot of ground in a short time. But I don't get the AK-47.
2nd November 2009

Well done, you've made it! Give us a yell and we'll sort out the chopper to get you back to Auckland. In the meantime, we're looking for ideas for Christmas features; perhaps we could do one about apparently respectable people who turn feral? Jane x ps perhaps you should have used the AK47 on the gannet?
2nd November 2009

No sand flies?
Hey Mike loving your little travel tale. You wouldn't be the first to lose it on the soft sand of 90mile. Lucky no injuries ay. Congrats on making it to the top of the island... I look forward to seeing how it goes for you at the other end. No sand flies at Taputaputa Bay? Pretty sure last time I stayed up there they actually picked me up off the ground and transported me a few meters. Hope you got a feed of eel in the Hoki. Good luck on your travels back south. Looking forward to the next fix of Feral Mike and his Beast.Choice. TB
2nd November 2009

The golfer
Hi Dad, so amazing...I saw that dude playing golf on 90 mile beach when I went for my 3 hour run there a few weeks back! He was very friendly however I did have to dodge his stray shots as I was heading towards him! xoxo
2nd November 2009

Congratluations on making it to the top! Really enjoying your blog and my parents are too, keep up the good work! :)
4th November 2009

Hi Gordon, "office massacre" - if I didn't get away I was going to stage one. Cheers, and thanks for the support.
16th November 2009

Hi Jane, sorry for the slow response. You're right. The AK 47 would have been perfect.
24th November 2009

AK 47 for sale
If you still have it, how much are you selling it for? Please reply direct.
3rd December 2009

ak-47 for sale
i am interested in the ak-47 you have for sale. How old is the gun? What price is he asking, and what make and model is it? Just email me...thanks
3rd December 2009

I beg your pardon
Does this guy really think I have an AK47 for sale?

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