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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga October 3rd 2005

The bus will pick us up at 7:15 am, so we are up early. We store our two bags at the hotel and get on the bus with our backpacks. On the way to Cape Reinga we stop at the ancient Puketi Kauri wood forest. The trees are almost as big as our giant redwoods. They have been logged almost to extinction so the forests are now protected. We proceed to Cape Reinga and walk up to the point, with a picturesque lighthouse. From this point, you can look down to where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean come together. It isn’t like a straight line, more like waves going many different directions. A pretty humbling natural phenomenon. The bus driver talks us into being dropped off at Tapotupotu Bay to camp and take hikes ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga April 27th 2005

Tip top North Island Sand boarding is super cool Wind blown look is not. We had a super early wake up call since we had to be up and ready by 7:15 to catch our tour bus that would take us all the way up to Cape Reinga. Or in other words the tip of the North Island. Trying to be up and ready by 7:15 when there are eight other people in the room and only one bathroom was quite a challenge. Luckily there was a kitchenette in our room as well that was equipped with a sink, so that helped. There was a bit of a panic when I went to bed since I misplaced my watch. Oh no. The alarm is going to go off and wake up the entire room. DOH! Luckily ... read more
The dunes
Cape Reinga
This is where two bodies of water meet.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga April 22nd 2005

Well... I think we hit somewhere in Asia if we kept going passed Cape Reinga anyway! On the last day of our trip we were up and on the road for 7am to Cape Reinga at the tip of the North Island (or at least as far North as you can get as a tourist). It was well worth the early start as all the tourist buses were still miles away so we had the place to ourselves. This area is where the Maori believe spirits of the dead, having reached the Cape by way of 90 Mile Beach, finally depart the island. Not a bad place to depart! The rest of the day was a long drive back to Auckland via the west coast and some huge Kauri trees. Whilst not the biggest trees on ... read more
Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga April 18th 2005

Dearest doozies, I just purchased a half dozen "Barn Eggs" at the Four Square corner market. According to the cardboard box, the eggs come from chickens "raised on lNew Zealand ifestyle properties and looked after by caring farmers who allow the chickens to roam and engage in natural expression." Riiiiight. Since my last entry in Auckland, things have been...adventuresome. I met up with a German gal named Isi, who I met a few weeks before in the natural hot springs in Lake Taupo. We're both nuts, so we make great travel partners. We've been clunking around the northernmost tip of the north island in her 1983 Honda, which has given me ample opportunity to practice the disconcerting act of driving on the left side of the road. :-) I don't know why it is, but ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga November 28th 2002

The most northly and western point of New Zealand is not Cape Reinga. We realised this after reading the full description in the Lonely Planet. However it is the most northerly accessible point of the North Island. Cape Reinga is the point where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, with swell 10m high at certain times. At the tip of the Cape is a Light House, and the freshest air I have breathed for a long time. It takes about 3hrs to drive from Paihai to Cape Reinga, if the trip was solely for the light house and the cape it would be a little excessive. Fortunately on the end of Ninety Mile Beach are some magnificant sand dunes. Walked through the dunes feeling like an extra from Star Wars. Wondering if Cape Reinga ... read more
Lighthouse on Cape Reinga
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes Again

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