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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast » Otaki March 5th 2017

" Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore" Andre Gide Breaking camp in a campervan is a lot easier than the car and tent troops one sees in all camp parks. Once again Sue and I were stowing stuff before heading out of yet another camp when Sue exclaimed " OMG...just look at that". Like a dutiful lapdog I looked up and gazed over our little fence and there it was. Some blonde bloke applying suntan lotion to his slim, blonde girlfriend. Nothing unusual about that except she was starkers to the waist. My stowage operations slowed down to a crawl as these two blissfully went about the rubbing process. With that perky little picture in mind, we drifted back onto the road heading back to Taupo. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast May 22nd 2015

One week to go before the T's and G's take off to places unknown - well to us anyway. So we've been to pick up our tickets, vouchers and itinerary all dressed up in a putrid orange pouch and that's when the excitement began to kick in. Sorry to be posting boring lead up stuff but I want to make sure that everything is working for this so that everyone can keep up with our news so that you don't all have to sit through a million photos and having us crack on about 'remember when' and 'when we were in...' when we get home. The 'real' travel blog will start next Friday when we are heading out. First stop over, Sydney. Sadly, only for 3 hours whanau before we head off to Dubai. The countdown ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast April 30th 2015

Hello Followers, We woke up quite early naturally, but started breakfast about 9.30am. We got some bacon and eggs out of the van and Lewis supplied everything else. About 11am we headed out I their car with them where they showed us some of the sites of Whanganui. They firstly took us up the monument for WW1 looking out over the city and beyond. We took some great photos of the views but it was even colder up there to we didn’t stay long. They then took us to the Victoria lake and park, where we had a good walk round, and spotted a lot of Pukeko birds. After that we had a quick stop at their local black sand beach, but was so windy again. We bought lunch from Countdown and took it back to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast » Paekakariki April 5th 2013

Tuesday April 2nd: In the morning we visited the famous NZ Kiwi birds at the kiwi house in Whangerei. We also saw the reptiles from the dinosaur age, the Tuatara. At the recovery and rehabilitation center we saw a talking Tui bird. Their calls sound a little like R2D2. We went to the Moari history museum nearby. We learned about gum trees and the many ways their resin was used: jewelry, sculpture, medicine & ship building. The flax plant was also used to make clothing and baskets and was a very important resource in that culture. Later in the day we went to a kauri forest. The Kauri is a tree native to NZ that was once all over NZ and was prized by European merchants. They grow very large and the forest was a little ... read more
The Kiwi Bird
Visit to the Maori Museum in Whangerei
Bush Walk to see the Kauri Trees

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast November 24th 2012

Safely home again. Great trip, but lovely to be home. Singapore was fun, as usual. But we didn't find our multi-story golf emporium, so my plans for presents crashed. We did discover the real power of monsoon rain - wow - it RAINS! The Singapore night safari at the zoo was interesting and some parts of it were fascinating. But of course it was expensive ($24 for two beers; no thanks) and crowded. Very clever, with 'trains' going throughout the evening around the exhibits and a show with the animals. Super store, Mustapha's, has got more crowded with stock, and it seems more expensive than in the past, we did just as well in a Chinatown department store for stuff for Davie. An evening on the roof of our hotel after an excellent dinner in a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast November 12th 2012

No I not pulled but tell Helen Moody that I am in woodcutter country so who knows!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast » Otaki October 21st 2012

So on arriving in Otaki I met Fey, the host, and went back to her property, there was no shower, no heating, no oven, no toilet, and only the tiniest bit of running water for the sink, and it was awesome! When I got there it was just me, Charlotte (Kiwi), Andrew (Yank), Swede (Swede) and Simon (German). We set to work mulching and digging an area to build an earth house on, was nice fun work, only 4 hrs a day and lots of relaxing time. Then Caro (German) and Niko (German) turned up in their car, quickly followed by Gilberto and Wilma (Chilean) and then Felix (German), Tobi (German), Hannah (German), Anna (German) and Alice (German) and finally Jenny from Hampshire. Simon pointed out that since Europe was too difficult to take they thought ... read more
The COMMUNAL bath ;)
Simon, Swede, Andrew

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast » Raumati Beach September 28th 2012

Innoculations were the second step, then a visit to the pharmacy to collect what seems to be a veritable chest of stuff to stop trouble - trouble appears to range from malaria to a SE Asian form of Dehli Belly - plus plasters, mossie repellent, anitbiotics, asthma puffers and so on. We turned down the anti AIDS/babies' offerings - too old really. The first step saved $100 and was a visit to the Vietnamese Embassy for our visas. The travel agency was charging a cool $50 a head for the service!. So, how much fun are we going to have? And who is 'we'? Heather Waugh, Ali and John Tocker, Rick and Pip Graham and David Betteridge (my long suffering other half) and me - all from the sunny Kapiti Coast, and all members of that ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast September 10th 2012

Top of Form Hey everyone, Sunday 19th August – PARAPARAUMU and WELLINGTON We had a slow and steady morning whilst I got my head into gear to do my Uni work… I wanted to get quite a bit done before Hannah arrived later in the afternoon. And then it all went crazy! We rang up to organise a hire car for Heather’s birthday day out tomorrow… but as they were closed on Monday we had to collect it by 2pm Sunday. That would have been ok if we hadn’t had the idea it might be nice to go and surprise Hannah from the airport… I had an hour to get my room tidied for Hannah whilst Hev investigated whether we had enough time to get to the airport in time. It was going to be a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Kapiti Coast August 1st 2012

Kia Ora, My stay in New Zealand with Heather, Mike, Fergus and Flora is continuing… Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd August – PARAPARAUMU and WELLINGTON I had three lovely days at work… dancing along to my iPOD at my desk. The work itself is not very interesting but I do have to stay interested because an error could cause a lot of problems. I seem to be quite speedy so spend most my time being paranoid that I’ve made a mistake and trying to slow down. I met some of Heather and Mike’s friends this week, all coming round to meet baby Flora. We had Josie from the USA with her little girl and Jan, an old family friend of Mike’s, who was just a lovely whirlwind! Mike and I went to see The Dark Knight ... read more

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