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Oceania » French Polynesia » Nuku Hiva June 30th 2011

And so I find myself 12 days into our long voyage across the Pacific Ocean. 12 days may not seem long. Let me assure you…….it is. The first few days were rough and I mean this in every sense of the word. Seas were hitting our bow head on. The motion of this front to back bobbing and constant throwing of your body sent most of us into a sea-sick fury. Running for our beds and Dramamine to sleep off the nausea and hoping to wake to a calmer swell. As the hours faded into days, the seas eventually cooled and we set comfort into our daily routines while cruising the big blue. We sit navigational watch 8 hours a day. I have the unfortunate schedule of 12-4 in the day and 12-4 at night. These ... read more
We caught dinner...
Chasing our wake
Sunset Underway

Oceania » French Polynesia June 18th 2011

Volpaia Time: 08:00 Zulu Time: 17:00 08 55.11 S 140 06.05 W Speed: Anchored Wind: 18.6 knots 044 T Course: N/A Seas: 0-2 ft Crew: Liz,Colby, Shay,Brett & Alix eating breakfast together, Cyrus writing. Comments: At 1700 hours last night, just after sunset and being escorted by 2 distinctly different species of dolphins, Spinners and Bottle-nose, Volpaia arrived at the island of Nuka Hiva in the Marquesas. With almost 3,000 miles of blue Pacific ocean having passed uninterrupted under her keel since we departed from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico just over 15 days ago, Volpaia sailed into port 4 days earlier than had been expected. Although the beginning of the passage began with challenging conditions, once the threshold had been passed into the Southern Hemisphere the wind and seas improved greatly and speed came comfortably and ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Wallis February 27th 2011

Quelques photos et cadeaux que Jérôme a ramenés d'une mission à Wallis...... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia February 23rd 2011

A plus de 17000km de la métropole et bien qu'il fasse plus de 25°C, c'est bien en France que j'atterris à Papeete. Tous les signes sont réunis; drapeau français, gendarmes, et bien entendu la langue française, ce qui me surprend, après plus de 5 mois à parler espagnol ! L'évènement de cette première soirée sous les tropiques, ce sont les retrouvailles avec mon frérot, venu me rejoindre pour avoir la chance de plonger dans les eaux mythiques de Polynésie. On célèbre nos retrouvailles autour d'un petit verre de Pineau familial et dès le lendemain matin on part en ferry pour Moorea. Le contraste entre ces îles et l'île de Paques est saisissant. Les volcans sont verdoyants, la végétation est luxuriante et toutes sortes de fruits poussent sur ces terres fertiles. On loue un scooter pour faire ... read more
La vue depuis notre chambre a Rangiroa
Un dauphin joue avec Remy et moi

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea February 13th 2011

Saturday Feb 12th, 2011 Society Islands- Latitude 23 degrees 43 minutes south- Longitude 160 degrees 29 minutes west Miles traveled- 5965 Pounds lost- 14 Everyone has in their mind the vision of the perfect tropical island. Jimmy Buffett has a classic song called "One Particular Harbor". Moorea is that place. Saw tooth mountain peaks surrounding a tranquil lagoon where the coconut palms sway in the cool, fragrant trade winds. A lush paradise filled with friendly natives, cascading waterfalls and abundant flora and fauna. Now that we have been here, we know we must someday return to explore this island at a more relaxed pace. Papeete,Tahiti was crowded, congested and altogether not the same. The short 10 mile crossing to Moorea was like coming into the Polynesia of old. Much less developed, Moorea still retains its charm ... read more
Moorea 041
Moorea 020
Moorea 003

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea February 9th 2011

Tuesday Feb 8th, 2011 South Pacific Ocean Latitude 19 degrees 12 minutes south- Longitude 144 degrees 49 minutes west Pitcairn Island is now 836 miles behind us, but the impact of our visit there is still fresh on my mind. We did not get to go ashore, but the inhabitants came onboard to sell their wares and give a very interesting presentation of their life on this remote island. The story of their struggle to survive for over two hundred years since Fletcher Christian and his mutineers ran the HMS Bounty ashore here in 1790 was fascinating and intoxicating. Direct descendants of those original 18 Royal Navy sailors and their Polynesian women; the 43 people who came onboard were a pleasant mix of island friendliness and blatant capitalism. There are only a total of about 60 ... read more
Pitcairn Island 015
Pitcairn Island 012

Oceania » French Polynesia » Bora Bora February 1st 2011

Five straight days at sea are wonderful. Plenty of time for lectures, paddle tennis, blogging,dancing, emailing and socializing. We had good weather all the way from Hawaii to Tahiti. The traditional equator crossing ceremony was great fun especially with Terry Waite in the role of King Neptune welcoming all the polliwogs into the ranks of seasoned shellbacks after their initiation. Mr Waite’s lectures are very popular and he is as highly regarded on the ship as he is throughout the world. He loves to dine outside, as do we, so we have been fortunate to share meals on the veranda with this gentle giant of a man. Mr Waite takes great joy in life and loves meeting and mixing with people. But after five years in confinement-- mostly solitary, it is no wonder that he craves ... read more
Beachcomber Hotel
King Neptune and his Court
Black Tip Sharks

Oceania » French Polynesia » Bora Bora January 26th 2011

Back again!! Did you wonder if we had disappeared into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Well, it is a big big ocean, and since leaving Lima 10 days ago, we haven't even seen another ship!!!! First stop after 5 days at sea was Easter Island. Although the weather was glorious, the seas were pretty high and it made it impossible for us to anchor and take the tender service to the small jetty in the town. However due to the good thinking and resourcefulness of Olav our Captain, and 'recky' team were sent ashore in a sheltered bay to the south of the island, where they were able to construct a make-shift pontoon to which they tied a second tender, and this gave us a jetty to enable the tenders to take us ashore!! We ... read more
Easter Island and Pitcairn 003
Easter Island and Pitcairn 004
Easter Island and Pitcairn 006

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti January 26th 2011

Bonjour! Ia orana! Nice mix of French and Maori. What can I say about the beauty of this place?... read more
Dance Show
Point in Moora

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti » Papeete December 31st 2010

Avalon Travel Publishing has launched the 7th edition of Moon Tahiti by David Stanley. Since 1989, Moon Tahiti has been the leading travel guidebook to French Polynesia and this new edition incorporates the latest restaurant, resort, and transportation news. Stanley has been covering the South Pacific for over three decades and he knows the region better than any other travel writer. Packed into Moon Tahiti’s 353 indexed pages are 53 maps and 122 photos. The maps are clearly labeled without the confusing legends and keys which make other guidebooks hard to use. There are five maps of Tahiti, four of Moorea, and eight of the Leeward Islands. The 24-page color section at the front of the book has been expanded with four suggested itineraries and three travel strategies. The six travel chapters offer detailed advice on ... read more

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