Clarks from Keri


Clarks from Keri

We will be working and travelling in Australia in 2011, then travelling again in 2013.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach July 26th 2013

Forgot to tell the story of the missing dinner. At Palm Valley we had our veges and meat all prepared to cook for our meal. It was cold, so no flies were about. Just on dusk we walked across to talk to Terry and Steph for about 15 minutes, returned to our table, and the meat was gone. About 20 minutes later we saw a very cheeky dingo passing by our tent, and only 8 metres away from people cooking and the campfire. I hope he enjoyed our boerewors sausage! Finke Gorge to Boggy Hole gave us a little bit of 4-wheel driving until we reached a very sandy creekbed where we could see that another vehicle had ventured in, then backed out. Being on our own and it being late in the afternoon we decided ... read more

20 June 2013 Thanks again, Jim and Sandra for your hospitality, it was great to catch up. Kalgoorlie has really slowed down in the last 6 months, according to local business people, presumably because of the drop in gold price All topped up with fuel, food and vacuum packed meat, we discovered a half flat tyre, so fortunately Beaurepairs was around the corner. This delayed departure and we left Kalgoorlie at 11.15, with approximately 380 km to drive north on the main highway to Leonora, then Laverton. The highlight for the day was to walk around the ghost mining town of Gwalia just out of Leonora. The little, rough, corrugated iron shacks have been “restored” and look like the people just walked away yesterday. The little hall, shop, and garage are still there with tools etc ... read more
Stats for machinery
Interesting info
Gwalia cottage

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie June 19th 2013

Monday 10thJune 2013. Well, here we are back in the big west island. Our first two nights in the Midland Budget Motel were fine, fortunately we weren’t expecting anything flash, and we weren’t disappointed. The rooms though were perfectly adequate, clean and recently renovated. All accommodation is expensive here in Perth. These units were attached to the Commercial Tavern, a workingman’s pub – the only females aside from me, were the Irish bar girls and the cook (the owner’s Mum). Yes, and all pubs seem to have one - the local p*%#head, a Maori fella who wanted to serenade me with Pokarekare Ana. I didn’t let on that I knew the words, I would probably still be there! Tuesday 11th June - up and on the train into Perth and Fremantle with the early commuters, where ... read more
Home at Highbury
On the Holland Track

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri May 21st 2013

Hi All, just a blog test run as I hope to create another blog for our 2 or 3 months in Australia starting in 3 weeks starting in Perth, and travelling sort of diagonally, then horizontally across the middle!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Joondalup November 10th 2011

WARNING – this is our diary – if you experience tinges of boredom, do not continue reading. Sorry that this has taken so long - we have had other issues to deal with. Well, after being back home for a few weeks, we thought it was time to write a final blog, so here it is…. With an extra night at Tom Price, WA, due to battery issues requiring the purchase of two new batteries, which John was able to get us at a excellent price, we finally headed out to Karijini National Park. WOW!! – Murray and Chris warned us that we’d enjoy it there. We spent two full days exploring the gorges. The gorges are between 80 to 100 metres deep. Dave was dubious about his knee playing up with the steep steps but ... read more
Karijini National Park
Karijini National Park
Typical station landscape

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha September 5th 2011

24 photos here On 5 August we started driving the Gibb River Road, an iconic 4WD road that has been upgraded over the years to accommodate the tourists wanting a real 4WD outback experience and it’s good for puncturing tyres. The road is 588km long down to the Napier Downs turnoff towards Windjana Gorge. We spoke to one couple who had had five punctures! We both got through without any punctures. However Murray had to replace one set of trailer wheel bearings which involved a 300km round trip from Mt Elizabeth Station to Imintji and return, which took about 5 hours. The bloke at Imintji, about two thirds of the way through, has a business basically just repairing and fitting new tyres and repairing trailers. Camping is on stations that have basic camping to Homestay type ... read more
Lake Argyle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra August 16th 2011

Whilst in Darwin Dave and I visited the Aviation Heritage Centre where they have a fully refurbished B52 bomber on permanent loan from the American Air Force, this was the forefront of the development of the jet airliner. This bomber towers over a replica Spitfire, a Mirage Fighter and an ex-RAAF Sabre There was also a great display on the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese in February 1942, only two months after bombing Pearl Harbour. Details of the attack were kept as an official secret for 50 years, therefore most people were and probably still are unaware of the devastation and how close the Japanese were to invading our corner of the world. The raids were the first of almost 100 air raids against Australia during 1942–43. This event is often called the "Pearl Harbour ... read more
Some people just can't read!
Magnetic Termite Mounds
5m Saltie

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Borroloola August 2nd 2011

As I publish this blog, we are just leaving Katherine and heading west towards Western Australia, to visit some ex-Keri teachers in a small aboriginal settlement then do a desert track. You can check out Murray and Chris's blog at But here is an update from Borroloola to Darwin with 20 photos..... Crossing into the Northern Territory was celebrated with photos under the sign. To the unobservant the landscape seems repetitive and may be boring. But there are subtle changes all the time, and there is plenty of beauty in the bush. Our first stop to buy groceries and beer was Borroloola, an aboriginal town 1000km south east of Darwin, The groceries were no problem, although pretty short on fresh fruit. Enquiring about beer, the beer is sold from 2.30pm onwards. Consequently, quite a few ... read more
Better top up
Typical Savanah highway
Freshly shot buffallo

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka July 6th 2011

As it’s been so long since our last blog, we’ll split this into two parts. Part 1 – Mt Isa to the NT border BTW - I've put 15 photos on here, so if they don't show, keep scrolling down. They can be enlarged by clicking on them. If you'd like to read Murray and Chris' blog go to: Our five days off to travel to Gregory Downs and Boodjamulla Lawn Hill NP proved to be a great experience. We travelled north from the Barkly Highway up towards Gregory Downs, pulling off the road down a track to the Gregory River. This river is spring fed so is turquoise, lovely and clear (unlike most Aussie rivers), and the fish swim with you, just out of reach. A visit from a large bull coming down to ... read more
Ribs for dinner
Flood proof

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Camooweal May 25th 2011

May 2011 - We’ve been here at this 220000 acre cattle station in Western Queensland for nearly 5 weeks as work continues and we’ll probably stay here longer as required. Murray and Dave made and positioned the new water tower in four days and lifted the tank up, connected up the pipes and have fixed up the old tower. Also on the agenda has been mustering, both on quad bike and horseback (made DC very happy), branding, ear tagging and castrating (wince!), sourcing parts and fixing the various vehicles here (trucks, motorbikes, cherry picker, loader; (Once a mechanic – always a mechanic); putting out new troughs and doing the plumbing, feeding poddy calves (orphans) boiling up mung beans to give to the cows as a distraction while the poddy calves feed, fixing dodgy septic tanks, etc. ... read more
Happy DC

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